Pinky song lyrics and translation [Toofan]

Music:Meet anjan bros

Hello hello
Manmadha mithrulaara!
Mike lo mouth (p)ettamaaku ra
Arey monkey veshaalu maanara
Pinky otthaadhi ra.

Hello! Aroused friends
Don't put mouth into the mike
Stop acting like monkey
Pinky is on the way.

Aa aa aa aa
Bol bol raani yem kaavaali?
Bungalow kaavaala leka car kaavaala?
Cash kaavali naaku cash kaavaali
Cash kaavali Hot Cash kaavali.

Tell baby what do you want?
Bungalow or a car??
I need money, just money.

Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Oye oye
Paisa thee, thamaasha chei
Pinky tho link ye kalipesey
Aapaina dhookey pai paiki
Vachestha vizag ki, warangal ki

Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!(2)

Take money out and have fun(with me)
Join with pinky.
Jump on me after that.
I will come(go) to vizag, warangal
Who ever has money, pinky belongs to them.

Vasthundhi  vizag ki, warangal ki
Paisa unnavaadidhe ee pinky!!

Pinky is coming to vizag and warangal
Who ever has money, they own pinky.

India Loni billionaire Lu yedunnaru
Itta naa yenaka ee bevaarsulu paduthunnaaru
Yahoo lo google lo vethikesaanu
Yama balisinollu Bangkok lo book ayaaru

Where are billionaires in India?(no where)
These idiots are behind me
I searched in google and yahoo
Rich people settled in Bangkok.

Konchem maa side choodochuga
Ho ho ho

Please consider us pinky!!!

Arey sommunte thee, champesey
Pinky tho penky panam ye chey
Rupee tho kaipu undhi iddhariki

If you have money take it out, you can rock
You can have fun with me
We both love money, isn't it?

Ppp ppp
P for pinky, p for paisa

World famous ayye naa worku Lu
Anni areallo unnaayi networku Lu
Arey choopinchu choopinchu neelo konchem
Prathi channello naa maate scrollinglu
Anni agello unnaaru darlinglu.

My works are world famous
I have networks in all areas
Hey baby, show us something!
In every channel, scrollings are about me
I have got fans in all age groups.

Konchem discount ivvochuga!!
Please give discount.

DD nahi, cheque Lu nahi
Pinky ki credit ye pettaku roi.
Appu undakoodadhu happy ki.

I don't take Demand drafts or cheques
Don't put credit
We should not have debts in case of happiness.

Vachestha ||
Arey stop it yaar.

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