Ratta Maar Meaning

Ratta maarna is basically mugging up something. It's an essential activity of almost entire schooling system in India, and in fact is required in most colleges as well. Student of The Year's song Ratta maar seems to be trying to take the benefit of the same while talking about what every student considers a major problem.

The words Ratta maar, zor se, literally mean mug up, with (all your) might.

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Vella - Velle - Vela - Vele Meaning

Vela or vella is used for a person who is free, jobless, who's just roaming around. The word is mostly used in lighter sense, as in, it's not exactly a replacement for unemployed.

Vele or Velle is plural for Vella.

The meaning for the line Assi vele, sab vele, aa vela ho ja re from Student Of The Year would be "we're free, all are free, come (with us), be free." And 'Sanu velle kende, saanu kee' would be "They call us jobless, how does it matter to us."

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Ishq Wala Love: Meaning of the Confusing Lyrics/ Words of SOTY

When you try to translate the words Ishq wala love for the first it looks crazy and idiotic, because the simple translation of the phrase would be 'love that's about love.'

However, when you see the words around it and give a little more attention to what the lyricist of 'Student Of The Year' is trying to explain, it gets a little more meaningful.

Basically by ishq wala love, the meaning is love that is serious, something that is not an infatuation, something that would not die in a few days, a love that will be there forever, a love that is about love. Ishq wala love.

Hope it makes a little more sense now.

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Mayassar Meaning

Mayassar (मयस्सर) is an Urdu word meaning available.

'Mayassar karna', hence, is to make something available. And so the line, "use mayassar kar bhi aao, wo jo dabi si aas baaki hai" means go make it available (to yourself), as in, go get it for yourself, that suppressed wish that still remains there.

Poster ke Jungle mein, Main Heroine Hoon Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Heroine
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma

Poster ke, jungle mein
Glamor ke daldal mein
Roshni ki hulchul mein
Gossip mein, scandal mein
Har dil mein basti hoon
Main heroine hoon..

In the jungle of posters,
in the quicksand of glamour,
in the bustling of light,
in gossip, in scandal,
I live in every heart,
I am Heroine.

Jeena marna ye aaina
Khud ko bhi to na pehchaana
Naqab banke mera dasna
Main khiladi hoon ya khilona
Kabhi teekhi, kabhi namkeen hoon
Main heroine hoon..

Why is the movie called Barfi?

Have you heard of Murphy Radio? Seen that cute kid they used for advertising? If not, here is a picture of the kid.

So, this Radio used to be quite famous for decades in India, and the baby, just like Parle n Amul ones, was a symbol that could be identified by almost anyone.

Here, in the story of the Barfi!, Ranbeer Kapoor's mother wanted a kid like the murphy kid, and hence decided to name him Murphy. And even though she died early, probably in childbirth, the kid was named Murphy.

However, since Ranbeer is mute n deaf, he cannot say Murphy, but in the way mute people speak, is able to say what sounds like 'Barfi!', and hence the name of the movie.

Baawre/ Kyun na hum tum Lyrics, Translation (Barfi)

Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra
Singers: Papon, Sunidhi Chauhan

kyon, na hum tum
chalein tedhe-medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
chal, bhatak le na baawre
kyun na hum tum
kiye jake almast pehchaani raahon ke pare,
chal, bhatak le na baawre
in, timtimati nigaahon mein
in, chamchamati adaaon mein
luke hue, chhupe hue,
hain kya khayaal baawre..

why not you n me,
walk barefooted on the curvy paths
come, let's wander, oh mad one..
why not you n me,
go madly beyond the known paths,
come, let's wander, oh mad one..
In these sparkling eyes,
in these shining styles,
hidden somewhere,
are which thoughts, o mad one?

Saawli si Raat ho: Lyrics, Translation (Barfi!)

Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Arijit Singh

Saawli si raat ho
khamoshi ka saath ho,
bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri
neend jab ho laapata, udasiyan zara hata
khwabon ki razai mein, raat ho teri meri..

there be a slightly dark complexioned night,
and there be closeness of silence,
without saying, without hearing, there be talk between us..
when the night is lost, remove the sadness,
may there be a night of yours n mine in the blanket of dreams..

jhilmil taaron si aankhein teri
khar khar paani ki jheelen bhare
hardam yoon hi tu hansti rahe
har pal hai dil mein khwahishen
khamoshi ki loriyaan, sun to raat so gayi

Aashiyan/ Itti si Khushi Lyrics, Translation (Barfi)

Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Nickhil Paul George

itti si hansi
itti si khushi
itta sa tukda chand ka
khwab ke tinkon se
chal banayen aashiyaan

just a little smile,
just a little happiness,
just a small piece of moon,
with the straws of dreams,
let's make a home..

dabe dabe paaon se
aaye haul haule zindagi
hothon pe puppy chadha ke
hum taale laga ke chal
gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaayen
aadhi aadhi baatein ye
aaja dil ki ye zameen
thoda sa tera sa hoga
thoda mera bhi hoga apna ye aashiyaan

with suppressed-silent steps
life comes in slowly,
putting a kiss on the lips,
and locking them, come,
let's sing the silent songs in a low voice..
let's divide this earth of heart
into two halves,
and it'll be a little yours, n a little mine too,
this dream home of ours..

itti si hansi
itti si khushi
itta sa tukda chand ka
khwab ke tinkon se
chal banayen aashiyan

na ho chaar deewarein,
phir bhi jharokhe khule,
baadalon ke hothon pe
shaakhein hare pankhe jhalen

na ho koi takraaren,
are masti thahaake chalein,
pyaar ke sikkon se mahine ka kharcha chale..

there shouldn't be four walls,
but the windows still be open,
there should be clouds covering,
and the green branches be fanning us..

There shouldn't be any fights,
fun and laughter goes on,
the month's rations come with the coins of love..

itti si hansi
itti si khushi
itta sa tukda chand ka
khwab ke tinkon se
chal banayen ashiyaan

Wo jo ruki si/ Phir le aaya dil: Lyrics, Translation (Barfi)

Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Singer: Arijit Singh/ Rekha Bharadwaj / Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan
Label: Sony Music

O Ri Duniya (Gulaal): Lyrics, Translation, Meanings

Movie: Gulaal
Music, Lyrics, Singer: Piyush Mishra

O Ri Duniya is a masterpiece by Piyush Mishra that he dedicates to the inspiration for the song, Sahir Ludhiyanvi's Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye to Kya Hai from Pyaasa.

The song, no less than the original in my view, was a real tough one to translate, and while I have kept the translations mostly literal, I've also tried to give small explanations where I felt they were required. However, due to the complex nature of song, there might still be better translations for some lines despite my best efforts. Any such suggestions to make this work better will be welcomed.

O ri duniya
o ri duniyaa
aye o ri duniya
aye Surmayee aankhon ke Pyaalo ki duniya o duniya
Surmayee aankhon ke Pyaalo ki duniya o duniya
Satrangi rangon Gulaalon ki duniya o duniya
Satrangee rango Gulalon ki duniya o duniya

O world,
O dear world,
O world of cups of kohl-lined eyes (from which one can drink),
O world of rainbow-colored colors and Gulaals..

alsaayi Sejon ke Phoolon ki duniya o duniya re
angdaayi tode kabootar ki duniya o duniya re
aye karwat Le Soyi haqeeqat ki duniya o duniya
deewani hoti tabiyat ki duniya o duniya
khwahish mein Lipti Zaroorat ki duniya o duniya re
hey Insaan ke Sapno ki Neeyat ki duniya o duniya
o ri duniya o ri duniya..
o ri duniya o ri duniya..
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai

it's a world of flowers decorating sleepy beds (for the wedding night),
it's a world of lazy-stretching pigeon..
it's a world of truth sleeping (calmly) by its side,
and a world of a temperament going mad..
it's a world of needs wrapped with wishes,
it's a world of humans' dreams and their intentions..
World, o world,
what's there (to celebrate) even if one gets this world..
what's there even if one gets this world..
what's there.. (there is nothing in this world that is worth)..

Teri Meri Love Stories: Lyrics, Translation (Star Plus)

Show: Teri Meri Love Stories (Star Plus)
Singers: Mahalaxmi Iyer, Leon D'Souza

Kahin dabi-dabi si
Kahin chhipi-chhipi si thi
Teri meri love stories

suppressed somewhere,
hidden somewhere,
were your n my love stories..

Kabhi barishon mein bheegi
Toh mehek uthi teri meri love stories

sometimes drenched in rains,
and became fragrant, our love stories..

