Tholi Merupa Lyrics and Translation | Varna(2013)

Music:Harris jayaraj
Singers:Karthik, Chinmayi.

Tholi merupa nanne choosi vellake
Choopulatho praanam theesi vellake.

Oh girl(spark), Don't just see and go
By seeing me, Don't take my life off.

Misaal-e-Yaar Meaning | Misaal-e-yaar ki Main Misalon ko Palat Doon

Misaal is a common Urdu word which means example, or to be a little better, exemplar. So an example of how something should be, an ideal, is called a misaal.

Hence, misaal-e-yaar would mean an exemplary lover, a lover that would be sung praises of.

The line, 'misaal-e-yaar ki main, misaalon ko palat doon' would mean, I will change the exemplars of an exemplary lover, i.e. I shall be such a good lover that no one else would be called the best, most exemplary lover, other than me.

By the way, Misaal-e-yaar is a relatively unheard term. Visaal-e-yaar, meeting with the beloved, is one of the more popular terms, which sounds almost the same except for one letter.

Jai Govinda Jai Gopala Lyrics Translation

Movie: Bullett Raja
Music: Sajid Wajid
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar

Banda hoon main to desi
Aadat meri bidesi
Main sabka band baja ke
Chhoomantar ho jaaun

I'm a country guy,
but my habit is foreign,
Having played the band of everyone
[that is, having beaten everyone]
I get going..

Gutthi Meaning [गुत्थी]

Gutthi is a Hindi word, which means an entangled mass of string. Mostly when Maanjha used for flying kites is made into a ball randomly and left, it gets stuck, and becomes a 'gutthi'. You could also call it a knot in a way.

Also, problems/mysteries that are difficult to solve are called Gutthi too.

As such the word Gutthi is not used as a name anywhere in the Hindi speaking region, but this features as the unusual name of unusual character performed by Sunil Grover on Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Khadkaana/ Khadka Do Meaning

Khadkaana [also spelled as khadkana, kharkaana] is a Hindi/ Urdu word that is used for knocking, in a little informal way. The formal word for a knock is dastak, and hence formally knocking is called dastak dena.

However, khadkaana can be used not only for knocking but related acts or noises as well. For example, doors or windows hitting the frame or wall and the sound produced thereof can be called khadakna too. When windows make a noise due to wind, that again is known as khadakna.

In Comedy Nights with Kapil, Navjot Singh Siddhu usually says 'khadka do' or 'Khadkaao' for jokes or songs, which would loosely translate to 'knock it' or 'move it', which simply means that you can speak, or sing, as be the case. Still, it's an unusual usage for the word, probably never seen before in Hindi at least.

Thoko Taali Meaning

Taali is a clap in Hindi. Taali bajaana is the verb, which means 'to clap.' When you have to ask someone to clap, you say, taali bajaao, or taali bajaa, or taaliyaan bajaaiyay [the last one being in plural, respectful way].

However, Navjot Singh Siddhu, the man on Comedy Nights on Kapil and many comedy shows before that, has a different style of saying this thing. Instead of saying Bajao, he says 'thoko'. Thokna in Hindi means to strike, hit, most commonly to hammer, to drive something, like a nail, in with the hammer.

Another thing, instead of Taali Thoko, he says Thoko Taali. The order doesn't really change the meaning, but he just emphasizes the verb, the action more. That is the reason sometimes he just says thoko instead of complete 'thoko taali', too.

Babaji ka Thullu Meaning

First, the meaning, and then, the etymology, detail, etc.

Babaji ka Thullu here means 'nothing'. A negative, comical nothing actually. Negative in the sense that Babaji ka Thullu is a nothing where you had expected something, or should have got something - something good, positive for you - but you got nothing instead. And comical because that's how it's used by Kapil Sharma, who invented the term, and now by others as well. In a way Babaji ka Thullu shows ironies where one gets nothing.

Now, let's get a bit literal (as though there is something to get literal here, all we'll get is babaji ka thullu).

The word Thullu here has no meaning. Babaji literally means grandfather, but is used to address old men with respect. It's also used to saints etc., and sometimes there may be opium/cannabis smokers among saints, somewhat like hippies. Here it's more like a saint only, though it doesn't add anything to the meaning really.

