Poster ke Jungle mein, Main Heroine Hoon Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Heroine
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Sanjay Chhel
Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma
Label: Sony Music

Poster ke, jungle mein
Glamor ke daldal mein
Roshni ki hulchul mein
Gossip mein, scandal mein
Har dil mein basti hoon
Main heroine hoon..

In the jungle of posters,
in the quicksand of glamour,
in the bustling of light,
in gossip, in scandal,
I live in every heart,
I am Heroine.

Jeena marna ye aaina
Khud ko bhi to na pehchaana
Naqab banke mera dasna
Main khiladi hoon ya khilona
Kabhi teekhi, kabhi namkeen hoon
Main heroine hoon..

This mirror is life n death,
I don't even identify my own self,
my biting (is) with a facemask,
Am I a player or a toy?
I'm sometimes spicy, sometimes salty,
I'm the heroine.

Link up mein, break-up mein
Girgit se makeup mein
Bistar ki silwat mein
Kahaani ki karwat mein
Tanha main rehti hoon
Main heroine hoon..

In link ups, in break ups,
in makeup like a chameleon
in the crease of bed,
In the turn of story,
I live alone,
I am the heroine..

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