Kabhi tum aage chal diye
Hum peechhe reh gaye
Kadmon ke woh nishaan
Leheron mein beh gaye

Night ki Naughty Kahani ye Halkat Jawani: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Heroine
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Aaja zara sarak le
Gir le zara behak le
Saiyaan zara chhalak le
Aa ke mose lipat le
Tedha zeher hai ye isse na kar chhedkhani
Night ki naughty kahani
Ye Halkat Jawani
Meetha ye namkeen paani
Ye Halkat Jawani
Night ki naughty kahaani
Ye Halkat Jawani

Come move a bit,
fall a bit, get tipsy,
O dear, spill a little,
come, cling on to me,
This is a tricky poison, don't play around with it,
the naughty story of the night,
this careless youth..
This salt water is sweet,
this mean youth..
the naughty story of the night,
this careless youth..

Jugnu Banke Tu, Jagmaga Jahan: Lyrics, Translation (Joker)

Movie: Joker
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Shirish Kunder
Singer: Udit Narayan

Jugnu banke tu, jagmaga jahan
Hey aaha aha, aha aha
Aag se apni aag se
Na khud ko jala
Na khud ko mita
Tu roshan kar aa
Jugnoo banke tu, jagmaga jahaan

Be a firefly and twinkle the earth,
hey aha aha,
with fire, with your fire,
don't burn yourself,
don't end yourself,
go, light up (the world)
be a firefly and make the world shine..

Ye joker Aisa Punter: Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Joker
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Shirish Kunder
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shweta Pandit

Panga na le saale danga milega
Danga naa kar saale jang chhidega

Don't fight with me, you'll be in trouble,
don't fall in trouble with me, there'll be a war..

Yeh joker aisa punter
Jo khele baazi khud par
Hum bhi iss gaddi ke patte
Par apna na koi rang
Haath aaye hum jab kisi ke
Baazi ussi ki buland

Rafta Rafta ho gayi tu hi meri (Raaz 3) Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Sanjay Masoom
Singer: KK
Star cast: Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Bipasha Basu

Rafta rafta ho gayi, tu hi meri zindagi
Rafta rafta ho gayi, chaaron taraf roshani
Sajde mein tere sar hai
thoda sa dil mein darr hai
Kaise karoon main bayaan
Jaanu na, Jaanu na, Jaanu na
Rafta rafta ho gayi..

Slowly slowly you have become my life
Slowly slowly it has become lightening everywhere
My head is submission to you
There is a bit fear in the heart
How to tell you
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
Slowly slowly you have become..

Chaahe deedar tera nazre jhukein bhi
Mere kadam chalna chahe rukein bhi
Lab bhi kuch kehna chahe
Lekin gum hai sab batein
Gum sum si bhi hai zubaan

The eyes want to see you, they bow too
My feet want to walk, they stops too
Lips want to say something too
But all the things are silent
The tongue is also silent

Rafta rafta ho gayi tu hi meri zindagi..

Mera wajood ab tu mujh mein hai shamil
Sohbat mein teri mujhe sab kuch hasil
Phir kyoon lagta hai aisa
Jaise main hoon bekhud sa
Dhoondhoon main khud ko kahan

You are my identity, you are now present in me
I achieve everything being close to you,
Then why do I feel so
As if I have become unaware of myself
Where to find myself?

Rafta rafta ho gayi Tu hi meri zindgi..

is dil ka kya karoon main kya karun (Barfi) Lyrics, Translation

Song: Main Kya Karoon
Movie: Barfi!
Music: Pritam
Singer: Nikhil Paul George
Star cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ileana Cruz

Dil ye mera bas mein nahin
Pehle kabhi aisa hota tha nahin..
Tu hi bata
Is dil ka main, ab kya karoon
Kehne pe chalta nahi
Kuchh dino se
meri bhi sunta nahin
Tu hi bata
Is dil ka main,
ufff ab main kya karoon
main kya karoon, main kya karoon..
is dil ka kya karoon, main kya karoon
main kya karoon..

My heart is not in my control
It has never been like this before
You only tell
What to do with this heart..
It does not obey me
It's not even listening to me for some days
You only tell
What to do with this heart
with this heart,
what to do, hey what to do..

