Dhating Naach Meaning

Dhating Naach is a song from the film Phata Poster Nikla Hero.

Dhating actually isn't a standard word, though here it is used to express fun, the kind where you dance like anything, and without thinking of anything else. Naach of course means dance and hence dhating naach simply means dance with energy, dance uninterrupted.

Dhating can be considered equivalent to Dhinchak, Dhan te Nan, etc., which themselves don't have much meaning, but are used quite commonly.

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Charon/ Chaaron Taraf Lyrics Translation [John Day]

Movie: John Day
Music and Performed by Strings
Lyrics: Anwar Maqsood

The song Chaaron Taraf from John Day, performed by Strings, has some wonderful lyrics, with sadness and some anger in them too. The meanings and translation are here.

Chaaron Taraf literally means 'In all four directions'. So the actual meaning of the phrase would be 'everywhere' or 'all around', and for the ease of translation, here we'll use those only, not repeating the literal meaning.

Tanhaiyaan badhti gayin charon taraf
Gir padin manzilein charon taraf
Yaadon ke jis tarah, raaste bhi jal gaye saare
Gardishein aazaad charon taraf
Haathon ki lakeerein sab mit gayin dekho kaise
Dehshatein aabaad chaaron taraf
Tanhaiyaan badhti gayin charon taraf

Loneliness kept on increasing all around,
Destinations [also, buildings, same word for both] fell down everywhere..
The way all the paths of memories burned too,
bad luck was (roaming) free everywhere..
See how the lines of palms have all got removed,
horrors are habited everywhere..
Loneliness kept on increasing everywhere..

[Gardish here means very bad luck, bad fate actually. Lines of palms also signify fate only.]

Baarishein khoon ki chaand bhi laal hai
Kheenchta zindagi ko koi jaal hai
Jhooth hi jhooth hai
Sach kahin aaj to sharm se mar gayaa

There are rains of blood, even the mood is red..
Some net is tugging at life,
there are only lies all around..
The truth has died somewhere, of shame..

Haathon ki laqeerein sab mit gayin dekho kaise
Dehshatein aabad charon taraf...
Tanhaiyaan badhti gayin charon taraf

Zindagi ki sej pe maut sajne lagi
Ik qayaamat ki dhun saath bajne lagi

On the flower bed of life, death has begun to adorn,
And a tune of doom (or of end) has begun to play with all this..

Jhooth hi jhooth hai
Sach kahin aaj to sharm se mar gayaa
Haathon ki laqeerein sab mit gayin dekho kaise
Dehshatein aabad charon taraf...
Tanhaiyaan badhti gayin charon taraf

Gir padee manzilein chaaron taraf
Yaadon ke jis tarah raaste bhi jal gaye saare
Gardishein azaad chaaron taraf
Haathon ki laqeerein
Sab mit gayin dekho kaise
Dehshatein aabad charon taraf
Tanhaiyaan badhtee gayin charon taraf

Beimaan Shaitan Besharam Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Besharam
Music: Ishq-Shree, Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Rajiv Barnwal
Singers: Ishq Bector, Shree D [who are composers for the song too, as Ishq-Shree]

Paida nanga hua to
kaahe ki kaahe ki sharam
maai baap naa hi
na koi dharam

When I was born nude,
what is there to be shy of?
I don't have any parents,
nor any religion..

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Dil jo Tumhara Hai Lyrics Translation [Besharam, Abhijeet, Shreya]

Dil ka jo haal hai
Wo tujhe kaise bayaan karein
Keh dein tujhe ya dil mein rakhein
Bolo na kya karein

What the situation of the heart is,
how do I tell you..
Should I tell you or keep it in the heart
Tell me what to do..

Dil jo tumhaara hai,
kaisa bechaara hai
Maane naa besharam,
bilkul khataara hai

This heart of yours,
what a poor thing it is!
The shameless doesn't listen,
it's completely useless..

[Listen to the song here.]

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Tu Hai Bas Tu Hai Lyrics Translation [Besharam] Chhu Liya Bin Chhue

Movie: Besharam
Music: Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Nikhat Khan
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

Jaane kyoon har khushi
Ab lage namee thi
Hairaan hoon daffatan
Kyoon teri kamee thi

Why do every happiness,
now it feels like, was wetness (of eyes, i.e. sadness)
Suddenly I am wondering
why I was missing you..

Dafatan/ Daffatan meaning

Daffatan, also spelled Dafatan, is an Urdu word which means suddenly, achaanak in Hindi.

The word can be heard in Ghulam Ali's famous ghazal chupke chupke raat din, Delhi 6 song dil gira daffatan, and Besharam song tu hai bas tu hai by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal.

Hum Lut Gaye Aake Tere Mohalle Lyrics Translation (Besharam)

Movie: Besharam
Music: Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Nikhat Khan
Singers: Mamta Sharma, Aishwarya Nigam

Khidki se mujhe taakein, saare gali ke baanke..
Sab ko lallu banaa ke, dil phenkaa tujh par..
Hum lut gaye ainvayi aake tere mohalle..

All the boys of the street stare at me from the window,
I made a fool of them all and threw the heart on you..
I have got robbed for no reason, just coming to your street..

Super figure Lyrics and Translation [Potugadu]

Om namo namo go
You wanna talk to potugadu??

Baby, nuvvante padisastha
Baby, neekosam dhookestha
Baby,nuvvu lekapothe naa life mottham waste aipothaadhe
Baby,ee janma needhele
Baby, aa paina needhele
Baby,Naa heart needhe ani ninnu choosaake thelisindhe.

Baby, I die for you
Baby, I will jump for you
Baby, My life will be waste if you don't stay with me
Baby, this life in this birth is yours
Even the rest are yours
Baby, after seeing you I realized that my heart belongs to you. 

Are ela?
Are intha danger aipothe ella
Ala ila love cheseimalla
Aapai inka girigilla.

Just tell How to manage
If it ends up in a danger like this.
You love me somehow
We shall rock after that.