       Click for Meaning of Gutthi

It is also said that the word thullu is used instead of Ghanta, which, though fine in meaning [ghanta literally means a big metal bell with a clapper inside, and makes a high pitched noise when rung], has a slang meaning these days which is penis. Ghanta is also used to mean 'nothing' these days, exactly the same as 'babaji ka thullu'.

By the way, one small but important thing here, since Kapil's 'sign' of babaji ka thullu looks a lot like a snake. Babaji ka thullu doesn't really have anything to do with a snake directly at least.

The adult part: Ghanta is a word that is sometimes used for a pen*s, and babaji's pen*s, which apparently just hangs, doing nothing, like a ghanta, and hence the name. So if you keep counting x=y and y=z like mathematics [which isn't exactly simple maths here, it's more literature, or maybe pulp fiction ;)], then you could say thullu means pen*s, but that's not simply so. However, all wouldn't agree with me, and some would even argue that a pen*s is also called a snake and hence the thullu's sign is a snake, as a comment does too. Well, that's for you to decide for yourself. For me, Babaji ka Thullu means.. well, babaji ka thullu!

Moto Ghotalo Meaning

To begin with, Moto Ghotalo is more like a Rajasthani (and maybe to an extent Gujarati) version of what would be Mota Ghotala, or bada Ghotala in Khadi Boli Hindi. [For the uninitiated, Khadi boli is the dialect of Hindi that was spoken in the Western UP/Delhi areas and has in time found prominence in most places, including Film Industry.]

So, moto ghotalo, or bada ghotala would in English be 'big scam', or 'big scandal'. Mota is also the word for 'big' in Gujarati.

Update: In Gujarati, Ghotalo is used for mistake, and so, in Gujarati, Moto ghotalo would mean 'Big mistake.' Though this was a relatively small one. :D

Dhat Teri Ki Meaning

Now now, Vishal-Shekhar are actually bringing too much of local lingo into the songs [actually it can hardly ever be too much, it's always good to have some 'real' words there]. This one, though, should be among my favorites. No, I am not talking about Esha Gupta here. It's about the words, dhat teri ki.

The truth is, the words have been so common in my language, that I am at a loss of how to explain their meaning. But tryers winners, so let's try.

Dhat teri ki is something like 'shit man'.

Yep. That sounds kind of close, correct. Dhat is anyway like 'crap', though the word doesn't literally mean that (or anything else, for that matter). Teri ki would mean.. well, again teri would mean yours, and ki is absolutely redundant and has no business being here. But that's how it is. And yes, don't try and translate the pieces to make a phrase back, because I just realize it would come out as 'your shit'.

So just don't go there [or come back if you did, anyway] and believe me when I say dhat teri ki means something like 'shit man'. It's something you hear yourself saying when something doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to [and haven't yet taken to F words, actually].

Chingam Chabake Meaning

Don't know what's a Chingam? Let's make it easier. This thing is also known as chewing gum in most places which are not villages and small towns of India, or should I say even Indian subcontinent. However, a huge population calls 'simply' calls it chingam (or chingum) and the word doesn't even have an alternative in local languages mostly so chingam serves as a multilingual word.

And chabaana is Hindi for chewing, so chabaa ke would mean, 'having chewed', or as it should mean, 'while chewing' though the former would be the more literal meaning.

So overall, you could say Chingam chabaake here means 'while chewing (chewing-)gum.'

Tamanche pe Disco Lyrics Translation [Bullett Raja]

Movie: Bullett Raja
Music: RDB
Lyrics: Sandeep Nath
Singers: RDB/Nindy Kaur, Raftaar

Saiyyan daayein-baayein, daayein-baayein

My beloved shoots,
left and right, left and right..

Sawaal-e-Wasl par Unko Udu ka Khauf Hai Itna Meaning

I was listening to Jagjit Singh singing the famous ghazal aahista aahista, and there was this line, sawaal e wasl par unko udu ka khauf hai itna, that Jagjit ji began to explain. Here is the meaning for you.

Sawaal-e-wasl was the question of meeting. In his words, when you ask for a date, that is sawaal-e-wasl. Udu is a rival. In his words again, there is a villain in every movie, he is Udu, [or Udoo]. [I am guessing we're talking about movies which have a villain fighting for the girl.] He also tells us that even an enemy can be called Udu.

Khiladi Meaning [खिलाड़ी]

Khilaadi or Khiladi is a Hindi/ Urdu word which means a player, somebody who plays or participates in a game or sport.

