Lakeerein hain, to rehne do (Gulzar, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore)

For the directorial debut of theater artist and actor Vijay Raaz, Gulzar turns the mentor, and also recites a deep beautiful poem for the movie - Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore. Do watch the trailer too if you haven't.

Lakeerein hain, to rehne do
Kisi ne rooth kar gusse mein shaayad khainch di thi..
inhi ko ab banao paala,
aur aao, kabbadi khelte hain
Lakeeren hain, to rehne do..

Now that lines are there,
let them be there..
Someone must have drawn them when in anger,
now use them to divide the field into two halves
and come, let's play the game of kabaddi..
Now that the lines are there, let them be..

Here, Kabaddi is not just a game, but a symbol of say, semi-organised, team-provoked attacks we indulge into, as nations and their citizens, outside the wars too.

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Birth of a Song: Gulzar in conversation with Bhawana Somaaya at BLF 2013

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