Sham Gulaabi, Seher Gulabi: Lyrics Translation [Shuddh Desi Romance]

Movie: Shuddh Desi Romance
Music: Sachin Jigar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singers: Jigar Saraiya, Priya Panchal Saraiya

Shaam gulaabi, sehar gulabi
Pehar gulaabi hai gulabi ye shehar..

The evening is rosy pink, the morning is pink,
The time is pink, and this city is pink too..

[Pahar doesn't have an English Equivalent, to get detailed meaning of the word, check THIS POST.]

Main bhi gulabi, tu hai gulabi
Din bhi gulaabi hai gulaabi ye kehar..

I'm pink too, and you're pink
The day is pink and the havoc (that you have created in my mind) is pink too..

Gulabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena jori hai
Gulabi dori hai, Bandhi ye chori hai
Naa roka-toki hai na seena jori hai re

The thread that is tied between us in hiding is pink,
There is no force, and no ego..
The thread that is tied between us in hiding is pink,
There is no incessant interrupting, and no ego..

Raah bhi gulabi ye naav bhi gulabi
Dariya me jo main bahoon gulabi
Kahoon bhi gulabi, main sahoon bhi gulabi
Lagtaa hai main rahoon bhi gulaabi..

This path is pink, and the boat is pink too,
I float in the river rosily too..
I speak pink, and I bear pink too,
I seems I'll remain pink too..

Jaane re jaane mann jaane hai
Rang, rang gulaabi hai preet ro
Jaane re jaane sab jaane hai
Rang, Rang gulaabi hai preet ro

This heart knows that the color of love is pink,
Everybody knows that the color of love is pink,

Gulaabi dori hai, bandhi ye chori hai
Naa jora-jori naa seena zori hai
Gulabi dori hai re, bandhi ye chori hai re
Naa roka-toki hai naa seena zori hai re

Dard gulabi, chain gulabi
Davaa bhi gulabi hai gulabi hai asar

The pain is pink, the relief is pink,
The medicine is pink, and the effect is pink too..

[On a not so serious note, while pain is many times pink, i.e. your body turns pink with pain, I remember earlier we used to have a syrup from the doctor (not the chemist) that used to be a tiny bottle of pink liquid. I wonder if that's where they got these lyrics. ;)]

Naam gulabi ye nain gulabi
Nain gulabi hai gulabi hai safar

Your name is pink, your eyes are pink,
And with the pink eyes, the journey is pink too..

Haule gulaabi hain tez gulabi
Karte shararat lab bhi gulabi re

We're pink when slow, and pink when fast,
our lips make a pink mischief too..

Choom le gulaabi rangrez gulaabi
Haule le chal tez gulaabi..

Kiss me pink, O pink dyer,
Take me slow, take me fast, pink..


nikky said...

lovely song.....

Anonymous said...

D best

Anonymous said...

Awesum song

Unknown said...

really nice

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be able to appreciate this song if it does not have a translation. I am really glad that there is an English translation with the video so that I can relate.

Anonymous said...

Awsome songs wid awsome lyrics n lovly music makes fall in love

Akhil kumar said...

dis song makes me fall in love with gulaabi <3

Anonymous said...

This is one of my fev. Song.
This is really awesum song. It takes all the pain nd feels relax

Anonymous said...

Really Awesome song..!!

Payal said...

i luv d song..

Anonymous said...

There is another meaning of "gulabi" which is relevant-- "gulabi" also means "soft" "gentle" "pleasant" or "mild." This adds a secondary layer of meaning to phrases like "shaam gulabi"--it means the evening is pink/rosy (and pleasant) but for some phrases, the primary meaning is "gentle" such as "gulabi nain" which means "gentle eyes" rather than "pink eyes."

Namziee said...

Like your interpretation of 'gulabi' Mr./ Ms. Anonymous! True and significant one!

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