Khiladi comes from the word 'khel' which is used for games and sports alike. Even though the word is most commonly used for players as in athletes etc., the word can be used in negative senses as well, for people who play 'games'. However, it's not common to use it for a player as in playboy, though nowadays since people try and translate things across languages, some such uses can be seen too.

Khiladi was the name of Akshay Kumar's first hit film and he's since acted in a number of films with the word 'Khiladi' in their names.

Toon/ Toonh/ Tooh Meaning

Toon, toonh, or Tooh as it's spelled by the makers of Gori Tere Pyaar mein, is a Punjabi word, more of an unofficial kind, which is used for bum, ass, backside, behind, whatever you call it. In fact the usage of the word here is cute kind, like sometimes tush is used.

Now if you would want to know what's an 'unofficial' kind of a word, let me tell you that the word is not easy to find in a dictionary, and I couldn't find it online or offline in a dictionary. However, the lyrics very clearly tell in the first line itself that the word is used for 'booty'. So looks like it's one of those words that pass on through generations unofficially, without being formalized. Also, words like 'toonh' would not have too high a possibility of being formalized I guess, so unless it gets more official, let's shake our toonhs unofficially. :D

For the meaning of entire Tooh song, check THIS POST.

Toon/ Toonh/ Tooh Lyrics Translation [Gori Tere Pyaar Mein]

Movie: Gori Tere Pyar Mein
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan
Singers: Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma, Shruti Pathak, Shekhar Ravjiani
Cast: Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor

For the sake of simplicity, the multiple tooh-tooh-tooh-tooh sounds are not translated. Tooh, better written as Toonh, is Punjabi for bum, or tush, or backside, to put it that way. And like many more words in Punjabi, sounds more lovable than bad.

English mein kende booty-shooty
Punjabi vich Tooh!
Tooh, too-tu-tooh-tooh, toonh, tooh-tooh tooh-tooh...
Shake that tooh

They call it booty-shooty in English,
and 'Toonh' in Punjabi.
Tooh, too-tu-tooh-tooh, toonh, tooh-tooh tooh-tooh...
Shake that bum

Choodham aakasam Lyrics | Translation | Vikram simha(2013)

Movie:Vikram Simha/Kochadaiiyaan.

Chooddhaam aakasam antham
Veddhaam akkade paadham

We shall the end of sky
And shall step there.

Choodham aakasam Lyrics | Vikram simha(2013)

Movie:Vikram Simha/Kochadaiiyaan.

Chooddhaam aakasam antham
Veddhaam akkade paadham

Malli putti mahime gelichi
Yellalu dhaatina yodha

Aye Dil Bata Lyrics Translation [Ishq Actually/ Arijit Singh]

Movie: Ishq Actually/ Ishk Actually
Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Singer: Arijit Singh

Kyun baadalon ki gali chaand hairaan hai
kya pata
Armaanon ke sab iraade pareshaan hain
kyoon bhalaa

Why is the moon surprised in the street of clouds,
who knows,
All the wishes of the desires (themselves) are disturbed,
why so?

Rangbaaz Meaning [रंगबाज़, রংবাজ]

Rangbaaz is an Urdu word which, with its commonness, permeated through languages and can be heard even in Bangla now.

Rang is color, and -baaz is a suffix that is used for someone doing something particular, for someone who is an expert at that particular thing. So literally it would be 'an expert at colors', but the word doesn't take the literal meaning of colors, but takes a figurative meaning, such that rangbaaz is someone who changes colors, colors of his personality in a way. So Rangbaaz in a sense is used for someone cunning, someone expert at changing his moods, ways or his complete demeanor.

Ramleela All Songs Lyrics, Translations, Meanings

Ramleela is a beautiful album composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is composing music for an entire movie for the second time, after Guzaarish. The lyrics for the album are written by Siddharth and Garima, and though their names have not been seen before, the lyrics are good and you can even see some play on words in places, for example in Ram Chaahe Leela.

Besides, there is one traditional Gujarati song, Mann Mor Bani Thangat Kare, in the album too, which is a really beautiful number.

Here is a list of all the songs of the album. For translation of lyrics, click the song name.

