SOS/ Son of Sardaar Title song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Son of Sardaar
Music and Singer: Himesh Reshammiya

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein yeh sawaal aata hai!
Ki agar duniya mein sardaar nahin hote to kya hota?

At times, it comes to my mind,
what would happen if there were no Sardars in the world?

Jiska Rab hai pehredar
Panther si jiski raftaar
Lagaye chaand pe jo darbaar
Son os sardar, Son of sardar
Jiski chhaati hai damdaar
MC BC me bhi pyaar
Emotion action ka bhandaar
Son of Sardar, son of Sardar

The one whose guard is God,
whose speed is like a panther,
Who keeps a darbaar on the moon,
that is Son of Sardar..
The one whose chest is powerful,
who may talk abusively and still make you feel loved,
who is full of action as well as deep emotions..
that is son of sardaar..

Oh Ranjhe asli license wale
Gabru mann se hain matwale
Original zinda dil dilwale
Forever party ko taiyaar
Chilled patiala bhar maar
Hai raunak har mehfil ki yaar
Son of Sardar, son of Sardar

They're real, licensed lovers,
they're bravehearts, and moody at heart,
Original owners of lively hearts,
always ready for a party,
loves a chilled patiala peg,
and is the life of every gathering..
that's son of sardaar..

Jeena koi in se seekhe yaaron
Masti bhi in pe marti hai
Peena pilana in ki ada hai
Tanhaai in se darti hai
Bade dildar hain, bijli ke taar hain
Ultimate sarphire, yaaron ke yaar hain
Khuddar hain
Inka yehi kirdaar hai

one should learn how to live from them, o friends,
even fun itself is their fan,
drinking and make others drink is their style,
loneliness is afraid of them..
they're big givers, they're (so energetic as) electric wires,
they're ultimate mads, friends of friends..
they're self-believers,
that's their characteristic..

Forever party ko tayyaar
Chilled patiala bhar maar
Hai raunak har mehfil ki yaar
Son of Sardar, son of Sardar

Sorry yaar duniya bekaar
Bina son of Sardaar

Sorry dear, this world is useless
without son of sardaar..

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