Raaye Raaye super figure
Ninnu Setthaane(Chesthaane) naa pilla motheru.
Raaye raaye raayena super figure
Ninnu Ninnu Setthaane(Chesthaane) naa pilla motheru.

Oh, girl with curves
I will make you mother of my children.

Nuvve naa heart beat
Nuvve naa pulse rate
Nuvvuleka pothe endhuke ee heart beat
Nuvve naa sarvam pilla
Nene nee sontham malla
Vacheive, Icheive nee muddhula varshanni.

You are my heart beat
You are my pulse rate
If you are not there, what is this heart for??
You are my everything
I'm yours
Just come and shower the rain of kisses on me.

Maaya chesi manthram vesi
Itta naa manasuki kallemesi
Premaloki laaginaavu ga.
Thalladillipothunnaanu thellarlu pillada
My heart says baby I need you.

You did something magical, some sorcery
And you tied my heart and pulled it into love
I'm becoming restless through out the day
My heart is saying that it needs you.

Raaye Raaye naa super figure..

Nuvve naa rasagulla
Love cheddham open ga illa
Ee life, aapey life oo nuvve naa wife oo.
Nuvve naa glass lo wine 
Nuvvu naaku muddhivapothe vesthaane fine.

You are my rasagulla
we shall love openly like this
In this life and even after that You are my wife
You are wine in my glass
If you don't kiss me, I would penalize you.

Herolu (ni)  antha okka chota pogesi choosina
Ninnu minchi undare potugaada
Moodu mullu vesukuni inchakka manamu
Lets go high into the sky.

All heroes added up together wouldn't make you, You are more than that cummulative product
We shall marry and go high into the sky

Raaye Raaye super figure
Ninnu Setthaane(Chesthaane) naa pilla motheru.
Raaye raaye raayena super figure
Ninnu Ninnu Setthaane(Chesthaane) naa pilla motheru.

Arambam/ Aarambam Meaning [ஆரம்பம்]

Aarambam or Arambam [Tamil:ஆரம்பம்] is Tamil for 'beginning', or start. The word is almost the same in Sanskrit, and is also used in Hindi as Aarambh [आरम्भ], and many other Indian languages use very similar word for beginning.

Aarambam is an upcoming Tamil film starring Ajith and directed by Vishnuvardhan.

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Shakila Scent Lyrics And Translation [Toofan]

Movie: Toofan
Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Manasu seesa moothane matthuga therichesaane!
Madhura premala scentune maga mithrula pai jallesaane
Nee shirt ki naa scentu set ho gayi
Shakeela scentu Shakila scentu hit ho gayi hit hogayi.

I've opened cap of (Bottle of) heart
I've sprinkled perfume of love on these men
For your shirt. My fragrance is a perfect fit
Shakila's Scent(fragrance) has become a hit.

Naa scentu antunkundhante Decent purushudu Out(ey)
Naa scentu pattukundhante Recent kaapuram  Cut(ey)
Paapam Inko scentu, forget ho gayi

If a decent guy gets my fragrance on him, though he is decent he goes crazy
If a family man got attracted towards me, His matrial life could get into trouble
People forgot many girls because of me, poor girls!!

Shakila scentu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi

Prema fail aina vaadu
Devadas dhaari patteyakunda
pelli lollaina vaadu
kaashayam post katteyakunda
Rendu try cheyyanodu Mood baagoka musugettakunda
Okka bottu raasthe cent percent fit ho gayi.

A guy who has got a love failure
For him, Not to take the way of devdas
A man who matrial life is not satisfactory
For him, Not to become a Saint
A man, Who did not try both(Love and marriage)
For him, Not to sleep just because his mood is not good

For these, If they apply one drop of my perfume, It would fit them 100% (and make them happy)

Shakila Scentu Shakila scentu Shakila Scentu
Hit ho gayi ho gayi

(Scent here was used for the female herself, as a fragrance, as a perfume)

Main Rang Sharbaton ka Lyrics Translation [Phata Poster Nikla Hero]

Song: Rang Sharbaton ka/ Mere Yaar Baat Ban Jaani
Movie: Phata Poster Nikhla Hero
Music: Pritam Chakraborty
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Atif Aslam

In this song, the protagonist calls himself small and flexible, giving various comparisons, and tells it'd be great if his beloved could change him and keep him the way she would like to. Irshad Kamil's lyrics are beautiful here.

Khwaab hai tu.. Neend hoon main..
Donon milein raat bane..
Roz yahi maangoon duaa..
Teri meri baat bane.. Baat bane..

You're the dream, I am the sleep,
When the two meet, it becomes a (complete) night..
Everyday I ask for this wish,
that we be together.

Pinky song lyrics and translation [Toofan]

Music:Meet anjan bros

Hello hello
Manmadha mithrulaara!
Mike lo mouth (p)ettamaaku ra
Arey monkey veshaalu maanara
Pinky otthaadhi ra.

Hello! Aroused friends
Don't put mouth into the mike
Stop acting like monkey
Pinky is on the way.

Aa aa aa aa
Bol bol raani yem kaavaali?
Bungalow kaavaala leka car kaavaala?
Cash kaavali naaku cash kaavaali
Cash kaavali Hot Cash kaavali.

Tell baby what do you want?
Bungalow or a car??
I need money, just money.

Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Oye oye
Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Aapaina dhookey pai paiki
Vachestha vizag ki, warangal ki

Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!(2)

Take money out and have fun(with me)
Join with pinky.
Jump on me after that.
I will come(go) to vizag, warangal
Who ever has money, pinky belongs to them.

Vasthundhi  vizag ki, warangal ki
Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!

Pinky is coming to vizag and warangal
Who ever has money, they own pinky.

India Loni billionaire Lu yedunnaru
Itta naa yenaka ee bevaarsulu paduthunnaaru
Yahoo lo google lo vethikesaanu
Yama balisinollu Bangkok lo book ayaaru

Where are billionaires in India?(no where)
These idiots are behind me
I searched in google and yahoo
Rich people settled in Bangkok.

