Zor ka Jhatka (Action Replayy) Translation

Zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga, haan laga
shaadi ban gayi umrqaid ki saza, haan saza
yeh udasi, jaan ki pyaasi,
shaadi se achcha tum le lo faansi
laakhon dukhon ki hoti hai ye wajah, haan wajah
Zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga, haan laga
shaadi ban gayi umrqaid ki saza, haan saza..

The big shock came big,
Marriage became the life sentence,
This sadness is thirsty for life (is killing)
Better than marriage you get hanged,
It's the reason for lacs of problems,
The big shock came really big,
Marriage became life sentence..

Sargoshi/ Sargoshiyaan Meaning

Sargoshi means to whisper. When you are whispering into someone's ear you're doing Sargoshi.

Sargoshiyan or Sargoshiyaan is nothing but the plural for the word and you may call it whisperings or whispers.

In Hindi the closest word I can think of is phusphusana. :)

Tumse hi Tumse Lyrics, Translation (Anjaana Anjaani)

Ab se koi khushi nahi, Jiski tum wajah nahi
Ab se koi din nahi, Jiski tum subah nahi
Ab se koi baat nahi, Jo tumse na hogi shuru
Ab se koi raah nahi, Jo tum sang main na mudoon
Abhi ke abhi ye ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Tumse hi tumse har baat, har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath

From now there'll be no happiness whose reason is not you,
From now there'll be no day, whose morning isn't you,
From now there'll be no talk, which doesn't start with you,
From now there'll be no path on that I don't turn with you,
Right now I've come to believe
This life of mine has become yours..
Everything is by you only (now)
that you are with (me)..

I wait for a sign so I know you are mine everyday
I look in the mirror and I see your face
The walls break down down
When you smile at me
And the world's much brighter than the one I see
As I wait for sign so I know
You are mine everyday
I look in the mirror and I see your face
The walls break down down
When you smile at me
And the world's much brighter than the one I see

Saude Baazi Meaning

Sauda in English means a deal, while saudebaazi means doing deals, or simply doing business.

The word Saudebaazi is often used in a slightly negative sense, though not always.

Zor ka Jhatka (Action Replayy) Lyrics

The song is Translated Here.

Zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga, haan laga
shaadi ban gayi umrqaid ki saza, haan saza
ye hai udasi, jaan ki pyaasi,
shaadi se achcha tum le lo faansi
laakhon dukhon ki hoti hai ye wajah, haan wajah
Zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga, haan laga
shaadi ban gayi umrqaid ki saza, haan saza..

Zor ka Jhatka meaning

Well, Zor ka Jhatka haye zoron se laga is a song sung by Richa Sharma and Daler Mehndi from the movie Action Replayy.

The meaning of Zor ka Jhatka haye zoron se laga is 'the big shock came big.' The song title is basically an improvisation on a very famous Mirinda tagline 'Zor ka jhatka dheere se lage' (the big shock feels less shocking).

Zor ka Jhatka Singer(s)

So have you heard that mad-mad song called Zor ka Jhatka haye zoron se laga and been wondering who's the singer with Daler Mehndi?

Well, the singer who starts the song is none other than Richa Sharma while Daler Mehndi follows up with the next line. The other singers with backing vocals are Robert Omulo and Caralisa Monteiro.

Hayaat Meaning

Hayaat is an Urdu word which means 'life.'

At times, the word is also spelt as Hyatt.

Hasrat Meaning

Hasrat is an Urdu word which means a longing, a desire. This is the usual meaning of the word, though at some times, not very regularly, the word is also used for a grief or regret.

Paan Singh Tomar Meaning

Paan Singh Tomar maybe divided into Paan (beetle) Singh (Lion) and Tomar (a Kshatriya surname in India), but then it's not the actual 'meaning' of the word. Paan Singh Tomar was a runner who was a steeplechase winner at Indian National Games for seven years in a row and then gave up running and his post in army and became a rebel, creating havoc in Chambal Valley.

