Attarintiki Daaredhi/ Attharintiki Dhaaredhi Meaning

Attharintiki Dhaaredhi? means "how am I to my mother in law's home?" or in other words "what's the way to my mother in law's home"?

If we look at word for word translation, Attha means mother in law, Illu means house, and hence, Attha+gaari+intiki=attharintiki.

Gaaru is used to show respect here.

When we add conjunctions to the above words, the word becomes attharintiki.

Dhaari means way. Yedhi means 'where' actually, but with the English usage, it'll be translated as What. [Where's the way = What's the way]

And hence, Dhaaredhi means "what's the way?" [Dhaari+yedhi=Dhaaredhi]

And so, it's What's the way to my Mother-in-law's home.


Viswanath said...

Haha, funny. I always thought you're a North Indian. Turns out otherwise!

mohan said...

I am simply impressed. Amazing site. Hats off to creator and designer of this site.

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