Saari Duniya Ek Taraf aur Ek Taraf Hai Tu (Sonu Nigam)

For Sonu Nigam's fans, here is some good news. Sonu Nigam's next album is coming up, and his next single, Saari Duniya Ek Taraf aur Ek Taraf Hai Tu will be out soon.

The song is a lovely, melodious track, and the video of the song is already shot. Sonu will be seen driving on the roads much like Shahrukh Khan did in Pardes's Yeh dil, one of the very songs that established Sonu as a versatile singer.

The lyrics 'Saari duniya ek taraf aur ek taraf hai tu' mean the entire world is on one side, and you're on the other, more important than the whole world put together.

Son of Sardaar Lyrics Meanings Translations

Ab jo galat tha wo bhi Sahi hai/ Ye Jo Halki Khumariyan Lyrics Translation

Movie: Son of Sardaar
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Starcast : Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt

Yeh jo halki halki khumariyaan
Hain ye mohabbaton ki taiyaariyan

These light intoxications that are there,
they're the preparations for love..

Kaise kahoon kaise bhala
Roke tu mujh ko gunahon se
Peeta jaaoon main toh yaara
Teri in behki nigaahon se haye
Teri in mehki nigaahon se
Ab jo galat tha wo bhi sahi hai
Behosh bhi hoon, Pee bhi nahin hai

Khiladi 786 Lyrics, Translations, Meanings

Tera Pyaar Pyar Hookah Bar Lyrics Translation (Khiladi 786)

Movie: Khiladi 786
Music n Lyrics: Himesh Reshammiya
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Aman Trikha, Vineet Singh

Teri ankhiyon ka waar jaise sher ka shikar
Tera husn dhuyendaar jaise jaltaa cigar
Tere pyaar ka nasha kabhi aar kabhi paar
Tera pyaar pyar pyar hookah bar

The attack of your eyes, is like a lion's hunting
your beauty is steaming, like a lit cigar,
your love's intoxication, sometimes this way and sometimes that,
your love, love, love, (is like a) Hookah bar..

Poda Podi Meaning

Po is Tamil for go, while da is the very commonly used slang. However, the slang is da is mostly used for boys, and at times, the phrase Poda is also used for girls as Podi.

And that makes the name of the movie here: Podaa Podi. The title is somewhat like a short conversation between a girl and a boy where they both are asking each other to go, as if shouting on each other.

Thuppaki/ Thuppakki Meaning

Thuppaki or Thuppakki is a Tamil word which means a gun.

Thuppakki is a Tamil movie starring Vijay. Most of the film's posters are stylized such that the title itself looks like a gun.

Aadat Badi Naspeeti: Naaspeeti Meaning

One of the most interesting lines in the Pandeyji Seeti is 'Aadat badi naaspeeti'. The reason is that the word, used mostly like a cursing, many times spoken by females too, is used quite interestingly here, giving the song a villager's touch.

Naaspeeti literally means 'one that ruins something'. In older movies, it was often shown being used by deadly mothers-in-law (a role essayed beautifully by Lalita Pawar many times).

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Chipkale Saiyan Fevicol Se Dabangg 2 Lyrics Translation

Movie: Dabangg 2
Lyrics: Sajid, Wajid, Ashraf Ali
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Singers: Mamta Sharma, Wajid, Keerthi, Uvie
Starcast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Angdaaiyaan leti hoon main jabb zor-zor se
ufff! angdaaiyan leti hoon main jab zor-zor se
Uhh ahh ki avaaz hai aati har ore se
Main to chaloon is kadar
Ke mach jaae ye gadar
Hosh waale bhi madhosh aayein re nazar

When I stretch mightily
When I stretch mightily
The sounds of 'uhh' and 'ahh' come from every side
The way I walk
That there is a hell of a noise
Conscious people also seem to be intoxicated

Saanson Ne Bandhi Hai Dor Piya Dabangg 2 Lyrics Translation

Movie: Dabangg 2
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Tulsi Kumar
Lyrics: Irfan Kamal
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Starcast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha

Saanson ne bandhi hai dor piya..
Tohrey liye hamra dhadke jiya..

Our breathes have bound the thread (of love)
My heart beats for you

Reh-rehke dil meraa tham sa gaya
Chhoo ke mujhe toone jab ye kahaa
Goriyaa main tere sang zindagi bitaunga
Rab se ye maine hai waada kiya

My heart seemed to stop again and again
When you touched and said to me
O girl, I will spend my life with you
I have promised this to God

Thaana Mein Baithe On Duty Bajave Pandey Ji Seeti Lyrics Translation

Movie: Dabangg 2
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Singers: Wajid, Mamta Sharma, Shreya Ghoshal
Starcast: Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha

Ready! one two..
One two three four..
Hipp hayye!

Kehtey hain, karte hain jo marji
Sunte nahin hain kisi ki arzi

He says and does whatever he wishes
He does not listen to anybody's request..

Hey karte nahin hum regular duty
Thaana mein baithe on duty
Bajavey haaye Pandey ji seeti
Pandey ji seeti bajave ji seeti
Pandey jee seeti bajave on duty
Aadat badi naaspeeti
bajave haye.. O Shut up..
Bajave haye Pandeyji seeti

Dekho Magar Pyaar Se Meaning

Dekho Magar Pyaar se is a common Hindi phrase that is generally seen written behind trucks etc. The phrase literally means 'Watch, but with Love', basically meaning that one shouldn't be jealous or have any negative feeling about the object being watched.

Dekho Magar Pyaar se was a 2004 TV series, and is found tattooed on Anushka Sharma's back in the film Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola.

