What's that word? Pehen/ behen/ Pant/ banned Jawani (Cocktail)

We've been getting various responses on how that phrase in 'Second Hand Jawani' is not Behen Jawani, but pant, banned, aind, maind, and don't know what words. Well, the point here is that the word is not exactly behen in all the places, and it's not very clear either. But then, in our opinion, it's not by chance, but a deliberate ambiguity, as the point here is to sing something that sounds 'teri behen di', a half abuse that doesn't mention the actual abusive part. But since it'd be considered a little too vulgar, especially coming from a girl, and would raise censor issues as well, so in an attempt to keep the words there, they have been kept a little unclear.

After all, you can't find some Bose to run after every time, can you?

Btw, if you think I'm being sexist here in 'especially coming from a girl', well, it's not my personal opinion. It's just that our censor board allowed saala main to saab ban gaya decades ago, but had issues in clearing 'Yeh saali Zindagi' and 'Aali re, saali re', just because the mentioned sex was the fairer one. Unfair, right?


Sidhu said...

The word is Teri "Ghaend" Jawaani.Its a Punjabi word , which literally means " awesome".

Anonymous said...

Its teri end jawani teri banned jawani..

Anonymous said...

And what would end and banned mean? Doesn't make much sense in the lyrics.

arshan said...

Its I think Teri End jawani Teri bend Jawani

Anonymous said...

I think its 'band' because their dance moves indicate so

Censor board is always harsh :/

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