Konchem maa side choodochuga
Ho ho ho

Please consider us pinky!!!

Arey sommunte thee, champesey
Pinky tho penky panam ye chey
Rupee tho kaipu undhi iddhariki

If you have money take it out, you can rock
You can have fun with me
We both love money, isn't it?

Ppp ppp
P for pinky, p for paisa

World famous ayye naa worku Lu
Anni areallo unnaayi networku Lu
Arey choopinchu choopinchu neelo konchem
Prathi channello naa maate scrollinglu
Anni agello unnaaru darlinglu.

My works are world famous
I have networks in all areas
Hey baby, show us something!
In every channel, scrollings are about me
I have got fans in all age groups.

Konchem discount ivvochuga!!
Please give discount.

DD nahi, cheque Lu nahi
Pinky ki credit ye pettaku roi.
Appu undakoodadhu happy ki.

I don't take Demand drafts or cheques
Don't put credit
We should not have debts in case of happiness.

Vachestha ||
Arey stop it yaar.

Mumbai ke hero Lyrics and Translation [Toofan]

Teja, nenochesaanu ninnu finish cheytaaniki
Edhaina cheppi  cheitam naa style
Rei, nenu chache rakam kaadhu, champe rakam!gurthunchuko

Teja, I have come to finish you
My style is to do a thing after telling
I'm not that kind of person who dies, but kills.

Mumbai lo nenunta
Mumbai ke thodunta
Mundhenaka gasthi kaasthunta
Khaaki naa dress anta
Dhamki address anta
Dashing ki nene boss anta

I stay in Mumbai
I will accompany Mumbai
I will protect all the time
Khaaki is my dress
Warning is my address
I'm known for my dashing nature.

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta

I don't bother if he is a big shot
I will take his skin off transforming me into a pistol.
I think you inderstood it.

Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Just see, whole Mumbai is saluting us(me)
If I start hitting, your body would end up in haleem
If I hit,there would be no signs of your presence
Just see, Hero of Mumbai!!

Rei, idhi poilce station nee Abba jaageer kaadhu
Sherkhan, nenu chandhaalu vasulu chese type kaadhu; chamdaalu valichese type
Thellaresariki nee dhandhaalu, dhaadhagirilu aapey. Ala aithe friend avuthaav ledhante end avuthaav.

This is police station, not your father's place
Sherkhan, I'm not that kind of police who takes bribe but the one who takes the skin off from a criminal.
Before morning, stop this blackmailing,threatening, ilegal business.If you do so, we will be friends if not it would be your end.

Route ye gaani maarindhante, laati thoti potestha
Theda gaani vachindhante, bedilesi band estha
Chattam laanti chethulu chaachi, chedu tho chedugudu aadestha
Chacchina vaadi nore therichi, pacchiga nijame kakkistha
Kukkalni yerestha, makkelni irichestha
Lekkalni sarichoosi pampistha.

If your route changes(towards bad), I will block that with laati
If things ate not going right, I will arrest you
I will extend my arms of justice and play with the bad
I will open mouth of a dead person and will make him spit the truth out
I will segregate you bloody dogs, will break your bones
I will send you after clearing all the debt(after settling everything) .

Pista evadaina
Osthaad evadaina
Pistol ai thole theesthunta
Mumbai mottham manake salam antundhi dheko
Modhale pedithe, volle haleem avuthundhi dheko
Kalipi kodithe, khilla khallas avuthundhi dheko
Dheko dheko maname Mumbai ke hero!!

Hey cop in the khaki uniform
You turn me on, turn me on
Tu-tu-tu-tu-turn me on

I love the way you right the wrong
Oh my God, is that your gun
Can I hold it please.

Orori sexy officer
Guri pettavante revolver
Gundelo jarige encounter
Kar complaint mera register
Complaint mera register.

Aaoonga bachaoonga!!!!!Mumbai ke hero!
O sexy officer
If you aim with gun
My heart is getting encountered
Register this complaint.
I will come and save
Hero of Mumbai I'm.

Go when you want your hero, just dial 100, ne vachesi ruf aadistha rakshan ki rokha thenchestha
Nakaraanne navvinchestha
Paravaanne poovinchestha
Khaakhi pe hoon 24*7, address always meri jaan.

When ever you want to see me, just dial 100. I will be there for protecting.
I will make a problem laugh and go
I'm on duty 24*7, khaaki is my address all the time.

Police te nenanta
Naa rules ye naavanta
Lokaanne polish chesthunta.

I'm a police officer
I have my own rules
I will polish this world.

Overconfidence penchukunte,peeki chethulo pedatha

Don't develop overconfidence, I will pluck it and place it in your hands.


Mumbai ||


Premincha Lyrics Translation [Toofan]

Premincha, nee peruni
Premincha, nee theeruni
Preminchaane, ninne chere naa dhaarini

I love(d), your name
I love(d), your way
I love(d), my way which takes me to you.

Premincha, nee swaasani
Premincha, nee sparsani
Preminchaane, nee pai unde naa dhyaasani.

I love(d), your breath
I love(d), your touch
I love(d), my intrerest on you.

Premincha, nee chilipi koppaanni
Premincha, nee chinni lopaanni
Premincha, nuvvunna lokaanni
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), your sweet anger
I love(d), your small mistake(s)
I love(d), this world in which your presence is there
I have been living all these days by loving.

Naa gaali ninda nee palukule
Naa nela ninda nee adugule
Naa ningi ninda nee merupule
Naa jagathi ninda nee gur(u)thule.

My air has only your words
My land has only foot prints of yours
My sky has only your lightenings
My world has only your imprints.(memories)

Poindhi cheli meham nee muddhulo
Undalenandhi chali kaalam manamadhyalo
Aanandha bandhaalalo.

Girl has Lost her shyness in your kiss
Winter season told that it cannot stay in between us, between these sweet troubles.

