Ratti Ratti Reza Reza Meaning

Ratti (Hindi: रत्ती) is an Indian unit to measure small amounts of something, generally used for jewellery etc. It's a little less than a fifth of a gram, 0.182g to be precise. That's why it's used to signify something very small in poetry and songs.

Reza (Hindi: रेज़ा) is an Urdu word of Persian origin which means a particle, or a very small piece of something, often a gem.

Hence, the line ratti ratti reza reza jo hai tera le jaana means take away with you even the smallest thing that is yours, the smallest thing that you have given me.

Ke Hame Aashiqui Aa Gayi Lyrics Translation | Radhe Shyam

Music and Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

ghar se thhe chale
to ye baat ho gayi

na jaane kyun unse
mulaaqaat ho gayi
nazrein aise wo Takra gayi(n)
ke humein aashiqui aa gayi

aa gayi

Atrangi Meaning | Atrangi Re

Atrangi is not a word generally found in Hindi dictionaries, but it's almost a well-known word now, with a pretty well-defined meaning. In Hindi speaking regions, the word seems to be coming from the parts 'at', or rather 'ati', which means a lot, or too much, and 'rangi', which means colourful. So something that is too colourful, not just literally but figuratively, is called atrangi.

There is a Hindi word atiranjit (अतिरंजित) which has the same meaning, and atrangi can be considered a tadbhava for the word.

As for the film Atrangi Re, the film's makers say that atrangi means funnily weird, which is a good way to explain what we called 'too colourful.'

Tez Chali Re Purvaiya Lyrics Translation | Toofaan (Shankar Mahadevan)

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
Label: Zee Music Company

Purvaiya Meaning

Purvaiyya, often called purvaai too, literally means an eastern wind. It is considered to be moderating the temperature, and hence believed to be likeable. But here in the song, the Eastern wind is blowing fast, probably like a storm, which means that something supposedly good has turned bad.

samay ke pannon pe likh rahi hai

ye zindagi jo kahaani

hain kaise moR ismein aane waale

ye baat kisne hai jaani

the story this life is writing

on the pages of time,

what turns are about to appear in this,

no one knows.

yahi zindagi hansaaye

yahi zindagi rulaaye

yahi zindagi de lori

yahi zindagi jagaaye

yahi laati hai andhere

yahi roshni bhi laaye

yahi zakhm-zakhm kar de

aur yahi marham lagaaye

this life makes you laugh,

this life makes you cry too.

this life sings a lullaby,

and this life keeps us awake too.

this life brings darkness,

and it brings the light too.

this life gives wounds,

and it applies a balm too.

har pal yahaan, naya samaa

naye zameen, naye aasmaan hain

kabhi to hai naram hawaa

aur kabhi garm aandhiyaan hain

aandhiyaan hain…

every moment here is a new atmosphere,

a new earth, and a new sky.

sometimes there is a soft breeze,

and sometimes there are hot storms.

tez chali re purvaiyaa

din mein laayi raat re

tez chali re purvaiyyaa

bikhre hain phool aur paat re

to bas hairaan hairaan soche insaan

honi hai ab kya baat re

the eastern wind blew fast,

and brought night during day.

the eastern wind blew fast,

making flowers and leaves fall.

And the astonished human wonders

what next is about to come.

bas hairaan hairaan soche insaan

honi hai ab kya baat re

tez chali re purvaiya.

samay ke panno pe likh rahi hai

ye zindagi jo kahaani

hain kaise mod isme aane wale

ye baat kisne hai jaani

wo aankhein jo kahin nahi unke sapne

maine hain sambhaal ke rakhe

yaadon ne saari tasveerein aur dil ne

dard hain kamaal ke rakhe

those eyes which are no more,

I have carefully held their dreams with me.

(my) memories have kept all the pictures, 

and the heart has held on to an incredible amount of pains.

apni dhaRkanon mein aur saanson mein

maine jisko rakkha hai zindaa

uski ummeedon ko uske khwaabon ko

kaise hone doonga sharminda

the one I have kept alive 

in my heartbeats and breaths,

how would I let his hopes 

and dreams feel ashamed!

raahon mein the bichhe hue

dehke dehke angaare

aakaash se patthar barse

ye sapne phir bhi na haare

phir bhi na haare

on the paths, 

burning embers were laid.

even rocks rained from the sky,

and yet these dreams didn’t get defeated.

didn’t get defeated…

tez chali re purvaiya

duniya lagaaye hai ghaat re

tez chali re purvaiya

dil nahi maanta maat re

the eastern wind blew fast,

the world is waiting for its chance to beat me.

the eastern wind blew fast,

but my heart doesn’t accept defeat.

to bas hairaan hairaan soche insaan

honi hai ab kya baat re

bas hairaan hairaan soche insaan

honi hai ab kya baat re

tez chali re purvayya


tez chali re, tez chali re

tez chali purvaiyyaa.

Thode se Kam Ajnabi — Lyrics Translation | Pagglait

Music: Arijit Singh
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra
Thode kam ajnabi — Himani Kapoor
Meera's Poem — Jhumpa Mondal
Radha's Poem — Chinmayi Sripaada
Thode Kam Ajnabi (Reprise Version) — Himani Kapoor, Arijit Singh

Label: Oriyon Music

Refer to Pagglait's official YouTube JukeBox for detailed credits.

Arijit Singh's first film as a composer, Pagglait, comes up with an album to cherish. One of the best songs of the album, Thode Kam Ajnabi, comes in four different versions. The first version is sung by Himani Kapoor alone and impresses you with its beautiful lyrics as well as its simple, slightly anthem-ish music. Arijit sings a couple of lines there, but doesn't take the singer's credit for this track. The second version on the album, called Meera's poem, is sung by Jhumpa Mondal, and features a soothing rabab (or so I believe), while Jhumpa croons what's probably her first Hindi song in an earthy voice.

Paglait / Pagglait Meaning | पगलैट

So Pagglait is going crazy. No wonder, as the album is a lovely one, with some lovely music from Arijit Singh and some beautiful words from Neelesh Misra, and Arijit. Coming to the meaning though, as most people are suspecting, Pagglait (or paglait, the double g isn't really useful for pronunciation here) is crazy. The word comes from Paagal (पागल) only, and is a very casual, in fact offensive way to call someone crazy. Not that calling someone crazy isn't offensive enough, but pagglait is adding another layer to crazy. That said, if you haven't listened to Pagglait yet, do listen to it. It's a crazy one. :)
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