Mere Nishan Hain Kahan Lyrics Translation (Oh My God)

Mere Nishaan Hain Kahaan is a wonderful interpretation of this world, as it's taken from a creator's point of view instead of humans, who live here. It shows the surprise, the shock the creator of the world would have got when He entered the world which is nothing similar to what He created, or thought it would be like.

Deep lyrics by Kumaar, equally deep singing by Kailash Kher, and the surprise is, the song is a composition by Meet Bros. Congratulations to them for making THIS kind of music.

Main to nahin hoon insaano mein
Bikta hoon main toh in dukaano mein
Duniya banayi maine hathon se
Mitti se nahi jazbaaton se

I’m not in humans,
I’m sold in shops,
I made this world with my hands
not with earth, but with emotions..

fir raha hoon dhoondhta
Mere nishaan, hain kahaan

I’m roaming, searching
where are my signs..

Tera hi saaya ban ke
Tere saath chala main
Jab dhoop aayi tere sar pe
To chhanv bana main

Like your shadow
I walked with you
when the sun shone over your head,
I provided shade for you..

Mujhse bane hain ye panchhi
Ye behta paani
Le ke zameen se aasmaan tak
Meri hi kahani

I have made these birds
this flowing water
But from earth to sky,
it's all my story..

Tu bhi hai mujh se bana..
Baante mujhe kyun yahaan
Meri banayi taqdeeren hai
Saanson bhari yeh tasveeren hai
Phir bhi hai kyun bezubaan

You are made from me, too..
Why do you divide me here,
destinies are made by me
These images are filled with life
But why are they still speechless..


Anonymous said...

Wats the meaning ofMeri Nishan ehk kahan ???
Good job with other parts of the song but I think uve not translated the whole song.Please do it wen you get time.. :)

Himanshu said...

Hi, "Mere Nishan hain Kahan" has been translated above. It refers to "Where are my signs?"

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