Premincha, anukoni pechini
Premincha, aa paina raajini
Premincha, atupaina aa premani
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), when you cried over a thing
I love(d), compromise after that
I love(d), love showered after that
I have been living all these days by loving.

I just love, nee choopini
I Just love, niturpuni
Preminchaane, manakai veche munimaapuni
I just love, nee oohani
I just love, nee unikini
Preminchaane, neela virise udhayalani

I just love, your vision
I just love, this waiting
I love(d), the day which have been waiting for us.
I just love, a thought about you
I just love, your presence
I love(d), mornings which arise like you.

Premincha, ee madhura baadhalani
Premincha, ee Manchu mantalni
Premincha, swecha sankhellani
Premisthu jeevinchaane

I love(d), this sweet relation
I love(d), this fire in cold
I love(d), these handcuffs of freedom.
I have been loving by loving all these days.

Grand Masti Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Grand Masti
Music: Sanjeev Darshan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Sanjeev, Darshan, Payal Dev

The title song of Grand Masti is a fun, pun track with many words placed in a way that sound like giving a bad meaning, but are used then to a different effect. Most clearly this thing is used with 'bade bade bade' and 'hila hila hila' where the two could be used as adjective/verb respectively for b**bs/p*nis, but they just sound like they'd give that meaning, before the line gets changed.

Sanjeev-Darshan, sons of Shravan from Nadeem Shravan have composed this film after what seems like a long break. Kumaar, who is mostly known to give good lyrics, is the lyricist here.

I got a rocket in my pocket
Oh baby come and launch it
So we can fly away now
Get in a room and lock it

Pyaar ka signal de de baby
Raat ka baj gaayi baaraah
It’s time it’s time

Give me a signal of love baby
Its 12'o clock in the night
It’s time it’s time (for us to do the thing baby)

Yem maaya jaruguthondho Lyrics Translation

Movie: Anna
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Chinmayi, Rakenda Moulie

Yem maaya jaruguthondho gunde lopala?
Nannu nee vaipu laaguthoondhila.
Yenaadu dhaachukundho kanti repalla
Manasu nee kalalu panchuthoondhila.

Don't know what kind of magic is going on inside my heart
Which is pulling me towards you.
Don't know when my heart hid all those feelings for you like eyebrows.
Eyebrows cover the eyelids, the same is used in context of feelings and heart here.

Single Kinguvanna Lyrics Translation [Anna/ Thalaivaa]

Movie: Anna [Thalaivaa]
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Singer: Udayabhanu, Hema Chandra

Whatt bro??
Not you???
Song aa??bhaangu??
Yevadakada ?? bro ki oka bhaangu.(who's there? Get a drink here for this guy)
Again bhaangu??
Ledhu songu.(no, song now)
Yedhi paadu.(oh, sing then)
Single kinguv a n na...
Sarigga ardham kaaledhanna.(I did not get you dude)
Bhaangu-drinks, actually an intoxicant. But here it means drinks.)

Mera Desh: Lyrics Translation [Prasoon Joshi, Amitabh Bachchan, SEL]

Here is the translation of Prasoon Joshi's poem, Mera Desh ro raha hai. Here, he has questioned our attitude of moving on, and asked if we move on because we really have so much strength, or do we just avoid our problems and hence say we have moved on. The poem is deep, thought-provoking, and at the same time positive and inspiring too. Hope you like it.

Dekho zaraa theher ke
mera desh ro rahaa hai
Ghayal hai man kaa konaa
mera desh ro raha hai
mera desh.. mera desh..

Just pause and see,
My country is crying,
A corner of heart is wounded,
My country is crying,
My country, my country..

Love ki Ghanti Lyrics, Translation, Video, Review [Besharam]

Movie: Besharam
Music: Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Rajeev Barnwal
Singer: Sujeet Shetty

Lalit Pandit comes up with the first song of his first big budget full movie album, and looks like he's got a positive here. Though the song is pretty simple and straightforward, it follows the style of Kishore Kumar songs, and pretty well. The new singer, Sujeet Shetty yodels Kishore way too, and that's the point you realize it's VERY much Kishore Kumar style. Ranbir Kapoor and Amitosh Nagpal speak their lines in the song with his singing and hence are credited too.

The lyrics and translation for the song are given here. The dialogues are in italics and in brackets, some explanations can be found.

Love ki ghanti baj gayi meri
Dekha usko pyaar hua
Aankhein phat gayi
Tabiyat lipat gayi
Dil mera kood padaa

My bell of love rang,
I saw her and fell in love..
My eyes went wide,
the mood got awesome,
and my heart just jumped..

Mera Desh Ro Raha Hai Lyrics [Amitabh, Prasoon, SEL]

This poem was written by Prasoon Joshi for the Uttarakhand support program run on TV by Star group. Here he talks about our 'moving on' attitude, and asks whether we're actually giving enough strength to the downtrodden or just saying move on to avoid them.

The poem was recited by Amitabh Bachchan and simultaneously sung in parts by Shankar Mahadevan with Ehsaan and Loy.

For the translation of the entire poem, you can check THIS POST.

Dekho zaraa theher ke
mera desh ro rahaa hai
Ghayal hai man kaa konaa
mera desh ro raha hai
mera desh.. mera desh..

Mardaani/ Mardani Meaning [मर्दानी]

Mardaani as such is an adjective, which means like a man, manly, but here it's used more like a noun which would mean a brave lady.

The word mardaani was used by Hindi Poet Subhadrakumari Chauhan in her poetry for Rani Lakshmi Bai, who fought against the British for her kingdom when her husband died.

The word was used because she fought like any man would, at a time when women rarely went out of their homes and were not expected to fight in wars.

Mardaani is also title for an upcoming Hindi film starring Rani Mukerjee, where she's taking up the role of a brave cop who fights against the odds.

Kill Dil Meaning

Kill Dil is an upcoming Hindi film directed by Shaad Ali and starring Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda.

