Beimaan Shaitan Besharam Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Besharam
Music: Ishq-Shree, Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Rajiv Barnwal
Singers: Ishq Bector, Shree D [who are composers for the song too, as Ishq-Shree]

Paida nanga hua to
kaahe ki kaahe ki sharam
maai baap naa hi
na koi dharam

When I was born nude,
what is there to be shy of?
I don't have any parents,
nor any religion..

Tedhe medhon se kadak
Seedhe saadon se naram
Fun harfanmaula hardum

(I am) harder than the most difficult
(difficult people to deal with)
and softer than the simplest ones
Always fun and allrounder..

Aaja sab ko dikha de ban besharam
Dil khol seena taane ban besharam
aaja thumka laga le ban besharam
Dil khol seena taane ban besharam

Come show everyone be shameless,
With an open heart n pride, be shameless.
Come shake a leg, be shameless,
Wholeheartedly, with pride, be shameless.

Be is for Beimaan,
Sha is for Shaitaan,
Rum pi ke cheete hum,

'Be' is for Be-imaan [that is dishonest],
'Sha' is for Shaitaan [Satan, evil]
And we live on 'rum',
So Besharam.

Haan karein saare hi karam
Daam poochhe binaa hum
Waada kar ke mukarte naa hum
Shuruaat karein hum
Hum hi karein khatam
Tod denge tere saare hi bharam

We do all the things,
without asking the price/cost (we'd have to pay, i.e. without worrying)
We don't ditch after promising..
(If) we begin something,
we only finish it
We'll end all your illusions..

Aaja sab ko dikha de ban besharam
Dil khole seena taane ban besharam
Aaja thumka laga le ban besharam
Dil khole seena taane ban besharam

Aflatoon aflaatoon
Pangaa lenaa in my khoon
Atrangi atrangi
Baja doongaa sab ki pungee
Chaal mein meri mastiyaan
Hansti saari hastiyaan
Jab hilaaun apni taang
Hile saari duniya

Eccentric, (I am) mad..
It's in my blood to get into issues..
Eccentric, (I am) eccentric,
I'll beat everyone..
There is enjoyment in my walk,
all celebrities smile with me..
When I shake my leg,
The entire world moves..

[Aflatoon doesn't mean mad, but it's used for mad or eccentric. For more on how and why it became so, see THIS POST.]

Haan dil se bade hi Romeo hain
Harkaton se kare dang
Pehle to pyaar se manaayein
Maane nahi to hogi jung

We're much of Romeo in heart,
and surprise you with our deeds..
First we coax you with love,
if you don't agree, there will be a war..

[Yes, they've used the word Jung/Jang which is used mostly for a war and not a fight!]

Ungli jis pe rakh dein hum
Chal ke aaye wo ulte kadam
Dete kisi ko dard jo hum
Hum hi lagaate hain marham
ChheeN lenge tujhi se tujhi ko aaj hum

When we put my finger on someone,
he comes with feet turned back..
When we inflict pain on someone,
we only put a balm over it..
We'll snatch you from your own self..

Dil khole seena taane ban besharam
Aaja thumka laga le ban besharam
Dil khole seena taane ban besharam

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Anonymous said...

I think Tedhe medhon se kadak Seedhe saadhon se naram means something like I'm harsh /hard with crooked people and I'm soft with simple people. Just what I think

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