Oye Boy Charlie Tune Dil ki Baazi Mar li Lyrics Translation (MKBKM)

Movie: Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Rekha Bharadwaj, Shankar Mahadevan, Mohit Chauhan

Nazar mein tu hi tu hai
Tu meri Timbaktu hai

You alone are in my sight..
You're my Timbaktu..

Oye boy.. oye boy..
Oye boy Oye boy charlie
Tune dil ki baazi maar li

O Boy, O Boy Charlie,
You won the game of hearts..

Mere ird-gird na ghooma kar
Mera haath-vaath na chooma kar
Tere scent-vent ki khushboo mein
Main khoyi khoyi si rehti hoon
Mujhe sab log chhedte rehte
Main soyi soyi si rehti hoon

Don't roam around me,
Don't kiss my hand n all..
I feel lost in the
fragrance of your scent and all..
I remain lost,
everyone troubles me,
I remain half asleep..

Oye my baby.. Oye my baby baby
Tera chakkar chala jalebi
Tere curve bahut hain mod bahut
Har mod pe daud ke dekhta hoon
Main dor tu patang udti jaa
Kahin atak-vatak na jaana tu
Main dheel to deta rehta hoon
Kahin bhatak-vatak na jaana tu..

O my baby.. O my baby baby,
Your whirl went round me like a Jalebi
(as in, I was caught in your all encompassing love)
There are lots of curves and turns in you,
I try and run on every turn..
I'm the thread and you're the kite, keep flying..
Don't get stuck anywhere..
I keep giving you leniency..
Just don't get lost somewhere..

Oye boy Oye boy charlie
Tune dil ki baazi maar li
Oye my baby baby
Tera chakkar chala jalebi

Aadhi raat bulata hai
Full moon pe aa jao oo..
Warna ghanti sun ke
telphone pe aa jao..

He calls me at midnight..
Come under the full moon
Or listen to the ring,
and come on the telephone..

hum prem karte hain
Tumhein hum yaad karte hain
Hum prem karte hain
Piyaji tumhein yaad karte hain
Haan ji fariyaad karte hain..
Oye my Dolly.. Oye my Dolly Dolly
Meri vitamin ki goli

I love you,
I remember you..
I love you and
Dear, I remember you..
yes, I give you a request..
O my Dolly.. O my Dolly Dolly..
My Vitamin's tablet..

Oye boy Oye boy charlie
Tune dil ki baazi maar li

are Dolly Dolly keh ke mujhe badnaam karta hai,
mere ghar ke neeche roz subah se shaam karta hai
mera dil saath le jao,
kisi dil mein utar jaana,
ke meri yaad aa jaaye,
meri aankhon mein bhar jaana

You call me Dolly Dolly and defame me..
you stay below my home from morning till evening..
take my heart with you..
get down into this heart..
if you remember me at any time,
get filled into my eyes..

oye Boy Johnny Johnny,
Tu munna to main moni..

O Boy Johnny Johnny,
If you're a little boy, I'm a little girl..

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