Kill Dil, the name is based on the famous Hollywood series Kill Bill, but the movie doesn't look anything like that. Instead, it is supposed to be a romantic film with some action content and music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

Kill Dil literally means 'Kill Heart'. Govinda will be playing the antagonist in the film.

Zanjeer 2013 | Reviews | Lyrics | Meanings

Khochay Pathan/ Khochey Pathan Meaning

It's commonly known that Pathan is an Iranian ethnic group between Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also called Pashtuns, the ones who speak Pashto.

Khocha, too, is used for Pashtuns. This is not clear if it's a specific group among the Pashtuns but that seems like a possibility. However, khocha is a relatively less used term and is a little debated as well, as some people say it's not a Pashto word, but coined by Punjabi speaking people.

Overall, though, we can safely say that Khocha Pathan is an Afghan, basically a Pashto native, and hence, the term Khochey Pathan ki Zubaan would mean 'Word of a Pashto/ Pathan', which is considered something irrevocable, something which he'd not go against, whatever happens.

Shakila Bano Hit Ho Gayi Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer
Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Another item song. Composed by Anand Raj Anand, the song is basic and doesn't have anything too special, but the simple melody of the song work well with Shreya's pointed singing and the song sounds fun. The lyrics aren't too vulgar either, compared to the songs in the market. Nice one for an item number.

Dil kee sheeshi khol ke..
Ishq ka itr udaayaa
Chaand bhi chakkar khaa gayaa
Jab pallu maine uthaayaa..

Opening the bottle of heart,
when I blew the perfume of love,
Even the moon went dizzy
when I raised the scarf*..

Zindagi mein Le Maza/ Kaatilana Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Shweta Pandit

Kaatilana is one of the best songs of Zanjeer, and despite the music being based on Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo to quite an extent, the song does sound good. Also Shweta Pandit's singing there is worth a mention as she has done it beautifully here.

Kaatilana raat hai..
Raat mein kuchh baat hai..
Behke se jazbaat hain..

The night is a killer,
There is something in the night..
The emotions are intoxicated,

Ye Lamha Tera Mera Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer, Thoofaan
Music: Chirantan Bhatt
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Singers: Wajhi, Palak Muchhal

Tum aur hum jo saath hain
Khushnumaa ehsaas hai
Sab kuch naya kyun is tarah lagne laga?

When we are together,
It’s a lovely feeling..
Why everything seems new in this way?

Chennai Express: Movie Review by Aparna Vashisht

"Come, Fall in Love" in Rohit Shetty SHTYLE !!!

For once, I am actually very happy with the way a movie is marketed. There is no misbranding here. An SRK starrer romance & a Rohit Shetty action-packed comedy. Put these two together and what you get is 'Chennai Express'.

But, I must confess that I was the least thrilled by the trailer of Chennai Express. I expected it to be another loud, irksome comedy. In other words, a total disaster like 'Tees Maar Khan'. In fact, even a few minutes after the movie started, I was fully convinced that all I am going to write in this review is bad stuff. But the fact that in next few paragraphs you are actually going to read a lot more positive stuff means that somewhere down the line the crazy mad comedy wins over and manages to tickle one's funny bone.

Agreed, that its a "logic put aside" film but its a thorough entertainer. You should not expect anything substantial in terms of story as Rahul & Meenamma themselves sing their way to the glory warning us of this "Kahaani Bedhangi"!

Yes, you have SRK introducing himself as "Rahul, Naam To Suna Hi Hoga" for the umpteenth time, making the girl fall in love with him on an adventure trip of its own kind when she is already engaged to someone else, singing & dancing to the tunes in his signature King Khan step. Throw in some Rohit Shetty trademark action sequences, cars in hues of pink & orange blowing off in the air and a funny script. 'Chennai Express' offers all of this and a lot more.


Deepika Padukone! She is such a revelation in 'Chennai Express'.

Murshid Khele Holi Lyrics Translation [D-Day]

Song: Murshid Khele Holi
Movie: D-Day
Composer: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Niranjan Iyenger
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Munawar Masoom, Javed Ali

The title of this Qawwali translates directly to 'My spiritual guide plays Holi'. The term ‘murshid’ is used to describe a spiritual guide. The celebration of ‘Holi’, the festival marking the arrival of Spring, is a lively and colorful one, with friends, family, and neighbors throwing colored powder and water on each other. This Qawwali is sung in the praise and amazement of the guide and his ‘colors’.

Choota theer jo uske kamaan se
Jahan laage ji te lagna
Chori likhi hai bhaagya mein tere
Toh kya sona, kya jagna?

If the arrow has left his bow
It’s bound to hit where it hits
Stealing is written in your fortune
So why sleep, why awaken?

Ho…Saanwa te sooha, rang sabke naseeb da
Khele dukh sukh aankh mein choli

O! Green/dark and red…the colors of everyone's destiny
Sadness and contentment play hide and seek

Jee mein tu, jaan mein tu
Mere saare jahaan mein tu

In my being is you, in my being is you
In my entire universe is you

Mera murshid khele holi
Yaara rang hai uska nyaara

My guide plays holi
Friend, his color is unique

Pyala chidke apne karam ka
Rang de sab sansaara

Sprinkling the goblet of his deeds
He colors the entire creation

Ishq da rang hai nyaara
Tere ishq da rang hai nyaara

The color of love is unique
The color of your love is unique

Ho uski rangat, meri aadat
Uski chaahat, ek ibaadat

O, his colorfulness, my habit
His affection, a worship

Uski rangat, meri aadat hai
Uski chaahat, ek ibaadat hai
Uske hone se, sab salaamat hai
Uski nazaron se, sab ki barkat hai

His colorfulness...is my habit!
His affection...is a protection!
From his presence, everything is peaceful!
From his gaze...is everyone's prosperity!