  1. Ram Chaahe Leela - Title Track by Bhoomi Trivedi
  2. Lahu Munh Lag Gaya by Shail Hada
  3. Ang Laga De by Aditi Paul and Shail Hada
  4. Poore Chaand ki ye Aadhi Raat Hai by Shail Hada. Some beautiful poetry in this one.
  5. Nagada Sang Dhol Baje by Shreya Ghoshal. Osman Mir sings the Gujarati bits.
  6. Ye Laal Ishq Ye Malaal Ishq by Arijit Singh. A very beautifully sung song.
  7. Yahaan Ishqyaun Wahaan Dhishqyaun, by Aditya Narayan.
  8. Mor Bani Thangat Kare, Gujarati Traditional song, sung by Osman Mir and Aditi Paul.
  9. Dhoop se chhan ke, sung by Shreya Ghoshal.
  10. Tattad Tattad, or better known as Ram ji ki chaal dekho, sung by Aditya Narayan.

Besides, here is RamLeela Meaning, and Goliyon ki Rasleela Meaning.

Nagada/ Nagade Sang Dhol Baaje Lyrics Translation [Ramleela]

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Osman Mir

Hey dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
Aa jaa ud ke saraat
Pairon se bedi zaraa khol
Nagaade sang dhol baaje, dhol baaje
Dhaayn dhaayn dham dham dhaayn

Hey, dhin tadaak dhin tadaak
[Indian percussion beats]
Come flying fast,
Open the shackles of my feet,
drums beat with the kettle-drums*
with huge sounds..

Ram Chahe Leela: Ramleela Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: SIddharth-Garima
Singer: Bhoomi Trivedi

Ram chaahe Leela, the first song of the album is a different one in many ways. It's a fast composition by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who's mostly done slow tracks, probably 'Udi' in Guzaarish being his fastest before this. It's a well written song with Hindi and English words of common usage but still maintaining a good standard with all the word plays (mostly yamak, using one word for two different meanings). And, it's one song that has a Gujarati Rap, and a pretty quick one.

The song is sung by Bhoomi Trivedi, a contestant from Indian Idol 5, who was known for her distinct voice and singing raps in various languages. Here is a translation of the lyrics.

Khoob khoob aabhaar
Aapna Gujarat maa Halol ane
aagad Alhod naamlo gaam chhe
Tyaan majoor varg bahu chhe
To mane ek geet ri farmaaish kari thi
ane tyaan kayin thaakine loka saanjhe
mauju karta hoye ane tyare kaayk avu gaaye

***** mein Dum Hai to Band Karwa Lo

[Disclaimer: The article is a discussion on usage of some slang words in a song, and hence contains some bad words.]

Yep. That's like an open invitation now. We're singing like that. That's the quality of our lyrics now. If you have it in you, stop us.

My first thought on the line was, 'Have I heard it right?'

And then I heard it again, and a few more times, and I knew it WAS indeed what Honey Singh was singing. Some comments on my blog tried to convince me it was 'Kaan' and not 'Gaand'. I don't know where the assumption came from. Whether it was people who read the lyrics on music channels [which pick many of their lyrics from popular lyrics websites many times, at times with mistakes, though in this case many websites have written clearly Gaand and one, a really popular one, says it's Kaan, but marks it with a star] or people who still had so much belief in our censor boards that they think the word cannot be Gaand and didn't believe their Kaans.

Nagada Meaning [नगाड़ा]

Nagaada, spelled mostly as Nagada [Devanagari:नगाड़ा] is a huge drum which is played as a bass instrument.

Other than being used as a musical instrument, Nagada was also used as a tool to help make announcements for kings in earlier times when there were no better means available to reach people, so that people could hear the voice of the huge drums even at a distance and pay attention. Nowadays Nagada is not easily seen, but is still played in some temples and traditional festivals.

The word Nagaada comes from a more refined Hindi word Nakkaara [नक्कारा]. A picture of nagaada being played by Shahid Kapoor in the song Nagaada Nagada is here.

Gandi Baat Meaning

Gandi Baat [Devanagari:गन्दी बात, Urdu:گندی بات] is a Hindi/ Urdu phrase which simply means 'bad thing'. The phrase is used in both Hindi and Urdu with almost equal ease and commonness.

Gandi baat is a phrase that is commonly spoken in families to kids when they do anything wrong, to tell them they're doing something bad which they shouldn't and so has a slight innocence attached to it.

Irshad Kamil Meaning

Irshad is a common Urdu name, which means to guide, to permit, or permission.

