Oh dear song lyrics and Translation | Rey (2014) |

Music: Chakri
Lyrics: Chandra Bose

Amrutha Oh Amrutha
Naa gundelo nee Peru raayataaniki ye baasha avasaram ledhu
Kaani naa gonthu tho ninnu pilavataaniki yenni baashalaina saripovu!!

Oh Amrutha!
For me to write my name in my heart, there is no need of a language
But for me to call you, existing languages would fall short

Oh dear!!Oh dear!!
Oh dear!!
Oh dear!! Ninne chirugaalullo choosaane
Oh dear!! Ninne chali pidugulalo choosaane
Oh dear!! Ninne poovaasana lo choosaane
Oh dear!!Ninne naa praanam lo choosaane
Kanipinchani vaatillo kanipinchinaave
Kanuleragani baatallo nadipinchinaave
Nadipinchi premante choopinchaave
Nadicheti premalle nannu maarchaave

Oh dear, I've seen you in fresh air
Oh dear, I've seen you in thunderstorms
Oh dear, I've seen you in the fragrance of flowers
Oh dear, I've seen you in my soul/life

You are appearing in things which can't be seen
You're making me take paths that eyes never knew
And showed me what love is!
Then, changed me into a person of love.

Thanks baby oh baby you taught me taste of love
Thanks baby oh baby you taught me art of love!

Oh dear..!!!

-- English Rap --

Ninnu choosthe naalo putte ultra violet kiranaalenno
Oh dear dear dear naa vontlo yegase volcano
Ninnu choosthe naalo ponge 2G spectrum signals yenno
Oh dear dear naa kantlo crackers inkenno
Oh dear oh dear!!
Ninne kore naa anuvullo anvasthraale launchings yenno
Ninnu chere naa adugullo army navy marchings yenno
Nee edhuruga nilabadagaane energy level perigene
Nee andale yedhuravvagaane Alexander ai yedhigaane

Nee bodyguard ye nenavana!?

As I had a glimpse of you, Ultra Violet rays got generated in me
Oh dear, Heat is building up in me
As I saw you, 2G signals are puckering out from me
Oh dear, I also got crackers in my eyes
(after seeing you)
Oh dear!!
In every inch of my body that craves for you, weapons are being launched
In every step of mine that is reaching you, there are many army navy marchings
Once I stood Infront of you, My energy levels went up
Once I saw your support/protection
I've become Alexander..!
Shall I be your bodyguard??

Thanks baby oh baby you gave me power of love
Thanks baby oh baby you gave me strength of love!!

Naa body tissues anni palike baasha nuvve nuvve
Oh dear dear naa blood group oo nee roopele
Naa brain cells lona saage salsa nuvve nuvve
Oh dear dear naa heart ki tattoo nuvvene
Oh dear oh dear!!

You're the language used by all my tissues in body
My blood group also has your form
You're Salsa dance in my brain cells
You're the tattoo of my heart
Oh dear!

Naalo unna chromosomelu premesomulai ninne valache
Naaloni organs anni mouth organ ai ninne piliche
Naa spinal cord vi nuvve, naa bonemarrow nuvve
Naa naadilo kadhalika nuvve, naa DNA nuvve
Nannu cloning chesthe adhinuvve

My chromosomes learnt how to love and they they want you
All my organs have become mouth organ only to call you
You're my spinal cord, Bonemarrow, Pulse and also my DNA
If I were cloned me, you would be the result.

Thanks baby oh baby I feel you with in me
Thanks baby oh baby I feel you all over..!

Oh dear!!!!!!!

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