Sab ki barkat hai
Naache naseeba taar pe jiske
Haath mein uske dori

Everyone's prosperity!
The wire on which destiny dances
In his hand it's cord

Uske rehem se
Sab kuch rangiya
Uski naimat se jag sajiya

From his mercy
Everything is colorful
From his blessing
The universe is adorned

Kabhi kanton pe phool bikhraye
Kahin ashkon ke beech muskaye

Sometimes on thorns he spreads flowers
Some places between teardrops he smiles

Kahin palkon pe khwaab sajaye
Kahin raaton se need udaye
Kahin baadal, kahin barkha, kahin vakhra, kahin sarkha …

Some places on eyelashes he adorns dreams
Some places from nights he averts sleep
Some places [in] clouds! Some places [in] rain! Some places unique!

Roop, swaarop pe na ja uske
Sab anek hai, ek hai wohi

Don't go on his form, his true nature!
Everyone is plenty. He is only one.

Beh Gaye: Poem for Uttarakhand Relief [Amitabh Bachchan, Prasoon Joshi]

This is the poem written by Prasoon Joshi appealing to help the flood victims of Uttarankhand and do our best for them. Recited by Amitabh Bachchan, the poem describes the deep sadness of the situation, at the same time reminding us of our common force and tells us that we can help those in distress and rebuild the state.

Do listen to it, and help as much as you can, the way you can. Thanks.

The poem in Devnagari and Roman is here, along with English Translation.

बह गया वो घर
बह गयीं घर में रखी तसवीरें
तस्वीरों में मुस्कुराते चेहरे बह गए
परिवार बह गए, सैकड़ों, हज़ारों

बह गयी वो प्रार्थना
श्रद्धा में झुके शीश बह गए
सुना है एक माँ का जब एक बच्चा बहा
माँ देख उसे कूद पड़ी नदिया में..

बह गयीं लोरियां
बच्चों की किलकारियां
पिता बह गए, सैकड़ों, हज़ारों

बहे करोड़ों आंसू हिन्दुस्तान के
करोड़ों आंसू है,
लेकिन करोड़ों हम भी हैं
चलो पूछें इन्हें

दोस्त बनें, बच्चे बनें किसी के
माँ बनें, पिता बनें
परिवार बनें किसी के
सूरज उगायें, उम्मीद जगाएं
चलो, एक सुबह बनाएं किसी की..

Madras Cafe | Review | Meanings | Translations

Madras Cafe Music Review
Maula Sun Le Re - Papon
Jaise Milein Ajnabee - Zeb
Khud se Dil Dar Sa Gaya Hai - Papon

Madras Cafe: Music Review [Shantanu Moitra]

The album begins with Papon singing Maula Sun le re, a call to God, giving in to Him and asking for help. Papon's deep voice suits the neutral-sad tone of the song, or you can say that Papon sings in that voice of his. Either way, the song is a treat to listen to after you have heard it a few times and got the meaning.

The second song is a slow, feathery light kind of song. Shantanu Moitra keeps just a little acoustic, guitar sound in the background and Zeb [of Zeb and Haniya] sings in a feather light mode, as if there is not much music to go for, as if it's a poem she is humming for her beloved. And the utterly romantic lyrics, 'Jaise milein Ajnabi' are just beautiful. Zeb's musical, but imperfect diction/rendition interestingly adds to the charm. Listen to it a few times, and fall for it.

Hey Mr DJ Let's Go Bananas Lyrics Translation [PPNH]

Movie: Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Benny Dayal, Shefali Alvares, Shalmali Kholgade

I am here in this party like wow..
The DJ karo hands up, [hands up]..
Karo.. Hands up, [hands up]

I am here in this party like wow..
The DJ put your hands up, [hands up]..
put your Hands up..

Shaadi ke Side Effects Meaning [शादी के साइड इफेक्ट्स]

Shaadi ke Side Effects is a Half Hindi-Half English name which translates to 'Side Effects of Marriage' in English, and in Hindi would translate to 'Shaadi ke atirikt prabhaav'.

Of course, that would make a very tough name if all Hindi, and also side effect is a term almost always used as-is in spoken Hindi as well.

Shaadi ke Side Effects is an upcoming comedy starring Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, to be directed by Saket Chaudhary, who also made Pyaar ke Side Effects earlier.

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein Meaning [गोरी तेरे प्यार में]

Gori in Hindi means a fair skinned girl. Pyaar is love, and hence Gori Tere Pyaar Mein translates to 'In your love, O fair girl.'

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is an upcoming Hindi movie starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who were earlier seen in Ek Main aur Ekk Tu.

Dhoom Meaning [धूम]

Dhoom is a Hindi word which is used for noise, uproar. The word is used for ostentation.

Dhoom Machaana means to create an uproar.

Dhoom also means smoke in Hindi.

Aao Use Yaad Karein/ Apni JaDon se JuDein Lyrics Translation

Music: The Ghalat Family
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari
Singer: Mohit Chauhan, backing vocals by Ankur Tewari

ek aur martaba
jaayen hum phir wahin
aur ik dafaa
waapis phir chalein wahin
jahaan se aaye the hum laaye the
khwaabon bhari kuch khwahishen
wahaan chalein
hum sabhi
bilkul abhi..

Dedh Ishqiya Meaning

What does Ishqiya mean?

If you will, you could call it 'Romantic'. As simple as that. However, Ishqiya means more of 'erotic'. Amatory if you'd like a fancy word. Sensual, passionate, sexy. In a way, it's more related to sex than it is to love.

Secondly, the way Ishqiya used the C word every third minute, I also tend to believe that the word was chosen because of its rhyming with the C word. Like a portmanteau on Ishq and C***iya. Ishqiya.

Anyway, Dedh Ishqiya would literally mean 'One and half Ishqiya'. That is, one and half times erotic. Or one and a half times dimwitted in love.

