Single Kinguvanna Lyrics Translation [Anna/ Thalaivaa]

Movie: Anna [Thalaivaa]
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Singer: Udayabhanu, Hema Chandra

Whatt bro??
Not you???
Song aa??bhaangu??
Yevadakada ?? bro ki oka bhaangu.(who's there? Get a drink here for this guy)
Again bhaangu??
Ledhu songu.(no, song now)
Yedhi paadu.(oh, sing then)
Single kinguv a n na...
Sarigga ardham kaaledhanna.(I did not get you dude)
Bhaangu-drinks, actually an intoxicant. But here it means drinks.)

Single Kinguvanna
My song nu vinuko Anna.
Naaku roll avvaledhana
Full feeling feeling Anna

You are a king dude
Listen to my song
I'm not drunk and blabbering
Just feeling for what all happened

Ela unna ela unna nee lover ye neeku thamanna
Thanu chee Anna Thu po Anna!!
Nuvbu devadaasu vu avvakanna.
O aate aadi taata antu munchesi poddhanna.

Doesn't matter how your lover looks like, she is tamanna for you
If at all she keeps you away
Don't become a devdas.
Girls will play games and finally they will leave us.
Tamanna means beauty actually, here it refers to heroine tamanna Bhatia.

Y(v)esko Y(v)esko Y(v)esko Anna mansulo baadhe usko Anna.
Quarter water friends aithe love lo nuvve vemana.
Just drink dude, pain in your heart will subside.
If quarter and water gets mixed, you are a vemana in love.

(Vemana is a famous poet and is well known for his work)

Life oka boat Anna, theli theeralanna
Love and buradha addosthe, theeram cheravanna.

Life is like a boat dude, you should float some how
If mud named love interferes in your way, you cannot reach the shore.

Hitler torture ani history cheppenanna
Loveru torture ani ehe yedhava cheppadana
Fact fact fact

History says Hitler is a torture to bear
But no dumb ass would tell "my lover is a torture"

Whisky, brandy, beer ki yekke kicku thakkuve
Husky voice lo maatale penche kicku podhule.
Commit aye second nee katha kallaas Anna.

When compared to kick given by a girl's husky voice, 
the kick given by beer, brandy, whisky is just nothing.

Saturday dating Lu, everyday shopping Lu
Yedupu, dupe acting ki Oscar khaayamanna.
Hai ani haayi ichi
Bye ani jump avuddhi
Scooty lo ekkinchi dead end lo dhimpuddhi.
Kalle kappi ganthale kattesthundhi sodhara
Aipoyaaka aatale ninne nuvvu vethakara.
Boledu anubhavam, love ye vaddhanna.

It would be like this with a girl:
Dating in Saturday, shopping everyday
And the way they fake feelings and act, I'm sure they would get Oscar for that.
Giving pleasure with a hey
She just leaves saying bye
She lets us get on to her scooty and she leaves us at a dead end.
She would tie a cloth around our eyes, so that we cannot see.
And once you are done with that game(played by a girl), you should start searching for self.
Do listen to me bro as I experienced all this.

Single kingu you bro
My song you hear hear bro
No blabber blabber bro

Only feeling feeling bro.

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