Shakila Bano Hit Ho Gayi Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer
Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Another item song. Composed by Anand Raj Anand, the song is basic and doesn't have anything too special, but the simple melody of the song work well with Shreya's pointed singing and the song sounds fun. The lyrics aren't too vulgar either, compared to the songs in the market. Nice one for an item number.

Dil kee sheeshi khol ke..
Ishq ka itr udaayaa
Chaand bhi chakkar khaa gayaa
Jab pallu maine uthaayaa..

Opening the bottle of heart,
when I blew the perfume of love,
Even the moon went dizzy
when I raised the scarf*..

sab ki nigaahon mein fit ho gayee..
Shakila Baano..
Shakila Baano hit ho gayi, ho gayee..

She got fit in the eyes of everyone..
Shakila Banoo,
Shakeela Baano became a hit..

[She's talking about herself in third person.]

In nain-matakkon kaa aakhir
Jaane result kyaa hogaa..
Bet sab ne laga daali hai..
Set kis ka maamlaa hogaa..

I don't know what'd be
the result of these affairs
Everyone has betted [themselves]
Whose story will be set..

Ishq na huaa waallah
Cricket ho gayee..
Shakila Banoo hit ho gayee, ho gayee..

It's looking as if it's not love,
but cricket..
Shakila Baano is a hit..

Rog ye ishq waala
Is se jeejaa bachaa naa saalaa..
Kya baat hai
Jis ne mujhko dekhaa
Dil chavanni samajh ke uchhaalaa
Aji mujhe leke badi khitpit ho gayee

This sickness, that of love,
No one was spared of it..
Oh! What a thing (you said, it's beautiful)
Whoever saw me,
threw his heart up like a four-aana coin,
There was [and is] a big issue over me..

[Jija and Saala are respectively Sister's husband and Wife's brother, both brothers in law. Also, chavanni is a four aana coin, valued 25 paise, one fourth of a rupee.]

Shakeela Banoo hit ho gayee, ho gayee..

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