Pinky Hai Paise walon ki: Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer/ Thoofaan
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed, Ashraf Ali
Singers: Mamta Sharma, Meet Bros Anjjan

Bol bol raani kya chahiye
bungalow chahiye ya car chahiye
Cash chahiye mujhe cash chahiye
Paisa phenk tamasha dekh
naachegi Pinky full too late
answer hai saare sawalon ki
Mumbai ki na dilliwalon ki
Pinky hai paise walon ki

Tell tell queen what do you want,
Do you a bungalow or a car?
I want cash, cash..
Throw money and see the drama..
Pinki will dance full too late..
She's the answer to all questions..
Neither to those in Mumbai or Delhi,
Pinky belongs to those with Money..

Bismillah Lyrics Translation [Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara]

Movie: Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara
Music: Anupam Amod

Chaand zameen pe aaya hai
Tu haath uthaa kar bismillah
Ise dil mein tu bhar le
Nazron se kar le bismillah

Tu guzaara, tu ishaara,
tu hi hai aabaroo
Allah hoo..

The moon has descended on the earth,
Raise your hands and begin with Lord's blessings,
Fill it in your heart,
and begin it with your eyes..

You're my livelihood, you're the sign,
You are the honor..
O God..

Har Zulm Tera Yaad Hai Lyrics Translation [Sajjad Ali]

Music and Singer: Sajjad Ali
Lyrics: Aftab Muztar

Har Zulm tera yaad hai, bhoola to naheen hoon
Aye vaada faramosh, main tujh sa to naheen hoon

I remember every cruelty of your, I've not forgotten it..
O promise forgetter, I am not like you at least..

Saahil pay khaDay ho tumhein kya gham, chalay jaana
Main doob rahaa hoon, abhi dooba to nahi hoon

You're standing on the shore, what's your problem, go [in some time, when I'm gone]
I'm drowning, but haven't drowned as yet..

Jaise Milein Ajnabee: Lyrics Translation [Madras Cafe]

Movie: Madras Cafe
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Ali Hayaa
Singer: Zebunnisa Bangash 'Zeb' [of Zeb and Haniya, best known for Coke Studio]

Jaise milein ajnabi
Hai meri duaa ki jab hum milein..
Tu dekhe mujhe mere dost ek baar yoon hi
Jaise milein ajnabee

The way strangers meet,
It's my wish, that when we meet,
You see me, my friend, once again the same way,
as strangers meet..

पढ़िये इस गीत के बोल हिन्दी में

Khud se Dil Dar Sa Gaya Hai Lyrics Translation [Madras Cafe]

Movie: Madras Cafe
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Ali Hayaa
Singer: Angaraag Mahanta 'Papon'

Khud se dil dar saa gayaa hai
Andar kuchh mar saa gayaa hai..
Dil se dil ghabraa rahaa hai..
Khud se bikhar saa gayaa hai..

The heart is afraid of itself,
As if something has died inside,
The heart is fearing itself..
It has, as if, got crumbled by itself..

Khoyi si chaandani bhi ho gayi hai badgumaaN
Ab to ye zindagi bhi lagti hai ek badduaa
Zehreelay zakhmon ki ye jo kharaashein hain..
Koi to aake dekh le..
Khud se taraashe hai..

The lost moonlight has become distrustful,
Now even this life feels like a curse..
These sorenesses of poisonous wounds that are there,
someone come and see them..
I have chiseled them myself...

Words with Meanings Explained: Badgumaan, Badduaa, Kharaash.

पढ़िये इस गीत के बोल हिन्दी में

Ishq Khuda Meaning

Ishq Khuda is Urdu/ Hindi phrase which would simply translate to 'Love is God.'

Ishq Khuda is an upcoming Punjabi language Pakistani film that stars the likes of Shaan Shahid, Zara Sheikh, Meera Rabab and Humaima Malick.

Giddh/ Gidh Meaning

Giddh or Gidh [Devnagari:गिद्ध, Urdu:گدھ] is Hindi/ Urdu for vultures.

On the name, there was a 1984 Hindi film called 'Giddh - The Vulture' starring Om Puri, Smita Patil and Nana Patekar. And now there is a Pakistani movie called Gidh coming up, which stars Humayun Sayeed and Sara Loren who acted in Himesh Reshammiya's Kajraare [as Mona Lizza] and Murder 3.

Zinda Bhaag Meaning

Interestingly, This is not about Zinda song from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Zinda Bhaag is actually the name of a Pakistani film created by Mazhar Zaidi, a Pakistani film director with an Indian, New Delhi and London based film maker, Meenu Gaur.

The film, based in Lahore, features Naseeruddin Shah as well and is expected to release August 2013.

Pushpaash/ Pushpash Meaning

April Fool! There is NO word like Pushpash.

OK I'm technically wrong. Pushpash is no word, but Khushbaash does sound like 'pushpash' many times in the song 'Aane waala pal jaane wala hai' so if you're here looking for that meaning, well, the word is khushbaash, which means 'khush raho' in Hindi, and in English, would translate to 'remain happy'.

And so the line 'khushbash main chali' is 'Khush raho, main chali' or 'remain happy, I take your leave.'

Ungali/ Ungli Meaning [उंगली]

Ungli is a Hindi-Urdu word which simply means finger.

Ungli comes from Hindi Anguli [अंगुलि/अंगुली] which is the more pure form of the word, which has turned into Ungli with oral communication.

Ungli is a Hindi movie directed by Rensil D'Silva, and in context with the movie, the word is used more for middle finger rather than any finger.

Kuch To Log Kahenge: Lyrics Translation [Amar Prem]

Movie: Amar Prem
Music: Rahul Dev Burman
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music Label: Saregama

Thalaiva Meaning

Thalaiva is nothing but the same as Thalaivar, which in Tamil means a leader, boss, and is spoken for Rajinikanth with respect, like 'sir'.

The word comes from 'Thala' which means head, and means the one who heads people, hence leader.

The word is shown in Chennai Express' Lungi Dance song which is supposedly a dedication to Rajnikanth Ji.

For the Translation of Entire Lungi Dance, check THIS POST.

For all Lyrics, Translations, Meanings and Reviews from Chennai Express, go HERE.