As for the movie Paan Singh Tomar, the director Tigmanshu Dhulia researched for two years and found the history of Paan Singh Tomar from his native village Bhind.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Do Dooni Chaar Meaning

Do Dooni Chaar is something we learn even before we go to school. It's the first thing that comes in the table of two, actually second to be precise. Do Dooni Chaar exactly means Two times two (is) four.

As for the Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Singh starrer movie Do Dooni Chaar, it's a story of a middle class family whose needs double as the two children grow up to be adults. Hence the title, Do Dooni Chaar, or two times two is four.

Khichdi Meaning

Khichdi is a very highly used, common Hindi word, with its meaning changing according to the usage even though the basic meaning of the word remains the same all the time.

Basically Khichdi means a mixture in which there is no fixed ratio of contents defined. The word is most used for a dish where we mix daal (pulses) and rice and boiled together with spices and some more ingredients which may again vary. Besides, a mixed language, or greying here or anything hotchpotch may be called Khichdi. End of the day, khichdi is something in which you're never able to decide much.

Aksar Meaning

Aksar was a Shaan Album and later, a movie too. Aksar is an Urdu word which means often, usually, generally, for the most part.

Nigoda/ Nigodi Meaning

Most of the times people hear/sing nigoda and nigodi in a song, they wonder what it means. Well, the meaning of the word is miserable, wretched, helpless, many times in a childlike way. In an innocent manner maybe.

Though sometimes, the word can also be used for a rogue, in case of males (nigoda) which generally comes from wretched only.

Phool Khila de, Lyrics, Jagjit Singh, Roop Kumar Rathod

A prayer to God, with minimal music, and no mukhdas and antaras. I love this one.

phool khila de shaakhon par pedon ko phal de malik,
phool khila de shaakhon par pedon ko phal de malik,
dharti jitni pyaasi hai utna to jal de maalik,

waqt bada dukhdayak hai paapi hai sansar bahut
waqt bada dukhdayak hai paapi hai sansar bahut
nirdhan ko dhanwan bana durbal ko bal de maalik

kohra kohra sardi hai kaanp raha hai poora gaon
kohra kohra sardi hai kaanp raha hai poora gaon
din ko tapta suraj de raat ko kambal de maalik

bailon ko ik gathri ghaas insaano ko do roti
bailon ko ik gathri ghaas insaano ko do roti
kheton ko bhar gaye hosen, kaandhon ko hal de maalik,

haath sabhi ke kaale hain nazren sab ki peeli hain
haath sabhi ke kaale hain nazren sab ki peeli hain
seena dhaanp dupatte se sar ko aanchal de maalik

Mann ke mat pe (Aakrosh) Lyrics, Translation

One wonderful song from Aakrosh where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings the bad and ugly things about the heart. Truly wonderful lyrics by Irshad Kamil. As usual good singing by Rahat. And Pritam deserves an applaud too.

Here go the lyrics with English translation.

ishq mushk pe zor na koi
man se badhkar chor na koi
bin aag badan sulga dega
ye rag-rag rog laga dega

Man ke mat pe mat pe mat chaliyo ye jeete jeete marwa dega,
Man ke mat pe mat pe mat chaliyo ye jeete jeete marwa dega,
Maashooq mohalle mein jake besabra roz daga dega,
Mann ke mat pe mat chaliyo ye jeete jee marwa dega,
Mann ke mat pe mat chaliyo ye jeete jee marwa dega..

On love and smell, no force works,
there is no thief bigger than heart,
it'll heat up your body without fire
it'll make your every vein ill,

Don't go by the heart's wish, it'll get you killed,
Don't go by the heart's wish, it'll get you killed,
the impatient will go to the lover's neighborhood and ditch everyday,
Don't go by the heart's wish, it'll get you killed,
Don't go by the heart's wish, it'll get you killed..

Do Nishaniyan: Lyrics, meanings, Translation

Sonu Nigam's Do Nishaniyaan is one of the best songs of Abbas Tyrewala's John starrer Jhootha hi Sahi. The song has some fine music, and some wonderful singing, but the best part of the song is its lyrics which are quite interesting and as meaningful as they are poetic, can say 50-50.

