Assi Velle Sab Velle (Student of the Year) : Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Student of the Year
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan, Vishal Dadlani
Singers: Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal Dadlani
Label: Sony Music

Assi velle, sab velle
Aa vella ho jaa rey

We are free, we all are free
Come, and you too be free

Motoro me dhinchick dhinchick, gedi-shedi mare
Fursato ko dhuan dhuan, karkey shaam udaa dey
Kar rahey badmashiya, bolein uncle-auntiya
Apni aisi yariya, duniyaa pe mitti paye

Motorcycles make the sound of 'Dhinchik dhinchik', we have fun
We will make a puff of the spare time to pass our time
We are making mischieves, uncle-aunties say so
We have such friendships, we will throw soil on the world

Saanu velle kehnde, saanu ki
Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki
Mera shining shining future saadda bright si
Saanu velle kehnde, saanu ki
Assi kehnde rehnde, saanu ki
Hoe mitraan de sang sab kuchh to alright si

People say that we are jobless, but how does it matter to us?
People keep saying this, but how does it matter to us?
Our shining future is bright enough
People say that we are jobless, but how does it matter to us?
People keep saying this, but how does it matter to us?
Everything is correct when friends are with us..

Tadi tadi apnee aisi hai
Ke tuk-tuk saare dekhengey
Badi badi aankhe kholengey
Ji wah-wah hamko bolengey
Yaar hai apne favour me
Ghoome hain phir to tevar me

Our personality is such that
everyone will see us attentively
They will open their big eyes
and will appriciate us
Our friends are in our favour
That's why we wander in attitude

Changi sariya apni yariyaa hain forever hoe
Botalon me peg-sheg daalo, karobaar banate
Vekhengey hum totta-shotta, peekey do patiyaale

All our relationships are forever
Fill bottle and make some pegs and let us make a business
We will see girls after drinking two patiyala pegs

Sanu velle kende sanu ki..

Dil me tope chaltee hain
Dhadkan gotte khaati hain
Vaarey nyarey hote hain
Jo hamse ankh lad jati hai
Karti hain kissi-vissi oye..
Kehti hain miss you miss you oyee..
Dil ko haartee, jaan saartee sab mutiyare hoye
Ladkiyon ke mede-tede gaddi tezz chalaakey
Karte hain hum hello bye bye poon-poon horn bajaake

Cannons are being shot in the heart
The heartbeats dive in water
Girls get what they want
when their eyes meet with ours
Girls kiss and
say us that they misses us
All the women lose their hearts, dedicate their lives
Girls have problem when we run the car fast
We say hello and bye by making huge sound of the horn

Sanu velle kende sanu ki..

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Rahul said...

Gedi means tafri not blinking eye

OFU said...

This is very nice song. i love the music n voice of the singer...

StrageMe said...

Omg !! Such a beautiful n sexy voice from vishal n shekhar...never heard such from them

Anonymous said...

Motoro me dhinchick dhinchick, gedi-shedi mare

This refers to cars (motor cars) and not motorcycles.

Sid B said...

jaan saartee is actually jaan nisaardi... meaning is same

Ladkiyon ke mede-tede is actually nede-tede... means we drive our cars / bikes close / close to girls

But thanks for putting up the lyrics :) Love the song!!!

Anonymous said...

lol.u got it messed up son. Its not mera shining, its keda shining. Means it aint like our future was shining bright anyway. I mean, say it urself, mera shining future sadda bright si, how does dat make sense?

furqan malik said...

I love this song & singers

Unknown said...

Gedi means ghumna..chakkar marna not tafri

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