Sham Gulaabi, Seher Gulabi: Lyrics Translation [Shuddh Desi Romance]

Movie: Shuddh Desi Romance
Music: Sachin Jigar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singers: Jigar Saraiya, Priya Panchal Saraiya

Shaam gulaabi, sehar gulabi
Pehar gulaabi hai gulabi ye shehar..

The evening is rosy pink, the morning is pink,
The time is pink, and this city is pink too..

[Pahar doesn't have an English Equivalent, to get detailed meaning of the word, check THIS POST.]

Main bhi gulabi, tu hai gulabi
Din bhi gulaabi hai gulaabi ye kehar..

I'm pink too, and you're pink
The day is pink and the havoc (that you have created in my mind) is pink too..

Gulabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena jori hai
Gulabi dori hai, Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa roka-toki hai na seena jori hai re

The thread that is tied between us in hiding is pink,
There is no force, and no ego..
The thread that is tied between us in hiding is pink,
There is no incessant interrupting, and no ego..

Raah bhi gulabi ye naav bhi gulabi
Dariya me jo main bahoon gulabi
Kahoon bhi gulabi, main sahoon bhi gulabi
Lagtaa hai main rahoon bhi gulaabi..

This path is pink, and the boat is pink too,
I float in the river rosily too..
I speak pink, and I bear pink too,
I seems I'll remain pink too..

Jaane re jaane mann jaane hai
Rang, rang gulaabi hai preet ro
Jaane re jaane sab jaane hai
Rang, Rang gulaabi hai preet ro

This heart knows that the color of love is pink,
Everybody knows that the color of love is pink,

Gulaabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena zori hai
Gulabi dori hai re, bandhi ye chori hai re
Naa roka-toki hai naa seena zori hai re

Dard gulabi, chain gulabi
Davaa bhi gulabi hai gulabi hai asar

The pain is pink, the relief is pink,
The medicine is pink, and the effect is pink too..

[On a not so serious note, while pain is many times pink, i.e. your body turns pink with pain, I remember earlier we used to have a syrup from the doctor (not the chemist) that used to be a tiny bottle of pink liquid. I wonder if that's where they got these lyrics. ;)]

Naam gulabi ye nain gulabi
Nain gulabi hai gulabi hai safar

Your name is pink, your eyes are pink,
And with the pink eyes, the journey is pink too..

Haule gulaabi hain tez gulabi
Karte shararat lab bhi gulabi re

We're pink when slow, and pink when fast,
our lips make a pink mischief too..

Choom le gulaabi rangrez gulaabi
Haule le chal tez gulaabi..

Kiss me pink, O pink dyer,
Take me slow, take me fast, pink..

Hum Hain Mumbai ke Hero Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer/ Thoofan]

Movie: Zanjeer/ Toofan/ Thoofan
Music: Anand Raaj Anand
Singer: Mika Singh

Main aa gaya hoon Teja
Main tumhe ye bataane aaya hoon
Ki main tumhe khatm kar doonga
Aur ye mera waada raha ki
Main tumhari zindagi mita doonga

I have come, Teja,
And I have come to tell you,
that I will finish you..
And this is my promise,
that I will end your life..

[Teja was the villain of actual Zanjeer, the dialog is spoken by Amitabh Bachchan and picked from the original film.]

Ek Ghadi Lyrics Translation [D-Day]

Movie: D-Day
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Niranjan Iyenger
Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj

'Ek Ghadi' is a ghazal sung beautifully by Rekha Bhardwaj, in which the singer is reasoning with her beloved to stay another moment and not to leave yet.

Ek ghadi aur Theher ke jaan baaqi hai
Tere lab pe mere hone ka nishaan baaqi hai

Wait another moment, as there is life still remaining
Your lips still have the mark of my being there

Shab ke chehre pe chardha rang savere ka to kya
dhalte khwaabon mein abhi apna jahaan baaqi hai

So what if the color of morning has risen on evening’s face?
In setting dreams, our world is still remaining

Yoon bichhad ke mujh se na sazaa de khud ko
Abhi haathon se tere jurm-o-gunaah baaqi hai

Separating from me like this, don’t punish yourself
There are still crimes and sins left (to be committed) by your hands

Khilte phoolon ka fasaana to bas bahaana tha
Bujhte sholon ka dastaan baaqi hai

The story of blossoming flowers was just an excuse
The story of dying flames is still remaining

Aankhen sooni hain, meri maang ujdi hai to kya
Abhi haathon mein mere rang-e-henna baaqi hai

So what if my eyes are desolate.. and the parting of my hair disheveled?
The color of henna is still there is my hands..

Satyagraha: Lyrics | Translations | Explanations | Music Review

Music Review

Lyrics Translations and Explanations


Satyagraha Music Review [Salim-Sulaiman, Aadesh, Meet-Anjjan, Indian Ocean]

Like before.

  • Prakash Jha is making a multistarrer on a socio-political subject.
  • Music is taken from many composers.
  • Aadesh Srivastava is one of them. So are Salim Sulaiman.
  • One song is taken from something everyone remembers. Vande Mataram to Raghupati Raghav.
  • There is one item number kinda thing.

Now, the things that don't come under these bullets.

First of all, accolades to Prasoon Joshi for writing magic throughout.

Hum Bhole The Hum Bhaale Hain Lyrics Translation [Satyagraha]

Hum Bhole the is a Rocking rock song composed and performed by Indian Ocean for Satyagraha. The impassioned lyrics of the song are written by the man with a spirited pen, Prasoon Joshi. As for the praise of the song, there are just four words to be said. Do Not Miss It.

Here are the lyrics of the song with Translation. Most of those available on the web until now are wrong. I've tried to get it as right as possible. Still, if there is anything missing, let us know.

Lo mashaalon ko jagaa daala kisee ne
Bhole the ab kar diyaa bhaala kisi ne..

Here, someone has burned the torches..
We were innocent, someone has made us a spear..

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