Tu hi Khwahish/ Tera Nasha Ghol kar Daala Hai Lyrics Translation

Movie: Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Rajat Aroraa
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu hi khwahish
Tu hi khatraa
Zeher teraa mujh mein utraa

You're the wish,
You're the danger too,
Your poison's descended into me..

Badaa shor uthaa hai kaanon mein
Mehfil mein aur maikhaanon mein
Teraa nashaa ghol kar daalaa hai
Maine dil mein aur paimanon mein..

A big noise is there in my ears,
in the gathering and in bars..
I have poured and mixed your intoxication
in the heart and in the glasses..

Tu hi khwahish..

Daakaa tera dil pe padaa
Labon se tu ne jo chhoo liyaa
Sholaa banaa, jal gayaa
Dil meraa dhuaan hi dhuaan hi dhuaan..

My heart was robbed by you,
as you touched (me) with your lips..
My heart became a fireball and got burnt,
turning into smoke and just smoke..

Khayaalon mein, misaalon mein
Tu miltaa hai pyaalon mein

In thoughts, in examples,
you're there in the glasses..

Teraa nashaa ghol kar daalaa hai
Maine dil mein aur paimaanon mein

Tu hi khwahish..

Sadkaa teraa mehengaa huaa
Chaskaa mujhe teraa lagaa
Naam teraa shaam subah
Dil meraa jawaan hi jawan hi jawaan

It's become expensive [as in, difficult] to give you away in charity
I have become addicted to you..
[I say] your name in the evenings and mornings,
and my heart is younger and younger and younger..

Aasmaanon ke tehkhaanon mein
Tujhe dhoondhaa hai sitaaron mein

In the basements of the sky,
I have looked for you among the stars..

Teraa nashaa ghol kar daala hai
Maine dil mein aur paimanon mein

Tu hi khwahish..

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