Sawaar/ Sanwaar Loon Lyrics Translation (Lootera)

Sanwaar Loon is one of the best songs of Lootera. However, the song has been sung AND spelled as Sawaar loon, which really doesn't mean what it should and hence is irritating in a way. However, the song is beautiful other than this issue, and Amit Trivedi's music as well as Amitabh Bhattacharya's lyrics are wonderful. Here is a translation for the song. For more detail on the difference of Sanwaar Loon and Sawaar Loon, check THIS POST.

hawaa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aa ke loot gaye
badal rahi hai aaj Zindagi ki chaal Zaraa
isee bahaane main bhi kyoon naa dil ka haal Zaraa
sanwaar loon haye sanwaar loon

Gusts of wind got upset with the weather today..
As the bumblebees looted the brilliance of flowers
today the way of life has changed little bit
Taking that as an excuse, why I too not make my heart feel better,
Why shouldn't I too pamper my heart..

baraamade puraane hain, nayi si dhoop hai
Jo palkein khatkhata raha hai kis kaa roop hai
sharaaratein kare jo aise
bhool ke hizaab
kaise us ko naam se main pukaar loon

The verandas are old, but the sunshine I see is new..
Whose beauty is that is knocking at my eyelids..
The one, who makes mischieves,
forgetting the veils,
How do I call him by name?

Ye saaree koyalein baneeN hain aaj daakiyaa
Kuhu-kuhu mein chitthiyaan padhein mazaakiyaa
Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaayen
Kis ne hai likhaa bataayein,
Us ki aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sanwaar loon haye sanwaar loon
Sanwaar loon, sanwaar loon..

All these cuckoos have become postmen,
In their cuckooing, they read the letters in jokes..
Tell them not to hide,
and tell me clearly who has written [the letter]
I'll remove the effect of evil eye for him..
I'll adorn myself, and my heart..


Unknown said...

hi, pls add full song meaning of 'ghanchakkar babu' from movie ghanchakkar

Unknown said...

superb job sir

Anonymous said...

There are many mistakes in the lyrics of this song.If you don't know the lyrics by heart, then don't post it. Such a beautiful song's lyrics you don't know! Very bad!

Naina said...

I agree that this song is beautiful, the lyrics perhaps the most elegant I have ever heard, and the praise for this movie itself is a speechless thought, but if you can't help the person fix his/her mistakes, then don't point him/her out. People make mistakes, and telling them nicely is what we call manners. Next time "Anonymous" you want point out mistakes, remember that there is a much nicer way into saying so. Perhaps we can make this world a better place by first changing ourselves, and then point out the corrupted people around us. Just a thought. ;)

Harshit Gupta said...

Thanks Naina ji. Though I just read the whole post again and I am guessing it's all correct. It's such a good song, I know the lyrics by heart. :D

Ganeshkumar said...

Thank you.. :)
This made my day...

Unknown said...

you have done a gr8 job getting the same effect while translating it to English.

I only thought the translation in the first para. where it says "isee bahaane main bhi kyoon naa dil ka haal Zaraa
sanwaar loon haye sanwaar loon"

It should be i feel ......"taking it as an excuse, that my heart status, why shouldn't I too?

Pamper it oh!! Pamper it.

Ali said...

It is HiJaab and NOT Hizaab. Hijaab, as we know, is what a veil is called in Urdu.
Kindly correct.

Anonymous said...

I am anynymous #2.
The lyrics are beautiful, and the song. Glad to see it matches with the lovely tone of the music. And well said Naina! Your comment made me laugh as well.

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