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Daghabaz/ Dagabaz/ Dagabaaz Meaning

Daghabaaz or dagabaaz (दग़ाबाज़, دغاباز) is an Urdu word on the root word dagha which means to betray, and hence, daghabaaz means someone who betrays, deceives.

Dagabaaz is the first song from the film Dabangg 2.

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Tore Naina Bade Dagabaaz re, Dabangg 2: Lyrics Translation

Song: Dagabaaz Re
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal
Starring: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha

Dagabaaz re,
haye dagabaaz re
Tore naina bade dagabaaz re

yeah, deceivers,
Your eyes are big time cheats, deceivers..

Ho tore naina haye
Naina naina naina haye
Dagabaaz re
haye dagabaaz re
Tore naina bade dagabaz re

Kal mile
haan kal mile
kal mile ee hum ka bhool gaye aaj re
Daga baaz re haye daghabaaz re
Tore naina bade dagaabaaz re

They met (mine) yesterday,
[prov: we fell in love yesterday]
they met mine yesterday and forgot (me) today..
Your eyes are big deceivers..

Kaahe khafa aise chulbul se bulbul
Kaahe na tu maane batiyaan haye
Kaahe pada peechhe jaane de bairi
main jaanoon kya tori ghatiya haye
Zindagi apni hum toka daan dayi de
Muskura ke jo maange praan dayi de

Why is the nightingale angry with Chulbul (his name),
why don't you listen to me?
Why are you behind me, leave, O enemy,
what do I know what's happening with you..
I'll give my life away to you..
If you ask with a smile, I'll give my life..

Kal mile
haan kal mile
Haye kal mile ee hum ka bhool gaye aaj re
Haye dagabaaz re haye dagabaaz re
Tore naina bada dagabaaz re
Dagabaaz dagabaaz dagabaaz re
Tore naina bade dagabaaz re

Darta jahaan humse hum tose darte
ee sab jaane mori raniya
maska lagao na chhodo ji chhodo
sab samajhti hai tori dhaniya
is adaa pe to hum kurbaan gaye ji
tohri na-na mein haami hai jaan gaye ji

The world fears me and I fear you,
everyone knows that O my queen..
Don't flatter me, leave me,
your darling gets it all..
I am sacrificed on this style of yours..
I got to know that there is yes in your nos..

Kal mile
haan kal mile
Haye kal mile ee hum ka bhool gaye aaj re
Haye dagabaaz re haye dagabaaz re
Tore naina bada dagabaaz re
Dagabaaz dagabaaz dagabaaz re
Tore naina bade dagabaaz re

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Visaal Meaning

Visaal is an Urdu word which means meeting, union; as in union of the hero and the heroine.

Visaal is also an album by Gulzar and Ghulam Ali.

Long Drive Pe Chal Lyrics Translation (Khiladi 786, Mika)

Movie: Khiladi 786
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Singer: Mika Singh

Party sharty karenge,
Party sharty karenge, karenge aaj tere naal
Dynamite teri-meri jodi soniye
Ghodi chadhke ni aaya main
Gaddi soni-soni laaya main

We'll have some part etc,
have some party etc with you,
you n me, this couple is dynamite O dear..
I haven't come on the mare,
I have brought a beautiful car..

Long drive pe chal chal chal..
Long drive pe chal mere naal soniye
Ni mere naal soniye

Fire Brigade Mangwa de/ O Balma Lyrics Translation (Khiladi 786)

Movie: Khiladi 786
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Singer: Sreeram, Shreya Ghoshal

Fire brigade mangwa de tu
Angaaron par hai armaan
o balma, o balma..

Get the fire brigade here,
My desires are on fire..
O my beloved..

Tera rasta dekh rahi hoon
Sigadi pe dil sek rahi hoon
Aa pardesi more balma
O balma..

I'm waiting for you,
and burning my heart on coal,
Come O my Beloved..
O beloved..

Saari Sari Raat Soye Na Hum Lyrics Translation (Khiladi 786)

Movie: Khiladi 786
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya

Jo tainu vekhiyan, saansein gayin tham
Saari sari raat soye na hum
Saari sari raat soye na hum

When I saw you, my breaths stopped,
complete nights, I didn't sleep,
complete nights, I didn't sleep..

Palkaan di chhaavan, thandi hawaavan
Main maangoon duaavan...
Oh rabba ve..

Lillah/ Alhamdulillah/ Shukran Allah Meanings

Lillah literally means 'To/For God'.

It is rarely used alone, and mostly used as Alhamdulillah, an Arabic phrase which means 'Praise to God'.

Hence the lines Shukran Allah, Alhamdulillah would mean Thanks to God, Praise be to God.

Furkat/ Furqat Meaning

Furqat (or Furkat) [फुरक़त, فرقت] is an Urdu word which means Separation.

Furqat is also used as shab-e-furqat in some popular poems which means night of separation as shab is night.

Lonely/ O Bawariya Lyrics Translation (Khiladi 786)

Movie: Khiladi 786
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Hamsika Iyer

Tujh se door hoon main bhi majboor
Dil ko sataaye teri ankhiyon ka noor
Baat ye sachchi aaj tujhko bataaun
Mujhe samajh ni aata kaise dooriyaan mitaun
Bas tere liye main ye geet likhta jaaun
Din raat hi main inhe gungunaun
Phone me photu dekhoon teri baar-baari
Jee karda main aa jawaan maar ke udaari

Away from you, I'm helpless too..
The light of your eyes troubles my heart..
This true thing I'll tell you today,
I don't understand how to remove these distances..
I'll just keep writing these songs for you..
Day and night I hum these only..
I'll see your photo in phone again and again..
My heart says I should fly and come there..
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