Kaisi Ajeeb Daawat Hai Ye (Memories in March) Lyrics, Translation

This song from Memories in March is one of those simple, soothing tracks that most people love to listen to when free. In the movie, the song is in a very grave situation where a mother reaches his son's home after getting the news of his death. Other than the sadness, the lyrics express the awkwardness of the situation by symbolizing the person as an uninvited guest.

Movie: Memories in March
Music: Debojyoti Mishra
Lyrics: Rituparno Ghosh
Singers: Shail Hada/ Shilpa Rao

Kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye
main bin bulaayi mehmaan
ghar waala kahaan laapata
sab chhod ke sunsaan..
kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye..

What a strange party it is,
I am an uninvited guest..
The host is somewhere.. missing..
Leaving everything deserted
what a strange party it is..

Ajeeb si daawat hai ye
kaun kare kiska intezaar
mehmaan thi, na jaane kab hui,
is ghar ki zimmedaar
ajeeb si daawat hai ye..

This is a strange party..
Who would wait for whom..
I was a guest, don't know when I became
responsible for this home..
it's a strange party..

Kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye

Daawat shayad khatm hui phir,
sab log ja rahe hain ghar
sirf bin bulaaye khadi hoon main
ghar wala aa jaaye agar..

The party is probably over now,
everyone is going home..
Only I'm standing, uninvited..
If only the host comes..

Kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye
main bin bulaayi mehmaan
ghar wala kahan laapata
sab chhod ke, sunsaan..
kaisi ajeeb daawat hai ye..

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