Premincha Lyrics Translation [Toofan]

Premincha, nee peruni
Premincha, nee theeruni
Preminchaane, ninne chere naa dhaarini

I love(d), your name
I love(d), your way
I love(d), my way which takes me to you.

Premincha, nee swaasani
Premincha, nee sparsani
Preminchaane, nee pai unde naa dhyaasani.

I love(d), your breath
I love(d), your touch
I love(d), my intrerest on you.

Premincha, nee chilipi koppaanni
Premincha, nee chinni lopaanni
Premincha, nuvvunna lokaanni
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), your sweet anger
I love(d), your small mistake(s)
I love(d), this world in which your presence is there
I have been living all these days by loving.

Naa gaali ninda nee palukule
Naa nela ninda nee adugule
Naa ningi ninda nee merupule
Naa jagathi ninda nee gur(u)thule.

My air has only your words
My land has only foot prints of yours
My sky has only your lightenings
My world has only your imprints.(memories)

Poindhi cheli meham nee muddhulo
Undalenandhi chali kaalam manamadhyalo
Aanandha bandhaalalo.

Girl has Lost her shyness in your kiss
Winter season told that it cannot stay in between us, between these sweet troubles.

Premincha, anukoni pechini
Premincha, aa paina raajini
Premincha, atupaina aa premani
Premisthu jeevinchaane.

I love(d), when you cried over a thing
I love(d), compromise after that
I love(d), love showered after that
I have been living all these days by loving.

I just love, nee choopini
I Just love, niturpuni
Preminchaane, manakai veche munimaapuni
I just love, nee oohani
I just love, nee unikini
Preminchaane, neela virise udhayalani

I just love, your vision
I just love, this waiting
I love(d), the day which have been waiting for us.
I just love, a thought about you
I just love, your presence
I love(d), mornings which arise like you.

Premincha, ee madhura baadhalani
Premincha, ee Manchu mantalni
Premincha, swecha sankhellani
Premisthu jeevinchaane

I love(d), this sweet relation
I love(d), this fire in cold
I love(d), these handcuffs of freedom.
I have been loving by loving all these days.

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itz so romantic song!!i love it

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