Irshad Kamil [इरशाद कामिल,ارشاد کامل] was born as Mohammad Irshad, but he felt his name was incomplete, and wanted a weightier name. So, as per a Caravan Article, 'he pored over a dictionary with his mother to look for an appropriate word to complete his name, and discovered ‘Kamil’, which means complete'.

Since Irshad Means permission, Irshad Kamil would mean a complete or granted permission. However, it's more sensible to think of his name as Irshad, and Kaamil as his 'takhallus', a pen name adopted by an Urdu poet.

Irshad Kamil - Lyrics and Translations

Irshad Kamil is one of the best lyricists of today's Bollywood. Beginning his career with Chameli, Shabd and then Socha Na Tha, he's given us songs like Tum se hi, Filmfare winning Ajj Din Chadeya, Isq Risk and Rabba Main to Mar Gaya Oye. However, his true breakthrough came when he worked on Rockstar, writing Sadda Haq, Filmfare winning O Naadan Parindey Ghar Aa ja, and ever-mystifying Jo bhi main kehna chahoon.

Here is a list of Irshad Kamil's songs which are translated on BollyMeaning. However, if you'd like to know the meaning of the name Irshad Kamil, where Kamil is his own choice, Click HERE.

Mor Bani Thangat Kare Ramleela Gujarati Song Lyrics Translation

Mor Bani Thangaat Kare [Gujarati:મોર બની થનગાટ કરે] is a traditional Gujarati song written by Gujarati poet and social reformer Jhaverchand Meghani, and sung by a number of people earlier, including Chetan Gadhvi and Ashit Desai.

The song, a version of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Navi Varsha' as per Mitixa, is a popular one in Gujarati literature. Thanks to Mitixa for providing the lyrics, although it's in Gujarati script.

The song is incorporated with almost the same traditional music in Ramleela, though the tempo of the song is increased to keep it interesting for the movie, while Osman Mir and Aditi Paul do a wonderful job at singing. Here is a translation of the song.

Mor bani thangaat kare, Mann Mor bani thangaat kare
My heart is dancing like a peacock

Ghanghor jhare Chahu ore mhaaro Mann
Mor bani thanghat kare

on seeing rain falling in all four directions, my heart is wondering
My heart dances like a peacock..

Bullet/ Bullett Raja Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Bullett Raja
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Sandeep Nath

Hey mai ka laal
Behno ki dhaal

Son of mother,
Shield for sisters,

Romance bhi, Romaanch bhi,
Aan baan shaan pe jaan de

The Story Behind 'Jo Bhi Main Kehna Chahoon'

I was always, always mystified by those nine words.

"Jo bhi main kehna chaahoon, barbaad karein alfaaz mere."

"जो भी मैं कहना चाहूं, बर्बाद करें अल्फ़ाज़ मेरे।"

I always wanted to know where the words came from, what was the inspiration, what made a writer write those words that undermine the value of words themselves, and with such a simplicity, in such an admission, that it sounds like a very simple truth.

Ishqyaun Dhishkyaun Meaning

Ishq is love, and Dhishkyaun is a simulation of a gun's sound with mouth, like an onomatopoeia. So while Dhishkyaun is here used to signify the sound of a gun, ishkyaun is used as a portmanteau of Ishq and Dhishkyaun, making it signify 'fight with love'.

Hence, when the hero says yahaan ishqyaun wahaan dhishkyaun, he means that while he's fighting with love, or simply showing love, she's fighting with guns against him.

The idea also translates into a scene where Deepika shows a gun and Ranveer shoots with a pichkari, a water-gun.

Yahan Ishqyaun Wahan Dhishkyaun Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singer: Aditya Narayan

Dil ki ye goli chali
Naino ki bandook se
Bomb bhi girenge ab
Pyaar ke sandook se

This bullet of heart
was shot from the gun of eyes..
Even bombs will fall now
from the box of love..

Tose Naina Jabse Mile Lyrics Translation [Mickey Virus]

Movie: Mickey Virus
Music: Hanif Sheikh
Singer: Arijit Singh

Is lamhe ko rok doon..
Ya main khud ko iss mein jhonk doon..
Kya karoon, Kya karoon, Kya karoon..
Is lamhe main kuchh bhi janoon na..

Should I stop this moment
or throw me to burn into it,
what should I do, what should I,
I don't know what to do this moment.

