Madras Cafe: Music Review [Shantanu Moitra]

The album begins with Papon singing Maula Sun le re, a call to God, giving in to Him and asking for help. Papon's deep voice suits the neutral-sad tone of the song, or you can say that Papon sings in that voice of his. Either way, the song is a treat to listen to after you have heard it a few times and got the meaning.

The second song is a slow, feathery light kind of song. Shantanu Moitra keeps just a little acoustic, guitar sound in the background and Zeb [of Zeb and Haniya] sings in a feather light mode, as if there is not much music to go for, as if it's a poem she is humming for her beloved. And the utterly romantic lyrics, 'Jaise milein Ajnabi' are just beautiful. Zeb's musical, but imperfect diction/rendition interestingly adds to the charm. Listen to it a few times, and fall for it.

Khud se Dil Dar sa Gaya hai, is the last original 'song' of the album. Papon sings this one again. Slightly haunting, with Piano, the song is again not kept too high on instruments but the heavy lyrics, not in terms of the words, but meanings, don't make you feel that it's a light track. The repetitions of 'Khud se' grow a little too much as I don't get their point, but song is good. Not the nice kind, a bit heavy. In the second half the song turns into an anthem kind of thing with the chorus, and Papon's singing just before that is the best part of the song.

Next track is a reprise of Maula Sun le re, sung by Papon only. You may even call it a rock version, though it's not too heavy, and sounds slightly faster. Not bad, but the main version sounds better.

After the 'songs', the themes and instrumentals begin, and first comes Madras Cafe Theme, that credits Monali Thakur.

Madras Cafe theme is a long one, around four minutes, with a nice all-strings build up, and then it turns towards a little more Indian multi-instrument theme, but not many playing at one time. The same thing being played on different instruments, a little like Mohabbatein instrumental piece, but certainly very different in style and mood.

Conspiracy has some nice singing, which is probably done by Monali Thakur. It has kind of minimal music, and still with the little background music it has, it gives you the feel of the tension in the air. Nice work for background.

Entry to Jaffna is a small, and as one can guess, slightly tensed tune, that seems to have just violins.

Title Theme is I believe what you have heard already so many times, the one that plays in the background with the trailer. It certainly grows on you.

Overall, with some lovely songs, all of them actually, and two good themes that work even without the movie, that is Madras Cafe Theme and the Title Theme, Madras Cafe is a kind of small album with quality content. Do listen to it, at least the songs if themes are not your thing.

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Rahul said...

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