Main Nagin Dance Nachna Lyrics Translation (Bajatey Raho)

Movie: Bajathey Raho
Music: Jaidev Kumar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Anmol Malik [D/O Anu Mailk]

Shaguna di raat raat, sajna ji hot hot
Naina vich sajnaa de laayi jaawaa shot wot

It's the night of good omens,
My beloved is hot hot..
In my beloved's eyes,
I keep getting shots [as in, drinks]..

Main bal khaavan, haath na aawaan,
yaar mere to bachnaa
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin,
naagin dance nachnaa..

[Naagin Dance is apparently the famous snake dance. For details see THIS POST.]

I twist and turn, (I) don't get caught,
O friend, beware of me..
I want to dance the nagin dance..

Mere nose pin ke lashkaare,
ear ring de chamkaare
Mere utte beh gaye,
ke dil vil meraa le gaye

The twinkles of my nose ring,
the shines of earring,
They all flew to me,
and took my heart n all away..

Fan hai mera maahi teraa,
pichchhaa naiyyo chhadnaa
Main nagin nagin, nagin nagin,
naagin dance nachnaa

Your beloved is my fan,
And I'm not going to leave him..
I have to dance the Nagin dance..

Pee pee do do ghuntve,
aa floor pe maar footve
Nach le with me soniyaa,
chal seat se ab uthve
Maan le kehna main dass lenaa
Pichchhe naiyyo hatna..

Drinking a few sips,
and come n stomp your feet on the (dance) floor,
Dance with me O handsome,
Now move, get up from the seat..
Listen to me, I'll bite you
but won't step back..

Main naagin naagin, nagin nagin,
naagin dance nachna

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