Solah Baras ki Bali Umar Ko Salam: Lyrics Translation [Sixteen]

Movie: Sixteen
Music: Gaurav Dagaonkar
Lyrics: Shivranjani Singh
Singer: Shalmali Kholgade, with Shivranjani Singh

Samay se pehle kaee jhamelay
Bhole-bhaale man huye mailay
Life tujhay jo denaa chaahay
Pehle aise hi tu chheen ke le lay
Kaam ka jo naa ho, kar le ab tu har wo kaam
Solah baras ki baali umar ko salaam
Solah baras ki saali umar ko salaam..

A hundred problems before their time,
Innocent hearts have become dirty..
Whatever life wants to give you,
You already snatch from it in advance..
Now do everything that is not for you to do..
Salute to the innocent age of sixteen..
Salute to the mean age of sixteen..

Chaskaa hai ye jaise charas kaa
Life mein high ki badhtee taras kaa
Umra khaalee solah, phir bhi hai sholaa
Maan lo jaise saalaa hai sau baras kaa
Naam rakh ke daam pe banaa le apnaa naam

It's like an addiction of hashish..
Of increasing craving of a high in life..
Age is just sixteen, still it's a fireball..
As if it's of hundred years..
It makes its name by deciding the price from name itself..

Solah baras ki.. ..salaam..
Solah baras ki saalee umar ko salaam

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