Satyaagraha/ Satyagraha Meaning [सत्याग्रह]

Satyaagraha or Satyagraha was a term coined by Mahatma Gandhi for his unique way of fighting against injustice without being violent. As such the meaning of the word doesn't mention non-violence, still the term is used for non-violent methods of protesting.

Literally, Satyagraha is made of Satya and Aagraha, the former meaning Truth and the latter meaning Request. So the meaning is literally 'Request for Truth'. The aagraha here is also used as insistence, though usually it's not used to that effect, and hence Satyagraha is called Insistence for Truth.

Either way, the word is not just limited to request or insistence for Truth alone, but is used as a way of protesting against any injustice in an active but non-violent way.

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