Ye Kasak Dil ki Dil Mein Lyrics Translation for Ghazal

This beautiful Ghazal by Bashir Badr was once sung by Mohammad Vakil, Saregama mega final winner of 1998. Here is a translation of the ghazal, including all the shers I could find, irrespective of the ones sung.

Ye kasak dil ki dil mein chubhi rah gayi
Zindagi mein tumhaari kami rah gayi

This aching of my heart remained pinching my heart (forever)
(that) there remained an absence of yours in my life..

Ye Laal Ishq Mera Naam Ishq Lyrics Translation | Ramleela

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddhartha-Garima
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Eros Music

Tera naam

Your name..

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aeb ishq, ye bair ishq
Ishq ishq, ishq

This red love, this remorse of love,
this defect that love is, this enmity of love,
Love, love, love..

[In a little convoluted manner, it's said that love is passionate (red), remorseful, a defect or weakness, and even an enmity.]

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa...

I have had such an enmity with you,
That I haven't remained like myself anymore..

[Here, he's talking to the one he loves, of course.]

Poore Chaand ki Ye Aadhi Raat Hai Lyrics Translation

Movie: Ramleela
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddhartha-Garima
Singer: Shail Hada
Starcast: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone

This is a song with some beautiful poetry, where a full moon night is compared to the girl's face and movements of the face are all termed as actions of the night itself.

Poore chaand
Ae poore chand..

Full moon,
O full moon..

Poore chaand ki ye aadhi raat hai
Tere chehre pe aa ke ruk jati hai

This is mid of full moon night,
It comes and stops at your face..

Dhoop se Chhan ke Dhuan Mann Hua Lyrics Translation [Ramleela]

Movie: Ramleela (2013)
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal

Dhoop se chhan ke, dhoop se chhan ke
Dhuaan mann huaa
Roop ye chamke, tann anchhuaa
Chidte hain bajte hain
Taar jo mann ke, khanke jhanke hain
Kuchh to hua

having filtered from sunlight,
my heart became like smoke..
My beauty shines, but my body is untouched..
As the strings of my heart get touched, played,
something has happened (to me) certainly..

Lahu Muh Lag Gaya Lyrics Translation [Ramleela]

Movie: Ramleela (2013)
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Shail Hada

Hey ji re,

Ude ude mann ude,
par lage tere sang jude,
mann ude,
pag badhe, teri ore badhe
jag chhod badhe..

The heart flies,
it has got wings, and attached to you,
the heart flies..
the feet advance, they move towards you,
they move, leaving the world..

Ang Rang Laga De Re Lyrics Translation [Ramleela]

Song: Ang Laga De Re
Movie: Ramleela (2013)
Music: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Lyrics: Siddharth-Garima
Singers: Aditi Paul, Shail Hada

Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Main to teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Touch me with your body,
Color me (in your color)
I have left the world for you
give me your own wisdom..

[A jogi, yogi, is a hermit, someone who has left the worldly pleasures, and jogan is the female counterpart. However, she has here left everything for the love of her beloved and asks her to impart his yog, in a way the wisdom, to her as well, so that she can completely leave the world and be just his.]

Mere Ghunghroo ki Jhankaar Lyrics Translation [Rajjo]

Movie: Rajjo
Music: Uttam Singh
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Pictured on: Kangana Ranaut

zakhmon se hui hai ghaayal
par bajti rahegi paayal
ummeedon ka sur sajaa le
har mushkil ka hai yahi hal

it's injured of the wounds,
but the anklet will keep on playing
[like some music]
adorn the musical notes of hopes,
that alone is the solution to every problem..

Julmi re Julmi Uchat Gayi Nindiya Lyrics Translation [Rajjo]

Movie: Rajjo
Music: Uttam Singh
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Pictured on: Kangana Ranaut

Sapnon mein khoyi thi
khatiya pe leti thi

I was lost in dreams,
was lying on the cot..

Tattad Tattad Meaning

No, I was not going to write this post. But when I got a request from our Uzbek follower Said, and then I got one more comment asking for the meaning of the words, I decided to say it out loud.

Tattad Tattad doesn't mean anything.

On second thoughts, I wondered why someone would even name the song like that. I mean it was okay when Dhatad Tatad was a song, because the words were spoken properly and there wasn't any phrase more prominent in the song, but this could simply be titled as Raam ji ki chaal dekho. Maybe SLB has some good reason behind this, that average mortals like us aren't able to understand.
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