Here, the hero of the movie is sad about his own false image he has created with his lies. He's happy about the good things happening in his life but is also afraid and wants to get rid of his false identity. A wonderful song that gives some insight into the movie and should sound even better and more meaningful when the movie comes out. Here are the lyrics with translation.

ek, dor se bandhi kaise do kahaniyaan
ek, taar se jud gayi kaise ye do zindaganiyaan
is phone ke saaz par meri aawaz bhar mujhpe hansti hain khamoshiyaan
mere chehre ki do nishaniyan
mere chehre ki do nishaniyan
mere chehre ki do nishaniyaan
mere chehre ki do nishaaniyaan...

with one string, how two stories are tied
with one wire, how two lives are attached
filling my voice, on this musical instrument called phone, silences laugh at me,
the two identities of my face,
the two identities of my face..

I've been Waiting (Jhootha hi Sahi) Lyrics, Meaning

I've been waiting for the moonlight
I've been waiting for the moonlit sky, all night
Stranger in the moonlight,
I've been waiting for a lifetime..

kabhi to aaye dabe paaon se tu mere khwabon mein
hey you, call me closer, closer to you
itne paas ke main ban jaaun teri khushboo,

sometime you come into my dreams silently
hey you, call me closer, closer to you
so close that I become your scent..

Call me Dil (Jhootha hi Sahi) Lyrics, Translation

mera o mera chehra, hua mujhse anjaan kyun
kaun hoon main, kaun hoon main oooo..
aawaz to hai meri, par kehta koi aur hai,
jhoothi meri batein aur sachcha mera pyaar,
to kya meri pehchaan hai
bolo na kya naam hai
call me dil, call me baby
call me jo naam tu main wahi
call me sach to main sachcha,
call me chahe jhootha hi sahi..

why has my, o my face, become unknown to me,
who am I, who am I,
it's my voice, but someone else says,
my talks are lies and my love true,
then what is my identity,
tell me what's the name..
call me heart, call me baby,
call me whatever name I am that,
call me true, and I'm true,
(or) call me a liar if you so wish..

Firaq/ Firaaq Meaning

Firaaq is an Urdu word which comes from an Arabic root. The meaning of the word is separation, or more usually (especially in Hindi-Urdu contexts) anxiety, care, a keen desire for something.

A commonly used example of Firaaq's usage would be, 'Woh kis firaaq mein hai?' which would mean, what does he desire, or more simply, 'what does he want?', 'what is he after?'

Pardes/ Pardesi Meaning

Pardes and Pardesi are common words of Hindi which are not very highly used in the daily language, especially in written, but are way too common in songs and poetry. Pardes is made of par (other) and des (country) and thus simply means a foreign country.

Pardesi, which is derived from Pardes means a foreigner.

Still, in contexts of various poems and songs, the words do not particularly express a different nationality and anyone who lives 'away,' can be called a Pardesi. :)

maakhan meaning

Maakhan is a word from Hindi's Brajbhasha dialect and means butter. The standard Hindi for the word is Makkhan (मक्खन).

The word is generally used in the Brajbhasha dialect in context with Lord Krishna who is well-known for his love of milk and butter.

Maiyya Yashoda (Jhootha hi Sahi) Lyrics

Maiyya Yashoda of Rahman composed Jhootha hi Sahi is sung by Chinmayi and Javed Ali. Here are the lyrics of the song. For the English Translation of lyrics, Click Here.

natkhat natkhat jamuna ke tatt par,
kuch to churaye haye maiyya
dil churaye neend churaye chain churaye haye maiyya
kaise main jaaun ghar apne sab laaj sharam main chhodi re
kaise kahun kis natkhat ne kiya maakhan chori re..

maiyya yashoda mori gagri se jamuna ke pul par maakhan haan koi, re maakhan chura le gaya
ho maiyya yashoda kaise jaaun ghar jamuna ke pul par maakhan haan koi, re maakhan chura le gaya
mori baanh modi, natkhat re,
kare dil ko jodi, natkhat re,
mori gagri phooti, natkhat re,
main bojh se chhooti, natkhat re,
mori thaame kalai us kinare le gaya

Do Nishaniyan/ Nishani Meaning

Nishan means a sign. While its derivative, Nishani is a 'distinctive sign' or identification, or a souvenir or memorial.

