Siske Naina/ Saiyyan/ Saiyaan Lyrics, Translation (Ishq in Paris)

Song: Saiyaan/ Saiyyan/ Sayyaan
Movie: Ishkq in Paris
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Music Director: Sajid-Wajid
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

siske-siske naina kis ke
Saawan bundiyaa dhal jaaye re
Lachke-machke baadal sach ke
Jiya kaahe ghabraaye re
saiyyaan naa ja re
Soona soona angana re saha na jaaye
Kaha bhi naa jaaye

sobbing are whose eyes
(where are) raindrops falling..
the clouds of truth twist and turn,
Why is the heart feeling nervous?
Oh my beloved, don't go
O Beloved..
Oh my beloved, don't go
I can't bear the silence in the courtyard
I am not able to say anything either..

siske-siske naina kis ke..

Maala-mala-mala, tori mala piya
Pyaala pyala pyala tora pyala piya (Yamak here in 'Piya')
Gori-gori ankhiyaan tori hui
Hui na khabar kab chori hui
Sab hosh gayaa.. chain gaya
Main haar gayi.. piyaa jeet gaya

Garland, your garland, o my beloved
(means she considers herself married to her beloved)
cup, O, cup, I drank your cup
(as in, she's addicted to him)
Oh my beloved..
The fair eyes became yours
I have no news when there was a theft
All the consciousness is gone, peace is gone
I lost, my beloved won..

Saiyyaan Saiyan Saiyyan Saiyya naa ja re

Jogee-jogi-jogi man lut gaya re
Ghut-ghut-ghut dum ghut gaya re
Saiyyan Saiyyyan Saiyyaan..
Joothee joothee saans koi kar gaya re
Jhoothee jhoothee aas koi bhar gaya re
Roothee payal, man ghaayal
jhar jhar jal saawan chhal-chhal-chhal-chhale
Saiyyan Saiyaan Saiyan Saiyaan naa ja re
Soonaa soonaa angnaa re sahaa naa jaaye
Kahaa bhi naa jaaye

my ascetic heart was robbed
slowly, all my life was taken away
Oh my beloved..
Someone tasted my breaths and left,
Someone gave me a false hope..
The anklet got angry, my heart is wounded
rains flow, and deceive me..
Oh my beloved, don't go
I can't bear the silence in the courtyard
I can't say anything either..

Saiyaan Saiyyan Saiyyaan Saiyan..

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