Aara ra ra Janta Rocks Satyagraha Lyrics Translation Explanations

Movie: Satyagraha
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan, Keerthi Sagathiya

In this song, Janta, Public is replaced by 'Janta Rocks' by the lyricist, but since it makes it difficult to write the meaning, the additional 'rocks' is removed from meanings.

O hilegi kursee dolegaa shaasan
Dag dag dag dag janta rocks
Ab baat karegee janta rocks
Jaag uthee hai janta rocks
Baat karegi jaag uthee..
Ab raaj karegee jantaa hoye..

The chair will stir, the regime will swing,
dag dag dag dag Public Rocks
Now the public will talk,
Now the public has woken up
Will talk, has woken up,
Now the public will rule..

janta rocks..
Ab raaj karegi janta

Chalo ghotaale ki baat karein..
Kuchh dhan kaale ki baat karein..
Bhai ghotaalaa karnaa khel nahi.. Aukaat chaahiye
Ek alag hi kalaa chahiye.. Baat chaahiye

Come let's talk about scams,
Talk a bit about black money,
It's not a game to do a scam, you need some status,
You need a different kind of art, that thing..

Aam aadmi kyaa samjhegaa
Bade logon kee badi baat
un se kahan fursat hai bhaiyaa
From chauka, choolhaa aur daal-bhaat

What will a common man understand
the big thing of big people,
They don't have time free away from
their daily routine problems..

[choolha chauka daal bhaat is literally stove, kitchen, lentils and rice, but idiomatic usage here.]

Aur ye mantri ji ne kalaayi ke prayog se dhan ko mod diya hai. Boundary line ki taraf yahaan koi fielder nahi aur jantaa ke dekhte hi dekhte Swiss bank mein ek aur khaata khulaa. Par hamre ghotaale se tohra ghotaala bada kaise re.. Ji haan, super ghotaale ki chamkaar zyada safed..

[This part makes a parody on cricket matches and famous washing powder advertisements]

And the honorable Minister has diverted the money with the skilled use of wrists [like in cricket]. There is no fielder towards the boundary line, and as people watch, one more account opened in Swiss bank. But how is your scam bigger than mine. Yes, Super scam's shine is whiter.]

Ghotaalaa champ tumhein salaam
Janta kartee tumhein pranaam
Khaamosh rahee hai ab tak par
Ab baat karegee jantaa..

O scam champ, salute to you,
The public bows to you..
It has been quite until now,
But now public will talk..

janta rocks..
Ab raaj karegi janta

Ain't nobody strong to stop us, we're janta
Hum sab saath chalein hum hain jantaa

There's nobody strong enough to stop us, we're the public
We all walk together, we're the public..

Chalo-chalo-chalo sammaan ki baat karein
Kuchh in ki shaan kee baat karein..

Come, let's talk about respect,
talk a bit about their splendor..

Lo gaadi chalee..
Lo batti waalee badi niraalee gaadi chalee..
Lo batti waalee badi niraalee mantri waalee gaadi chalee..
Idhar se udhar, udhar se idhar
Lo traffic ruka
jantaa wala bhola bhaalaa traffic rukaa
Lo janta wala bhola bhaala aam aadmee ka traffic rukaa
Scooter rukaa bike rukee auto taxi bus bhi ruki
Titar se bitar, bitar se titar
Are batti waalon kee yahee hai shaan
Mera Bhaarat pareshaan

[This one is sung in Ashok Kumar's style, like his popular song Jhumaritalayya.]

See the car goes,
See the unique car with [red] light goes,
See the unique, Minister's car with [red] light goes,
From here to there, there to here..
See the traffic stopped,
Public's innocent traffic stopped..
See Public's innocent, common man's traffic stopped..
Scooter stopped, Bike stopped, Auto taxi Bus too stopped..
All got into chaos..
This is the grandeur of those with [red] light
My India is Troubled..

[Mera Bharat Pareshaan is a spoof on famous line Mera Bharat Mahaan, My India is Great.]

Oonchaayi se neeche aao..
Hum se aa kar nazar milaao..
Baith ke dekho tamaashaa
Ab bindaas chalegee janta

Come down from the heights,
Come and meet us in the eye..
Sit and see the drama,
now the Public will walk freely..

janta walks
janta rocks
Ab raaj karegi janta

Chalo.. Sanskaar kee baat karein
Thodaa aachaar ki baat karein
Aachaar ki.. are suno to sahi
Neemboo aam mix panchrangee
Ho gaye fail saare achaar..
Jab se apne desh mein aaya
Achaaron ka achaaar....
Bhrashtaachaar... bhrashtaachaar... bhrashtaachaar...

Come, let's talk about culture,
Talk a bit about behaviour..
Of Achaar, listen for a moment..
Lime, Mango, mixture of five,
All pickles got failed,
since the time we got in our country
Pickle of Pickles,
Corruption.. Corruption.. Corruption

[Aachaar = Behaviour, Achar = Pickle, The lyricist has taken a dig mixing the two. Also, Bhrashtaachaar comes from Bhrasht+Aachaar, i.e. corrupt+behaviour.]

Pehle ik badi si beimaani lijiye. Ab is beimaani ke chhote-chhote tukde kar ke sookhne ke liye daal dijiyega. Phir ik katore mein kameenepan ka tel le ker beimaani ke tukde us mein daal dijiye. Ab is mein milana thoda saa laalach, thodi si haraamkhoree aur achchi tarah se milaa kar iska paste bana leejiye. Bhrashtachaar taiyyar!

[This one is spoken as a pickle's, that is, achaar's recipe, in Nana Patekar's usual style where he speaks non stop, like in Krantiveer.]

First take a big dishonesty. Now divide this dishonesty into small pieces and let it dry. Then taking the oil of villainousness in a bowl, put the pieces of dishonesty into is. Now add to it a little greed, some habit of getting money without doing anything, and mix it well and make a paste. Corruption is ready.

Wahaan takiye mein thoonsaa rupaiyaa
Yahaan pe bhookhee janta maiyaa
Un ki gaayein bhi khaaye badaam
Gale mein rassee mare kisaan
Kholo sansad ke darwaaje
Knock kare hai jantaa khol

There, they cram money into pillows,
here, the public is hungry..
Their cows also eat almonds [for politicians]
And (here) farmers die with rope in neck [they commit suicides]
Open the doors of the parliament,
The public knocks, Open them..

janta knocks
janta rocks
Ab raaj karegi jantaa

Janta rocks.. Janta rocks..

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