Here in the song of Jhootha hi Sahi, Nishani would mean a souvenir, and hence, Do Nishaniyan would mean two souvenirs.

Update: Unlike I had expected, the song uses the meaning of nishani as not just an identification mark, but an identity itself. Not a regular meaning of the word, but quite expresses the thought here. For detailed meaning, check the post on song.

Fanaa Meaning

Fanaa is an Urdu word which means to destroy, to annihilate. In Sufism, the word is used for extinction of the self in the Universal being.

Fanaa is a common word in Hindi/Urdu poetry and even Bollywood songs. In there it generally means getting destroyed.

Dhobi Ghaat/ Dhobi Ghat meaning

Dhobi means a Washerman, while ghaat in Hindi means a river bank, or a place at the river bank where one can sit and take a bath or wash clothes.

Thus, dhobi ghaat or dhobi ghat simply means a place where a washerman can wash clothes, and in running usage of the word, it may not even be at a river bank.

Gulposh Meaning

Gulposh kabhi itraye kahin, mehke to nazar aa jaaye kahin..

You heard this song a hundred times, but never got what Gulposh meant, eh? Well, Gulposh is simply made of gul and posh, gul means flowers, while posh is a cover, something to be worn (think of tajposhi=crowning and mejposh=table cover and you'll get it).

Thus, gulposh means 'covered with flowers' or laden with flowers.

Ab Chalen chhaiyyan chhaiyyan?

Gaafil Meaning

Gaafil is an Urdu word which was quite used in poetry but nowadays it's found less. Still, sometimes in songs or poems written by those well-versed in Urdu, like Gulzar, the word can be seen. The meaning of Gaafil is negligent, or even better neglectful, someone who doesn't care, heedless.

So now you know what it means when someone says Sair kar duniya ki gaafil, zindagani phir kahan.. (travel the world heedless, where will this life be there again).

Word 'Gaflat,' meaning heedlessness, or a more used for unconsciousness, also comes from Gaafil.

Payaliya (Dev D) Lyrics, Translation

Translating the song, Payaliya, is a tough task. Here is a translation of the song, as much as was possible for me. I can never get the expressions even close here, but I have tried that you get the meaning of the words at least. Congrats again to Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, and Shruti Pathak for making this wonderful thing.

Jaanu nahin kaise, jaanu nahi kaise,
Piya ghar jaun
Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun
Paayaliya, paayaliyaa...

I don't know how, I don't know how,
to go to my beloved's home,
anklet, oh, (my) anklet says she wants to go to my beloved's home..
anklet, anklet..

Paayaliya chhan chhan, chhan chhan shor kare mohe piya ghar jaaun
Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun- 2

the anklet makes noise, says she wants to go to my beloved's home..
anklet, oh, (my) anklet says she wants to go to my beloved's home..

Araj araj kari, garaj karajwa ko
Kare hal pal bechain
Daras daras ko kahe paayaliya
Aas lagawe din rain
Soojh boojh bhulawe
Goonj goonj uthawe
Piya ko pukare haye re...
haan, jiya pe chhaye, jiya pe chhaye
Chhaye, chhaye, chhaye, chhaye re

it requests and requests, growls for a credit (of going to his house)
makes me restless every moment
for a sight (of the beloved), why does the anklet
hope day and night..
it makes me forget all my intelligence (conscious)
resounds loudly,
calls the beloved..
it covers my heart (under its effect), covers my heart,
completely covers it..

Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun- 2

Asar asar aso basar basar kari
Neendein bisar karde
Janam janam ki preet lutati haye
Saiyan ke milan ko re
Paas paas bulawe
Raas raas rachawe
Piya ko manawe hai re...
haan, mujhe sajaye, mujhe sajaye,
Hai, hai, hai, hai re

such an effect it leaves,
it makes me forget sleeps,
it sacrifices/gifts love of many incarnations,
to meet the beloved,
calls him close, closer,
performs love (the word raas is actually most used in context of Lord Krishna)
appeases the beloved..
it beutifies me, yeah, beautifies me..

Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun
Piya ghar jaaun..

Darmiyaan/ Darmiyan meaning

Darmiyaan or Darmiyan is an Urdu/Persian word which means between/in-between or 'in the mid of.'

The word can be used for place as well as time, for example, one can say 'baahon ke darmiyaan' which means 'in between the arms', or also use it as '1970 aur 80 ke darmiyaan' meaning 'between 1970 and 80.'

Challa/ Chhalla meaning

Chhalla (sometimes spelled as challa too), simply means a ring.

However, in poetry, challa is used for a man, or someone who's mad, who doesn't go by the norm.

For the Translation of the song challa from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, check THIS POST.

Khiza/ Khizaa/ Khizaan Meaning

No, it's not Fiza. It's Khiza, or rather, Khizaan.

Anyway, the meaning of Khiza is Autumn. It's the season when there are no leaves or flowers on trees and in poetry or lyrics or songs, it's used to tell the time of doom, gloom and sadness.

So next time a singer sounds like Khiza, don't think it's Fiza. S/he's most probably right. :)

Tujhi Mein (Crook, KK): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Crook
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: KK
Label: Sony Music

Kya Sunaun main: Crook, Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Crook
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar
Label: Sony Music

Mere Bina/ Tujhko jo paaya: Crook: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Crook
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Nikhil D'Souza / KK / Mohit Chauhan
Label: Sony Music

Dus Tola Meaning

Dus Tola is a movie starring Manoj Bajpai and with music by Sandesh Shandilya and Lyrics by Gulzar.

Anyway, Tola is an old Indian measurement for small weights and is equivalent to 11.66 grams. The unit is found to be in use for Gold even now, though many people tend to round off the measurement to ten grams as the measurements are made in grams now.

Dus Tola literally means Ten Tola units or 116 grams, while it is implied that we are referring to gold here.

Alvida Meaning

Alvida means Goodbye.

Alvida is an Urdu word.

Alvida has different roots, al is Persian/Arabic while Vida is Sanskrit/Hindi.

Alvida also sounds like German 'auf wiedersehen' (pronounced 'al vee der zane') which also means Goodbye.

I'm suddenly wondering if due to this complexity only somebody wrote 'Kabhi Alvida na Kehna..' (Never say Goodbye).

Gustakh/ Gustakhi meaning

Gustakh and Gustakhi are actually two words that I don't think can be exactly translated into English, but I will give it a try, and at least get you a close idea.

Gustakhi is something like insolence, it means being disrespectful to someone you should be respectful to. To give you a better idea, I'd give you an example. Disobeying someone you are supposed to obey is probably the most common type (and hence the best example) of 'gustakhi.' In the era of Kings, doing anything disrespectful is a 'Gustakhi.' One thing that is rarely told about the word, but always understood, is that supposedly you cannot do a 'gustakhi' against someone who is below you in standard and doesn't deserve your respect.

The person who does this 'gustakhi' is a 'gustakh.' Roughly, you can say a Gustakh is someone who refuses to obey.

NDTV's famous program is also named Gustakhi Maaf as they make fun of powerful politicians, and hence the name which means 'the insolence be pardoned.'

Tishnagi Meaning

Tishnagi is an Urdu word which means Thirst, 'pyaas' in Hindi. Interestingly though, the origin of the word probably lies in Sanskrit where Trishna is the word for thirst and the same word is followed in Hindi too. At the same time, the Hindi word 'pyaas' is used in Urdu almost equally in general language.

Tishnagi was an album by Shaan. The word is also used in poems and songs quite often.

Noor e Khuda Meaning

Noor-e-Khuda is made up of words Noor and Khuda. Khuda, as you must be knowing, is God, while Noor is Urdu for Light. Hence, Noor-e-Khuda is 'Light of God', or a Divine Light.

Noor-e-Khuda is a popular song from the movie My Name is Khan, sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Adnan Sami and Shreya Ghoshal.

