Pyar tera is Tarah se Lyrics Translation [Sonu Nigam/ Luv u Soniyo]

Movie: Luv U Soniyo
Music: Vipin Patwa
Lyrics: Sanjay Mishra
Singer: Sonu Nigam

Pyaar teraa is tarah se mujh mein shaamil huaa
Dil-ba-din teray bin jeenaa mushkil huaa
Jaanay kaisay ishq aayaa dil ki zameen pay
Jaanay kaise halkay say rakhaa kadam
ghar kar gayaa hamaare dilon mein aise
hmmm.. Naa tum jaano naa hum..

Your love has entered my heart in such a way
that day after day, it became difficult for me to live..
I don't know how love came on the earth of heart..
Don't know how it [the love] lightly stepped,
in such a way it began to live in our hearts,
that neither you got to know, nor did I..

Haan kaho tum agar, to phir baat ban jaaye
Khushnumaa ho zindagi, teraa haath jo mil jaaye
Sab se achchhee, sab se sachchee lagnay lagee ho tum
Naa ho kay bhi paas meray rehnay lagee ho tum
Ab to kuchh is tarah se meraa dil aashiq huaa..

Now, if you say yes, it'll be all great..
The life will be happy, if I get your companionship..
Better than all, truer than all, you feel now..
Even when you're not with me, you've begun to be with me..
In such a way my heart has become a lover of yours..

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