Ab jo galat tha wo bhi Sahi hai/ Ye Jo Halki Khumariyan Lyrics Translation

Movie: Son of Sardaar
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Starcast : Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt

Yeh jo halki halki khumariyaan
Hain ye mohabbaton ki taiyaariyan

These light intoxications that are there,
they're the preparations for love..

Kaise kahoon kaise bhala
Roke tu mujh ko gunahon se
Peeta jaaoon main toh yaara
Teri in behki nigaahon se haye
Teri in mehki nigaahon se
Ab jo galat tha wo bhi sahi hai
Behosh bhi hoon, Pee bhi nahin hai

how do I say you should stop me
from committing sins..
I keep drinking from your intoxicated eyes
from your fragrant eyes..
now, whatever even was wrong, is right..
I am drunk, and I haven't drunk either..

Yeh jo halki halki khumariyaan
Hain mohabbaton ki tayaariyan

Chhupte chhupate jhoome, zulfein labon ko choome
Uff! karein shaitaniyaan,
sar pe chadhaya inhe, itna banaya inhe,
Uff! hui deewaniyaan
Mujhpe yoon hansti hain
Yeh zulfein kyun meri tarah masti hain

in hiding they dance, (your) hair kiss (my) lips,
ah! they do mischieves..
I've made them sit on my head, I made them so important,
ah! they have become mad..
they laugh at me..
why are these hair hahving fun like me..

Ab jo galat tha wo bhi sahi hai
Behosh bhi hoon, Pee bhi nahin hai
Yeh jo halki halki khumariyaan
Hain mohabbaton ki tayyariyaan
Hain mohabbaton ki taiyariyaan
Yeh jo halki halki khumariyan

Meri zindagi ke badle, Mujhe ek shaam de de
Jo kisi ko na diya ho, Mujhe wo inaam de de
Teri aarzoo karoon main
Tere khwaab main sajaaun
Hote jo bhi aashiqui ke
Mujhe saare kaam de de
saare kaamon ka, hai ye harjana
Pilana paimana, aankhon aankhon mein
Jo maine socha yeh, Jo maine chaha yeh
Chala jaaye na koi door na re na re na

Give me an evening in exchange for my life,
give me that prize that you haven't given anyone else..
I wish for you..
I dream of you..
give me all the works,
that a lover gets to do..
of all the works, this is the payment,
make me have a drink with your eyes only..
What I thought, what I wanted,
shouldn't go away..

Ab jo ghalat tha wo bhi sahi hai
Behosh bhi hoon, pee bhi nahin hai
Yeh jo halki halki khumariyaan
Hai mohabbaton ki taiyariyan

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Ankit sarraf said...

Nic song by rahat sir

Ankit sarraf said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice words..meaningfull

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