Aabshar meaning

Aabshar is an Urdu word which means waterfall. Aab in Urdu is water, and is generally used to make a lot of words like Aabohava (meaning climate, literally water and air), and Aabkari is irrigation.

In Ishqiya's ab mujhe koi intezar kahan, aabshar means waterfalls which actually represent the tears constantly falling from eyes.

Kaafila/ Kaarvan meaning

Kaafila is an Urdu word which is used for a convoy or a group of travelers. Earlier, people used to travel in big groups in order to escape attacks by robbers etc. and hence used to travel in Convoys called Kaafila, or Kaarvaan, which is adopted in English language as Caravan.

Cry Cry: Jhootha hi Sahi: Lyrics, Meaning

rote kaaye ko hum,
hey, rote kaaye ko hum
hona hai jo ho-sad hote kaaye ko hum

why do we cry,
hey, why do we cry,
whatever has to happen, let it be..

cry cry itna cry
karte hain kaye ko
itna darte hain kaye ko,
pal pal marte kaahe ko,

why why aisa why waisa kyun hota
yoon hota to kya hota
jo hota hai wo hota

Goonja sa hai koi iktara, lyrics, translation | Wake Up Sid

Movie: Wake Up Sid
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Label: Sony Music

Iktara Meaning

Iktara, or sometimes ektara, is a string instrument, but the most interesting thing about the instrument, as the name suggests, is that it has just one string. It gets more clear when you break the word into two parts, ik and tara. Ik or ek means one, while taar is a wire or string. Hence, Iktara is a single-stringed instrument.

Iktara was the instrument of well known devotee of Lord Krishna, Meerabai. Presently, iktara is mostly used by Punjabi folk artists. That also explains why it's popularly iktara and not ektara, as in Punjabi, one is ik, while in Hindi it's ek, with a slight difference.

Bandini Meaning

Bandini was a National Award winning movie by Bimal Roy. The meaning of Bandini is 'imprisoned' and the word is feminine only. The masculine form of the word is 'Bandi', which is actually the original or base form too.

Bandini is a popular Hindi TV serial too.

Pinjar Meaning

Pinjar was a Punjabi novel written by Amirita Pritam and a Hindi film based on that novel.

In Punjabi, Pinjar means Skeleton. So as far as one can guess, the meaning of Pinjar, the novel and movie should be skeleton only, but an interesting thing is that in Hindi, the language in which the film was made, a cage is called a Pinjara, or sometimes, Pinjar. Also, going by Pinjara, one may call someone kept inside a cage Pinjar.

So, this one thing that fascinates me the most about the name of the movie is that even if you do not get the name right, the one from Punjabi, the meaning of the title is not completely lost and you get a somewhat similar idea of a caged bird.

Saanwra/ Saanwre meaning

Saanwra is another form of the word saanwla, which means one with some darkness in complexion. Saanwre is generally the way to call that 'one', though not in real life. :)

Saanwra or saanwre is mostly used in songs/ poems because Lord Krishna is supposed to have a dark complexion and hence people call him saanwre. Since he's famous for being loved by all, saanwre has more or less become a way to call a male loved one.

chhaiyya chhaiyya meaning

Chhaiyyan is basically another form of Hindi word Chhaon or chhaya. Hence, chhaiyyan chhaiyyan would mean shade shade.

But then we have this system where we put some word twice together and generally it has some meaning more specific than its regular meaning, giving more importance to the word. Here, Chaiyyan chaiyyan, literally shade shade, would mean in shade only. That is, chal chaiyyan chaiyyan would mean walk in shade only (and not in those parts/that time where there is sun).

Rafa Dafa Meaning

Rafa Dafa is local Hindi word, local means that is not taken from Sanskrit or any such root and has come from the language people spoke just like that, though it's as popular as a standard word now.

Rafa dafa is generally used as rafa dafa karna, making it a verb. The meaning of the verb is to remove or end in a not very logical or proper way. It's also used for settling (a dispute). When you do something rafa-dafa, you're basically trying to get rid of it.
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