Guide to the Trailer of Besharam

Abhinav Singh Kashyap, having created Dabangg, is here with his second film, with an outrageous name, Besharam. The trailer is out, and here we are with the funny trailer, and the nuances of it.

The trailer begins with Ranbir singing in 'Sarson de Khet' that is Mustard fields, a Yashraj favorite. To clarify the Yashraj connection, the song is none other than Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana sanam, Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam, in a Punjabified avatar, with the first two words of both lines translated to Punjabi.

Tainu vekhya to ye jaana sanam
Pyaar honda ae Deewana sanam..

The introduction of Babli, the hero says Badmaash, i.e. rogue, Awara i.e. vagrant, Robdaar, that is overbearing, which is almost exactly the same as dabangg in its meaning, and lastly hoshiyaar, that is intelligent.

The first dialog from Babli is 'Mere seene mein dil nahi dost, Jigar hai jigar. Aur wo kabhi toot-ta nahi. naanv aega Babli.' that is, 'In my chest there is no heart, it's Jigar there. And it never breaks. And the name is Babli.'

As such, jigar means liver, yes, Liver. But somehow the word in Bollywood has become synonymous with something that makes a person very powerful. Not yet sure where is the origin of this problem.

Then, there is a song, that does sound fine, and then the heroine enters with her first dialog when Babli says, "Lagda hai teri ragon mein khoon nahi, rabdi daud rahi hai rabdi.." [It seems in your body, there is no blood running, but milk cream.] And the heroine's dialog is what christens the hero as the film's title - "Tu na, tera naam hona chahiye tha Besharam!" [You, your name should have been shameless].

The next bit is one with Rishi Kapoor, Neetu and Ranbir, that is real life dad, mum and son, as Ranbir asks, "Hainji aap kaun?" [What, who're you?] To which Rishi replies in quite a Haryanvi tone, "Tera Pappa babua, Chulbul Chautala, ar yo teri amma Head constable Bulbul Chautala". He's not lying as they're actually his father and mother, but not in the movie, where the dialog is just to show some arrogance over the rogue boy.

The fun doesn't end here. Abhinav decides to give a tribute to his first film, and while he had named Rishi 'Chulbul' in this movie which is Salman's screen name in Dabangg, it's the dialog that says it all. When Rishi says "Are Babli Chhodunga na Tanne!" that is, Babli I won't leave you, Ranbir replies "Are khud ko to chhuDa le mote, sirf Chulbul naam rakh lene se koi Dabangg nahi ban jaata!" [First get yourself out fat guy, Just by naming yourself Chulbul, you don't become a Dabangg].

Now, yes, Abhinav has made a mention of Dabangg in a good way, which would be a positive towards Salman Khan and bros, he has at the same time not Named Salman explicitly and used the word Dabangg. Interesting.

The last scene with Javed Jaffrey comes from a Rajkumar Santoshi movie. I mean, not really, just kind of.

Javed puts a pistol on Ranbir's head and says, "Hamaare Dhandhe mein galti ki sirf ek sazaa hoti hai.." and Ranbir shouts, "Maut!" and follows it up with, "Mujhe kya pata nahi hai? Picture main bhi dekhta hoon bhaisaab!" that is 'Do I not know? Even I see movies, sir!'. Oh, the bhaisaab here is the one with contempt, where Babli is trying to prove that he's more intelligent than he's thought of as.

And then, there is an epilogue.

Ranbir: Jai lai.. [In Haryanvi tone, "Take this", while bringing out a sock from his pant, right next to his pen**.]

Amitosh Nagpal: Je kya hai yaar! [What is this?]

Ranbir: Padding! Ladkiyaan karti hain na, impression achchha jaata hai. [Padding! Girls do it na, the impression is good.]

I hope I need not say what impression he's talking about. ;)


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Sorry i havent got it what means besharam please!

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I love the lyrics....its besharam...

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I think Besharam will break the record of the Express and if you want to stay connected with and its interesting updates download app I already own.

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