Dhagala Lagli Meaning | Dream Girl

Here I'm talking about the main one line that is there in the Dream Girl version of the song.

In short, the meaning is: The clouds have parted, and water is leaking drop by drop.

Going in more detail (of the same line), the line is:

ढगाला लागली कळ पाणी थेंब थेंब गळ
Dhagala laagli kaaLa, paaNi themb themb gaLa

It's a little easier to understand if you can read Devanagari (Hindi script). In case you're unfamiliar with the letter ळ, it's something between ल and ड़, sort of. You can listen to it carefully in the song.

Here ढग (Dhaga) is cloud, and the first part means "it's started coming out of the cloud" or 'the clouds have parted'.

In the second part, पाणी (paaNi) is of course water, and themb themb is drop by drop. Thus the line means, water is leaking drop by drop.

So the entire line goes, The clouds have parted, and water is leaking drop by drop. The line apparently is quite double meaning, if you know what I mean.

Hai Ishq Mera Sarphira Fasana | Heeriye — Happy Hardy and Heer

Movie: Happy Hardy and Heer
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Vishal Mishra
Singers: Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Label: Tips Music

Saand ki Aankh Meaning | साँड़ की आँख / सांड की आँख

Saand is Hindi for Bull and Aankh is eye, so 'saanD ki aankh' (साँड़ की आँख, though often spoken as सांड की आँख) literally translates to Bull's eye.

Though, interestingly, the phrase sounds very close to bhains ki aankh [literally, buffalo's eye], which is a slang to express surprise.

Not really sure of this, though some of the sources suggest that the phrase bhains ki aankh also originates from bull's eye, despite not being an exact translation.

Bhains ki Aankh is the title of an Anurag Kashyap film directed by Tushar Hiranandani, which was earlier supposed to be titled womaniya, which is nothing but a very localised version for 'woman'.

Chhichhore Meaning | छिछोरे

Chhichhora (also spelled as chichora, Devanagari:छिछोरा) is Hindi for shallow, superficial, worthless. It's often used for vagrant boys who do nothing but wander around, troubling people.

Chhichhore (again, also spelled as chichore often, Devanagari:छिछोरे) is plural for chhichhora, and hence means more than one such vagrant boys, or a group of them.

Khandaani Shafakhana Meaning | ख़ानदानी शफ़ाख़ाना

Shafakhana [also spelled as shafakhana, shafaakhaanaa, shafaakhaana etc., Devanagari:शफ़ाख़ाना] is an Urdu word which comes from shafaa (शफ़ा), recovery, and khaanaa (ख़ाना), a place, thus making shafakhana, meaning a place for recovery, i.e. a hospital, or a clinic. This khaanaa is pronounced with the kh- from the epiglottis, as opposed to खाना which means food.

However, these days, the word Shafakhana in India is often limited to clinics of certain kind, where taboo issues, mainly those related to sex, are claimed to be resolved.

Khaandaani [again, spelled as khandani, khandaani etc. as well, Devanagari:ख़ानदानी, is a common Urdu word, well-known in the Hindi belt as well, and means belonging to a family, familial. It's also used for belonging to a respected family.

Khandaani Shafakhana, thus, means a familial clinic or a hospital, but mostly likely one which is not much reliable, and may have a quack instead of a doctor.

Bekhayaali / Bekhayali Meaning

Khayaal is a common Urdu word which means a thought. When we add the prefix be- (or bay-, sounding like English 'bay') to it, it becomes the opposite, that is 'without a thought'.

Bekhayaali or bekhayali is nothing but that state, where there is no thought on your mind, where you are not thinking of anything.

Thus, the line 'Bekhayali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye' means that even in the state when there are no thoughts with me, when I'm not thinking of anything, your thoughts are with me, I find myself thinking about you only.

The translation for the entire song from Kabir Singh can be found at bollymeaning.com/2019/05/bekhayali-meni-bhi-tera-lyrics.html.

Kaise Hua Lyrics Translation | Kabir Singh

Movie: Kabir Singh
Music: Vishal Mishra
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Vishal Mishra
Label: T-Series

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