O Sajna Aaja Ve Lyrics Translation (Table No.21)

Movie: Table No 21
Music n Lyrics: Gajendra Verma
Singers: Gajendra Verma, Puja Thaker

Love in you is losin my soul
I was in the lost battle
death at my door
A dog in the backyard
Feels for my pain
Beau in broken bottle
Beatin rain

O sajna aaja ve
Dil di sunava gallan
Muh te uda ke pallan
Sir choom laan
O meri gal sun ja ve
Dil mera hoya jhalla
Ek bus tu hi ikalla
Tere te manave..

O my beloved, come..
I'll tell you the talks of my heart,
removing the veil from my face,
I'll kiss your forehead..
Listen to my heart's talk..
My heart has become mad..
Just you alone are there (for it),
It wishes for you only..

Afsurda meaning

Afsurda is an Urdu word which means sad, depressed.

The word is used in the song Darmiyaan of Hindi film Inkaar.

Baat Tere Mere Darmiyaan: Lyrics Translation (Inkaar)

Song: Darmiyaan
Movie: Inkaar
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyricist, Singer: Swanand Kirkire
Pictured on: Arjun Rampal, Chitrangada Singh

Darmiyaan, the first song from Inkaar, is quite like Khoya Khoya Chaand title track, the last track Swanand sang for Shantanu Moitra n Sudhir Mishra. However, the lyrics and music of the song are good and it does not lose its sheen despite the similarity and makes a good listen, especially if you're a bit interested in the lyrics. Here is a translation of the lyrics.

Kyun nigaahein nigaahon ko shikve sunaayen
Murda afsurda lafzon ke maani jagaayen
Jo hai khud se shikaayat kyun tujh ko bataayen
Kyun hum yaadon ke rangon se khwaabon ko sajaayen

Why do eyes tell their complaints to eyes..
Why do they evoke the meanings of these dead, sad words..
Why do they tell you the complaint they have against me,
why do I adorn the dreams with the colors of memories..

Ye kaisi baat badh rahi hai, tere mere darmiyaan
Ye kaisi baat chal rahi hai, tere mere darmiyaan
Kyun subah khil rahi hai, tere mere darmiyaan
Kyun shaam dhal rahi hai, tere mere darmiyaan

What thing is going high between you n me..
what is this talk going on between you n me..
Why is the morning blossoming, between you n me,
Why is the night ending, between you n me..

Kyun nigaahein nigaahon ko shikve sunaayen
Murda afsurda lafzon ke mani jagaayen

Baat sehmi sehmi si, teri ore thi chali
Fisal gayi kyun
Maine barf si kahi, Shola ban tujhe mili
Badal gayi kyun
Mayanon ke bojh se, Baat seedhi saadhi si
Kuchal gayi kyun
Baat aandhiyaan liye, hothon tak to aayi thi
Thithak gayi kyun
Baat koi geet ban, haule gungunaayi thi
Baras gayi kyun
Baat reshmi si ek, Sej pe bichhaai thi
Ulajh gai kyun
Hai bolo na, hai bolo na, ji bolo na
Hum ko bhanwar mein yoon chhodo na
Dhaai sa aakhar hai bolo na
Bolo na ji, bolo na ji, bolo na..

A thought, a little afraid, had began to walk towards you,
don't know why it slipped..
I said like ice, but it reached you like a fireball,
why did it change like that?
Why did the simple thought get ground
with the pressure of meanings..
The thing came to the lips with storms,
but why did it hesitate there?
I had hummed something like an easy song,
why did it rain?
A silken thought was spread on a bed,
why did it get tangled?
say, tell me, answer me..
don't leave me in a malestorm like that..
it's a word of two n a half letters (talking about Love), say it..
say it..tell me.. say it.

Ye kaisi baat chal rahi hai
Tere mere darmiyaan
Kyun subah khil rahi hai
Tere mere darmiyaan
Kyun shaam dhal rahi hai
Tere mere darmiyaan

Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola Lyrics, Meanings, Translations

Badal Uthya ri Sakhi: Lyrics, Translation (MKBKM)

The song Baadal Uthya ri Sakhi is an old folk song from Haryana and hence the movie version also has strong Haryanvi influences in the language. Also, some lyrics may not be perfect due to lack of command on the dialect. Any improvements in lyrics/translation are welcome. Thanks.

Movie: Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Music: Folk/Vishal Bhardwaj
Singer: Rekha Bharadwaj

Badal Uthya ri Sakhi
Badal Uthiya ri Sakhi
Mere saasre ki ore,
Paani barsega sir tod..
Baadal uthyaa ri Sakhi.

The cloud has come up, O my friend,
The cloud has come up..
Towards my in-laws home (where she'd live)
Huge amount of water will rain
The cloud has come up..

Khamakha Lyrics Translation (Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola)

Movie: Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Vishal Bhardwaj, Prem Dehati

halki halki aahen bharna
takiye mein sar de ke dheeme dheeme
sargoshi mein baatein karna
pagalpan hai aise tumpe marna
ubla ubla kyun lagta hai
ye badan, ye jalan to khamakha nahi
ye khalish jo hai, wo khamakha nahi
haan tapish to hai, par khamakha nahi..