Oh My Love (Raaz 3) : Lyrics, English Translation, Meaning

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Sanjay Masoom
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal

You and me together
Make it all seem right

Tera sath mil gaya
Ye jahan khil gaya
Tujhse vasta hua
Har pal hai naya naya
Meri rahein tu
Chahein tu, tu dua
Oh my love
Tu hi hai sukoon
Tu hi to karaar hai mera
Oh my love, be my love
Tu hi to karaar hai mera
Oh my love

I got your support
This world blossomed
I came in relation with you
Every moment seems new
You are my path
my desires, my prayer
Oh my love
You are the only peace
You are the one to whom I agree
Oh my love, be my love
You are the one to whom I agree
Oh my love

You and me together
Make it all seem right

Khaali khaali din the
Khaali khaali raatein
Khaali thi ye zindagi
Mehki mehki si hoon
Behki behki si hoon
Lamhe hue sharbati

The days were all empty
The nights were all empty
This life was empty
I am smelling good (now)
I am swaying
The moments became sweet like syrup

Mujhko aasra mila
Mera tu jo ho gaya
Poori mannataein huin
Mujhko to khuda mila
Meri raahein tu
Chaahein tu, tu dua..

I got shelter
As you have become mine
The wishes are fulfilled
I got God
You are my path
my desires, my prayer..

Ruki ruki si thi
Thami thami si thi
Dil mein ye dhadkane
Jagi jagi si hai
Shaamon sehar ab to
Jismon mein khwahishein

Approximately stopped,
Approximately stayed,
these heartbeats in the heart.
The evenings and mornings
are now awakened
There are wishes in the body

Mujhko aasra mila..

Kya Raaz Hai/ Marhaba (Raaz 3 Title) : Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Zubeen Garg, Shreya Ghoshal

Marhaba marhaba marhaba..

Welcome welcome welcome..

Main rubaroo hoon, aazmaa
Ki aks meri dastaan ke
Chha gaye sabki nigaahon mein
Mutthi mein hai sara jahan ye
Maine jo chaha yahanpe
Aa gaya meri panahon mein

I am aware, you can try
that the reflection of my story
have spread over everybody's eyes
I have whole the world in my fist
Whatever I wanted here
Came into my shelter

Ye shohraton ke naach hain
Ye dolatein jo aaj hain
Sab kuch yahan ek raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Khudpe mujhe jo naaz hai
Ye jo naya andaaz hai
Sab kuch yahan ek raaz hai
Haan raaz hai

These are the dances of fame
The money which exist today
everyhing present here is a mystery
Yes, everything is a mystery
The proud I have on me
This new style
Everything present here is a mystery
Yes, everything is a mystery

Marhaba marhaba marhaba..

Morey saiyaan saiyan
Morey saiyan
Kaahe chhodi mori baiyaan
Mori baiyan
More saiyaan
Saiyaan saiyaan

My beloved, beloved
My beloved
Why did you leave my hand?
My hand
My beloved
Beloved, beloved

Kaise modpe laaya mujhko mera faisla
Haath se manzil, pairon se chhoota hai rasta
Meri khataon ki maine ab paayi hai sazaa
Aage ab kya mera hashra ho jaane wo khuda

On which turn has my decision brought me?
I have lost the destination from my hands, the way from the feet
Now, I have got the punishment of my sins
God knows what my state will be in future


Ye raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Kya raaz hai

This is a mystery
Yes, this is a mystery
What is the mystery..

Deewana Kar Raha Hai Tera Roop Sunehra Lyrics Translation | Raaz 3

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Rashid Khan*
Lyrics: Rashid Khan*
Singer: Javed Ali
Label: T-Series

Matwaala/ Matwala Meaning

Matwala literally is Hindi for someone who is drunk, inebriated. But more than that, the word is used in a transferred sense, for someone who is a free spirit, someone who doesn't care a lot for things and does what s/he wishes to.

Aala Ala Matwala Barfi Lyrics Translation (Barfi! Title song)

After Shirin Farhad ki to nikal padi, Mohit Chauhan once again does a lot of onomatopoeia singing, with all the gudgud and budbud sounds, of diving, sinking, bubbles, etc. We've tried to put the best meaning for such phrases, however, since they cannot be exactly translated, and in some places have no meaning at all, some words could be missing the meaning/translation.

