Pyaar ka Punchnama Meaning

Punchnama is a Hindi word which means Postmortem report (literally, the report for the punchs, the arbitrators).

Hence, Pyaar ka Punchnama would mean Postmortem of Love.

Interesting, after Luv ka the End?

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai (Pyaar ka Punchnama) Lyrics, Translation

Life sahi hai
Life sahi hai, tension nahi hai
Yaari ka cooker hai, seeti hansi hai
Jab bhi baji hai kaske baji hai

Life is right,
Life is great, there's no tension,
It's a cooker of friendship, whistle is laughter,
Whenever it blows, it blows loud..

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai
Life sahi hai tension nahi nahi nahi..

gar tumko hai problem tumhara issue hai
Na rumal hai humpe na humpe tissue hai
Sutte ka kohra hai daaru bahi hai

If it's your problem, it's your issue,
we don't have a handkerchief, nor we have a tissue,
there is fog of cigarette, and liquor is flowing..

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai
Life sahi hai tension nahi nahi nahi nahi...

Code ki hai khaate code ki hai bajate
Chaddi dhoondhne ko bhi hum to googlaate
Apni to geeta Floyd ki kahi hai

Our living is code, and we beat the code too,
even to look for the underwear, we Google it,
Our Geeta is said by Floyd..

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai
Life sahi hai tension nahiiiii...

Na kisi ka rona dhona.. na koi siyappa
Har kisi ko taada har kisi ko napa
Chhichoristan ke hum chowdhary hain

Nobody's crying, no tension,
have checked out everyone, measured everybody,
We are the leader of the kingdom of the characterless..

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai
Life sahi hai tension nahi nahi nahi..
Life sahi hai tension nahi hai
Life sahi hai tension nahi nahi nahiiiiiii..

Dhinka Chika Meaning


Dhinka chika definitely doesn't have a meaning. Not in Hindi at least. Though, it sounds close to a commonly used, I'd say local word, dhinchak. Dhinchak is generally used for something very good, interesting, superb etc. It seems Dhinka chika is a ringa ringa version of Dhinchak only. Either way, it's made to be danced upon. So dance up. Dhinka chika!

Ready 2011 (Salman Khan) Music Review (Pritam/DSP)

from Happysing:

Ishaq ke naam par karte sabhi ab raasleela hain, Main karoon to saala character dheela hai. While Neeraj Shridhar and Pritam are at it again, Amitabh Bhattacharya makes his presence very clearly felt in the song with his witty pen this time. Listen to this one: farak padta hai kya baahon mein munni hai ya sheela hai. Go for it.

Wait, was it Pritam rendering those English lines at the start of this wonderful song? It should have been Neeraj to start this romantic treat from KK, the song that’s called Humko Pyar hua. Not much to say, this one is good again. Go for this as well.

Enter DSP. THE Devi Sri Prasad with his only composition for Ready 2011, sung by Mika. I knew only one Ringa ringa in Telugu and as soon as I started the song, it was unmistakably the one. And I must say that the dhinka chika remake is not bad. Gives me the feel of the original song to quite an extent, probably as close as it could be. What is to be seen is how well the song fits Bollywood, cause I still imagine a typical Telugu movie background with the song. I’m in for this one.

Enter long vacha at the start. Enter must-dance-on-this DJ. Enter RFAK. In a whole just-dance mood, with his awesomely superb singing. Enter Tulsi with her can-somehow-sing-well-with-RFAK mood. Awesome song.

OK. Maybe I said too much about that last song, meri ada bhi aaj kya kar gayi, but frankly, I loved the song and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing in that mixture of long-vacha and some more pieces of popular Punjabi songs with that good melody at that fast pace, making a good thing to dance on, or simply listen to, as you like it.

Since I didn’t find anything special in the remixes, that is kinda all I have to say about the album, which actually isn’t less in any way. The album has just four songs and while all four are good, they are also different in their style and representation. While Pritam sticks to formula in Character Dheela, there is some experimentation added in Meri ada bhi, KK is good as ever and DSP’s composition is almost all new to Bollywood listeners. In short, it seems the music is ready to rock you, are you Ready?

Bojhal se (I am): Lyrics, Translation

Bojhal se lamhon ki shaam hai
khali si in aankhon mein
gum hui jo roshni si thi in aankhon mein

there is an evening of heavy moments,
in these empty eyes,
a light that was lost in these eyes..

parinde maayoosi ke chhat pe roz aate hain,
roz aate hain
samandar ye udasi ke hain
dil ko bhigo jaate hain
bhigo jaate hain
toote hain jo khwab rehte the in aankhon mein

birds of despair come on the roof everyday,
come everyday,
these oceans of sadness,
soak the heart,
they are broken, the dreams that lived in these eyes..

bina jaane jabeen pe ye lakeeren ban jaati hain,
ban jaati hain
bina poochhe dher saari yaadein, jab aati hain,
jab aati hain
khaak sa dhuan sa rehta hai, in aankhon mein

without knowing these lines are come on forehead,
they just come..
without asking when so many memories come back,
when they come,
like some dirt, a smoke, is there in the eyes..
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