Badla Badla Main Lyrics Translation | Badlapur

Movie: Badlapur
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan, Priya Saraiya
Singer: Vishal Dadlani, Jasleen Royal, Suraj Jagan, Priya Saraiya
Label: Eros Music

aye rooh-e-raqeeb tu
hai maut ke kareeb tu

O soul of the enemy,
you are close to death..

sun le kaafir hoon teri khaatir
badla badla main, badla badla dil
badla hai mera khuda
sab badla badla, jab badla badla
khud badalaa hai mera khudaa

hear me, I have become unbeliever because of you,
I am changed, my heart has changed,
revenge is my God now..
everything changed as the revenge changed,
now revenge itself is my God..

[In Hindi, badla could mean change, exchange, or revenge. Here the sentence badla hai mera khuda could mean ‘my God has changed’ or ‘revenge is my god (now)’, both giving similar effect, and so one could take both the meanings at the same time.]

khurdure se seene mein
tera kya kaam hai
suna hai pare duniya ke
baDa aaraam hai

in this rough heart,
what is the point of your being there?
I have heard that beyond this world,
there is much relief..

aye mere raqeeb tu
hai maut ke kareeb tu
aye mere raqeeb tu
maut ke kareeb tu

O my enemy,
you are close to death..

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