Kya Raaz Hai/ Marhaba (Raaz 3 Title) : Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Raaz 3
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Zubeen Garg, Shreya Ghoshal

Marhaba marhaba marhaba..

Welcome welcome welcome..

Main rubaroo hoon, aazmaa
Ki aks meri dastaan ke
Chha gaye sabki nigaahon mein
Mutthi mein hai sara jahan ye
Maine jo chaha yahanpe
Aa gaya meri panahon mein

I am aware, you can try
that the reflection of my story
have spread over everybody's eyes
I have whole the world in my fist
Whatever I wanted here
Came into my shelter

Ye shohraton ke naach hain
Ye dolatein jo aaj hain
Sab kuch yahan ek raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Khudpe mujhe jo naaz hai
Ye jo naya andaaz hai
Sab kuch yahan ek raaz hai
Haan raaz hai

These are the dances of fame
The money which exist today
everyhing present here is a mystery
Yes, everything is a mystery
The proud I have on me
This new style
Everything present here is a mystery
Yes, everything is a mystery

Marhaba marhaba marhaba..

Morey saiyaan saiyan
Morey saiyan
Kaahe chhodi mori baiyaan
Mori baiyan
More saiyaan
Saiyaan saiyaan

My beloved, beloved
My beloved
Why did you leave my hand?
My hand
My beloved
Beloved, beloved

Kaise modpe laaya mujhko mera faisla
Haath se manzil, pairon se chhoota hai rasta
Meri khataon ki maine ab paayi hai sazaa
Aage ab kya mera hashra ho jaane wo khuda

On which turn has my decision brought me?
I have lost the destination from my hands, the way from the feet
Now, I have got the punishment of my sins
God knows what my state will be in future


Ye raaz hai
Haan raaz hai
Kya raaz hai

This is a mystery
Yes, this is a mystery
What is the mystery..


Unknown said...

nice song.. like itt!!

Anonymous said...

good work and congratulations

Anonymous said...

yh luv it too xxxxxxxxxxxx

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