To sigh slowly,
with the head inside the pillow..
To talk in whispers,
It's madness to love you so much..
Why does the body feel like boiling..
This feeling of burning is not without reason..
This pricking is not without reason..
This heat that is there, is not without reason..

Nomvula Meaning, Language

Nomvula is a Zulu track from Vishal Bhardwaj's film Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola, in Zulu language. Nomvula, in Zulu, means 'after the rain'.

Nomvula is also used as a name in Zulu, and sometimes given to kids who are born during storms.

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Khaamakha/ Khamakha Meaning

Khwah-ma-khwah is an Urdu word which means 'without reason.' Khamakha or Khaamakha is nothing but a form of the same word.

Khamakha is a song in Vishal Bhardwaj's Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola. The lyrics of the song also have words bewajah and besabab which have the same meaning.

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Kaisi Ajeeb Daawat Hai Ye (Memories in March) Lyrics, Translation

This song from Memories in March is one of those simple, soothing tracks that most people love to listen to when free. In the movie, the song is in a very grave situation where a mother reaches his son's home after getting the news of his death. Other than the sadness, the lyrics express the awkwardness of the situation by symbolizing the person as an uninvited guest.

Movie: Memories in March
Music: Debojyoti Mishra
Lyrics: Rituparno Ghosh
Singers: Shail Hada/ Shilpa Rao

Kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye
main bin bulaayi mehmaan
ghar waala kahaan laapata
sab chhod ke sunsaan..
kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye..

What a strange party it is,
I am an uninvited guest..
The host is somewhere.. missing..
Leaving everything deserted
what a strange party it is..

Sannata Meaning

Sannata (सन्नाटा) is an Urdu word which means Silence. The word is very common in Hindi language as well.

One famous dialogue with the word was 'Itna Sannata Kyun Hai Bhai?' spoken by A K Hangal in Sholay, which would mean 'Why is there such a silence, O brother?'

Be Intehaan Lyrics Translation (Race 2/ Atif Aslam)

Movie: Race 2
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singers: Atif Aslam, Sunidhi Chauhan

Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na, suno zara
Teri baahon mein mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon mein hogi subah

Listen, what my heart says,
Listen, listen for a while..
I have to stay in your arms all night long..
The morning will be in your arms..

Hum Pad Gaye Ji Tere Pyaar Mein Lyrics Translation (Akash Vani)

Movie: Akaash Vani
Music: Hitesh Sonik
Lyrics: Luv Ranjan
Singers: Hitesh Sonik, Sunidhi Chauhan

Teri palkon ki udhaari mein.. bik gaye
Kho baithe dil tere dil mein.. tik gaye
Chhap gayi khabar yeh akhbaar mein
Pad gaye jee...
Hum pad gaye tere pyaar mein
Tere pyaar mein...

Under the loan of your eyelids, I was sold..
I lost my own heart and got a place in your heart..
this news got published in the paper..
I fell..
I fell in love with you..
In love with you...

Oye Boy Charlie Tune Dil ki Baazi Mar li Lyrics Translation (MKBKM)

Movie: Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Rekha Bharadwaj, Shankar Mahadevan, Mohit Chauhan

Nazar mein tu hi tu hai
Tu meri Timbaktu hai

You alone are in my sight..
You're my Timbaktu..

Oye boy.. oye boy..
Oye boy Oye boy charlie
Tune dil ki baazi maar li

O Boy, O Boy Charlie,
You won the game of hearts..

Mere ird-gird na ghooma kar
Mera haath-vaath na chooma kar
Tere scent-vent ki khushboo mein
Main khoyi khoyi si rehti hoon
Mujhe sab log chhedte rehte
Main soyi soyi si rehti hoon

Maane na Mann Mera Lyrics Translation (Table No 21)

Mann Mera is a song by Gajendra Verma, now featured in Rajeev Khandelwal's Table No 21.

saari raat aahen bharta
pal pal yaadon mein marta
maane na meri mann mera
thoda thoda hosh madhoshi si hai,
neend behoshi si hai,
jaane kuchh bhi na mann mera..

all night it sighs,
it dies in memories all the time..
my heart doesn't listen to me..
There is some consciousness, some intoxication too..
some drowsiness and unconsciousness too..
my heart doesn't know a thing..

kabhi mera tha par ab begaana hai ye
deewana deewana samjhe na
kabhi chup chup rahe,
kabhi gaaya ye kare
bin poochhe teri taareefein sunaya ye kare
hai koi haqeeqat tu ya koi fasana hai,
kuchh jaane agar to itna ke ye
tera deewana hai re
mann mera,
maane na mann mera..

Be inteha/ be intehaan meaning

Inteha is an Urdu word which means extremity, the last limit. At the same time, be-inteha or be-intehaan would mean limitless, without boundaries, in Urdu.
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