Movie: Barfi!
Music Director: Pritam
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Starcast: Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ileana D'Cruz

oo ae..
Aankhon hi aankhon mein kare batein
gupchup gupchup gupchup hoi, fus fus fus fus
oway.. Khwaabon ki nadi mein khaaye gote
gud gud gud ho, bud bud bud

He talks in eyes only
silently, whispering..
He dives in the river of dreams
(sounds of diving/sinking/bubbles)

Ala ala matwala barfi
Paanv pada mota chhala barfee
Raaton ka hai ye ujaala barfee
Ghumsum ghumsum hi machae ye to uttpaat
Khur khur khur khur khurafati kare non-stop

the mellow Barfi has come..
Barfi is a blister in the foot
Barfii is the light of nights
being silent only, he is upto mischieves
mischievous, he does that non-stop.

Khur khur khur khur, bud bud bud bud
Gud gud gud gud gud maula isise bachai le

.... Oh God, save me from him

hey.. aankhon hi aankhon mein kare batein..
Khwaabon ki nadi mein khaye gote..

Kabhi na rukta re
Kabhi na thamta re
Gham jo dikha use
Khushiyon ki thokar mare

He never stops
He never stays
Whenever he sees sorrow
he kicks it with happiness

Palko ki harmuniya
Naino ki ga re sa re
Dhadkan ki rhythm pe ye
Gaata jaaye gaane pyare

The harmonium of his eyelids (which keep going up and down all the time like a harmonium's air-filler)
He, on the rhythm of heartbeats
keeps on singing lovely songs

Bhola na shamjho ye
chaalu khiladi hai bada bada
Sooraj ye bujha dega
Maarega phoonk aesi
chowk talaiyya pipal chhaiyya
Har kooche ki aisi taisi

Don't consider him innocent
He is a very clever player
He will extinguish the sun
such a blow he will give
in the yard, the pond, under the Peepal tree,
He leaves no street..

Ankhon hi ankhon mein kare baatein
Khwabon ki nadi mein khaaye gotay..

Barfi jo Amma Ji ki kokh mein tha soya
Amma ne marfi ka radio mangaya
Marfi munna jaisa lalla, Amma ka tha sapna
Munna jab haule haule, duniya mein aaya
Baba ne Ceylon wala station lagaya

Barfi was sleeping in mother's womb,
The mother ordered the radio of Murphy
The Murphy kid was mother's dream child
When the child came in this world slowly
The father set the station of Ceylon

Radio on hua
Amma off hui
Toota har sapna
Munna mute hi aansu bahae
Munna jhunjhuna sun bhi na paaye
jhun jhun jhun jhun jhun..

The radio was switched on
The mother got turned off (she died)
Every dream ended
The child sheds tears mute only
The child cannot listen to the rattling toy
(rattling sounds)

Ala ala matwala barfi..

Khayalon mein bhi (Raaz 3) Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Rashid Khan
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Khayalon mein bhi.. (tum) Hai khaabon mein bhi (tum)
Koi aane laga (tum), Hai yadon mein bhi (tum)
Ae dil mere mehsoos kar in ahaton ko
Dhadkan ne jo seene mein lee, un karwaton ko
Aye Khuda, Aye Khuda
Main hui mujh se juda

In the thoughts too (you), in the dreams too (you)
Someone is coming (you), in the memories too (you)
O my heart feel these sounds
those turns that the heartbeat took inside the chest,
O god, o god,
I am away from myself..

Khayalon mein bhi.. Hai khwabon mein bhi
Koi aane laga, Hai yadon mein bhi

Deewane Hoke Hum Milne Lage Sanam (Jaan) : Lyrics, Translation

Album: Jaan
Singer: Sonu Nigam

deewane hoke hum milne lage sanam
jabse jude hain silsile
aankhon se rooth kar neendein chali gayee,
na jane kaise gul khile
na jaane kaise pyaar hua,
na jaane kab iqraar hua
ke apni baat ban gayi
deewane ho ke ham milne lage sanam,
jabse jude hain silsile

being mad, we started meeting, o love,
since this series of love has begun..
sleep went away, being angry with the eyes,
how this love of ours blossomed..
don't know how love happened,
don't know when agreement took place,
that our things went right..
being mad, we started meeting, o love,
since this series of love has begun..
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