Tu Har Lamha Lyrics Translation | Khamoshiyaan

Movie: Khamoshiyan
Music: Bobby Imran
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Sony Music

Let’s Celebrate This Moment Lyrics Translation | Tevar

Movie: Tevar
Music, Lyrics: Imran Khan
Singers: Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha
Music Label: Eros Now

Tu Hai Ke Nahi: Lyrics Translation | Roy

Movie: Roy
Music: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Sandeep Nath
Singer: Ankit Tiwari

Okay this is a bit of cheating. I heard a couple of lines and loved them and I thought I should share it and so here it goes.

Matlabi/ Suraj Dooba Hai Yaaron Lyrics Translation | Roy

Movie: Roy
Music: Amaal Malik
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma
Music Label: T-Series

Teri Meri Khamoshiyaan Lyrics Translation | Khamoshiyan

Movie: Khamoshiyan
Music: Jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Singh
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Sony Music

Na Yaad Teri Tujhko/ Katra Lyrics Translation | Alone

Movie: Alone
Music: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Abhay Upadhyay
Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Prakriti Kakkar
Music Label: T-Series

Ajj Mera Jee Karda Lyrics Translation | Badlapur

Movie: Badlapur
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan, Priya Saraiya
Singer: Divya Kumar
Music Label: Eros Now

Hui Main Teri Joganiya: Lyrics Translation | Tevar

Movie: Tevar
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Shruti Haasan
Music Label: Eros Now

A beautiful song sung by Shruti Haasan with some self-submissive kind of lyrics and a touch of rock to the music. A good listen.

Madamiya Lyrics Translation | Tevar

Movie: Tevar
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma
Music Label: Eros Now

The Little Glitch: PK Hai Kya?

Peena is Hindi/Urdu for drink, and hence Peekay would mean 'having drunk.'

However, the complete sentence for 'are you drunk?', in the way they have tried to make here, could be 'Peekay aaya hai kya?' or otherwise, 'Piye hue hai kya?' or 'Piye hai kya?' However, 'Peekay hai kya?' wouldn't be heard, at least in the regular Khadi Boli speaking region.

Hence, everybody asking in a promo 'PK hai kya?' wouldn't make sense to me so much as it would have if they had asked something like, 'PK aaya hai kya?' or 'PK aaya kya?' or maybe 'PA hai kya?' which would be like 'Piye hai kya.'

So yes, in a Rajkumar Hirani film, where he likes to keep things quite perfect, this is quite an imperfect sentence for me, especially when the title of the film is involved, and is customized for effect, it's not effective enough. But then, in time the sentence, if too popular, may set its own standards, and settle down in the language, or next to it.

Here is the video of the dialog promo.

Gopikamma Song lyrics and translation | Mukunda (2014)

Movie: Mukunda (2014)
Singer: Chithra
Music: Micky J Meyer
Lyrics: Sirivennela seetha raama sasthry

The story of lord krishna is well known to all and in the song Gopika refers to heroine and lord krishna, the hero.
I would conveniently skip the meaning of gopikamma ( Cow-herd girl) in the song and use the word 'girl' instead.

Sulemani Keeda - A Mini Music Review

Yesterday I saw a mail asking me to review the album Sulemani Keeda, and I got four tracks in a file. The interesting thing, though, was that when I looked for the album, it seemed there were a few more tracks in the album, though most of them had no words. So here is a review of the four I got, and a little more.

Desi Opera, sung by Namit and Piya is one of the most innovative, probably THE most innovative track of Sulemani Keeda. The song is what it suggests, and is slightly funny of course. After all his acts, didn't know Namit was capable for this too. The song is the only composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the album.

Khwahishein/ Tu Jiye Mujh Mein Lyrics Translation | Shael, Ankita Mishra

Khwahishein meri hain saari tujhse
Aadatein meri hain saari tujh se
rabba ne ye kiya raham,
mujhe mila mera sanam
mili zamaaane ki sabhi khushiyaan

All my wishes are from you,
all my habits are from you,
My Lord has done this favor to me,
I have got my beloved,
I have got all the joys of life..

Surya Ast Punjabi Mast Lyrics Translation | Action Jackson

Movie: Action Jackson
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Vineet Singh, Himesh, Arya Acharya, Alam Gir Khan, Neeti Mohan

PK - Music Review | Shantanu Moitra, Ajay-Atul, Ankit Tiwari

Ajay-Atul are quite good working with specific needs. Be it Singham's title track which did create a perfect atmosphere (I don't think it's easy to create music that is thrilling and yet catchy), or Agneepath's Shamsheer song. After giving Marathi touch to songs when needed, they this time create a Rajasthani feel to Tharki Chhokro, and boy, how it comes. Plus, Swanand Kirkire's lyrics give just enough of a Rajasthani touch to the lyrics, and there goes the fun song. Nicey nice.

If you thought PK in some corners had shades of Rancho, well, this Nanga Punga Dost sung by Shreya in a fun way might strenghthen your beliefs. But as such, it's a simple, light song with fun lyrics, something Swanand has become an expert at. Remember Barfi title? Swanand is king of fun introduction lyrics, I tell you.

Dil Darbadar (PK) Lyrics Translation | PK

Movie: PK
Music, Singer: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire [Unconfirmed]
Music Label: T-Series

One very different song from PK, different from the other songs of the movie that is, composed and sung by Ankit Tiwari. I am not sure if this was intentional, but the song to me seems a little Sufi in nature, as the object being addressed by the protagonist, though not clear who, seems to be God from some lines, and yet he considers the addressed his friend. Hope the song will be more clear when the movie/video is out. Till then though, listen to the song for Ankit's typical music enhanced with some anyway beautiful and touching lyrics.

Chaar Kadam Bas Char Kadam Lyrics Translation | PK

Movie: PK
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

This one is a light, romantic love song where, well, to tell in short, the lover offers his girl-to-be all the sun, moon and sky along with his life, and she accepts the offer. :)

Tinga Tinga Nanga Punga Dost Lyrics Translation | PK

Movie: PK
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

A light, fun song that talks about the main protagonist of the film PK.

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