Love ki Ghanti Lyrics, Translation, Video, Review [Besharam]

Movie: Besharam
Music: Lalit Pandit
Lyrics: Rajeev Barnwal
Singer: Sujeet Shetty

Lalit Pandit comes up with the first song of his first big budget full movie album, and looks like he's got a positive here. Though the song is pretty simple and straightforward, it follows the style of Kishore Kumar songs, and pretty well. The new singer, Sujeet Shetty yodels Kishore way too, and that's the point you realize it's VERY much Kishore Kumar style. Ranbir Kapoor and Amitosh Nagpal speak their lines in the song with his singing and hence are credited too.

The lyrics and translation for the song are given here. The dialogues are in italics and in brackets, some explanations can be found.

Love ki ghanti baj gayi meri
Dekha usko pyaar hua
Aankhein phat gayi
Tabiyat lipat gayi
Dil mera kood padaa

My bell of love rang,
I saw her and fell in love..
My eyes went wide,
the mood got awesome,
and my heart just jumped..

Pehle ladki thoda sa bhadki
Boli aaye ho tum kyoon yahaan
Main bola, mera hai good luck
Mujhe laayi yahaan teri maan

First the girl got a little furious,
Asked me why I had come there..
I said, it's my good luck,
Your mother has brought me here..

Maan ki aankh hai re..
Jise dhoonda gali gali,
Wo is maan ke ghar mili

It's mother's good eye,
the one you looked for here and there,
She's found in this mother's house..

[maa ki aankh is more of a slang which directly isn't a cuss word, but goes close to being that. Here, though, it's used in a way that is completely different, making it funnier.]

Haan us ki baatein, Nukkad ki chaay
Thodi meethi, thodi garam
Jaise teekhe pyaazi pakaude
Mirchi dhaniya ka damm.

Her talks are like tea of the nook,
A little sweet, a little hot..
As if onion fritters,
with chili and dhaniya [coriander]..

Gusse mein chamki
Dee mujh ko dhamki
Main Tass se mass na hua
Gaalon pe uske de daali pappi
Dil uska cool huaa..

She shone in anger,
and threatened me,
But I didn't move an inch..
(Instead) I gave a peck on her cheeks,
and her heart was cooled..

Chal phenk mat Pappi de daali
Nahi dunga, Hero hoon mai
Haan, wo to tu hai. Aage kya hua?
Tune change. O teri!

Hey don't brag, gave a peck!
Why, won't I? I am the hero!
Yeah, that you are.. Then what happened next?
Tune chane, O my God!

Wo khadi thi, main khada tha, nazar takraayi
Paas aayi, baahein thami, thoda sharmaayi
Pyaar se phir, us ne mujhko, shirt pahnaaya
Touch kiya to dil mein jaise gudgudi chhaayi

She was standing, I was standing, the eyes met.
She came closer, held my arms, felt a bit shy..
Then lovingly, she dressed me in a shirt.
When she touched me, there was a tickling in the heart..

Shirt bhi badal daali
Ye to setting ho gayi veere

Changed the shirt too!
This is all set brother..

Seene se mere phir wo lipat gayi
Aisa zor ka jhatka laga
Mere dil ke radio par
Sa re ga ma pa bajne laga

Then she hugged me,
Such a huge shock I got!
On the radio of my heart
Sa re ga ma began to play..

Kaanon mein mere dheere se boli
Mere hero the ab tak kahaan
Main rapat gaya wahi salat gaya
Chali pyaar ki mast hawaa

In my ears, she slowly said,
Where were you till now, my hero..
I slipped, ended there itself,
There was such a lovely breeze of love..

Dil bolaa Dil dolaa
Dil bhaaga, Dil bhaagaa
Dil bhaaga, Dil bhaagaa, bhaaga bhaaga Dil bhaaga
Dil kooda mera dil, jhooma mera dil, bhaaga

The heart spoke, danced..
The heart ran, ran, ran..
The heart ran, and ran,
The heart jumped and danced, and ran..

Love ki ghanti Baj gayi meri
Dekha us ko pyaar hua
Aankhein phat gayi
Tabiyat lipat gayi
Dil mera kood pada



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