Zindagi mein Le Maza/ Kaatilana Lyrics Translation [Zanjeer]

Movie: Zanjeer
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Shweta Pandit

Kaatilana is one of the best songs of Zanjeer, and despite the music being based on Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo to quite an extent, the song does sound good. Also Shweta Pandit's singing there is worth a mention as she has done it beautifully here.

Kaatilana raat hai..
Raat mein kuchh baat hai..
Behke se jazbaat hain..

The night is a killer,
There is something in the night..
The emotions are intoxicated,

Dafn dil mein raaz hai..
Khwaahishon pe naaz hai..
Kya haseen haalaat hain..

There is a secret buried in the heart,
There is pride on the wishes
What beautiful situation it is..

Paas aa.. seene laga..
Khud ko de na saza..

Come close, keep me close to your chest,
Don't punish yourself..

Zindagi mein.. zindagi ka..
Le mazaa.. Le le mazaa..

In the life, enjoy the life,
Yeah, enjoy..

mujh pe na koi tohmat lagaa..
Jaane kab de de neeyat daghaa..

Don't put an allegation on me
Don't know when the intention goes bad..

Pyaasa hai ehsaas dekho na dil ka mera..
Tu abr ban ke baras ja na mujh pe zara..
Jal raha hai badan husn mein doob ja..

See, the feeling of my heart is thirsty,
Become a cloud and rain on me..
The body is burning, drown in the beauty..

Hey.. zindagi mein zindagi ka..
Ley maza ley ley mazaa..

Makhmali si raat ki, subah kabhi aaye na..
Saaye se lipti rahe..
Neendein bikhar jaayein naa..
Saanson mein saansein mili jab to chain aaye na..
Andaaz jeene ka pal mein badal jaaye na..
Chhoo bhi ley lab mere zid na kar bewajah..

For this silky night, the morning shouldn't come ever,
It should cling on like a shadow..
The sleep shouldn't crumble,
When the breaths meet, there is no peace..
The way of living would change in a moment..
Now touch my lips, don't be stubborn for no reason..

zindagi mein zindagi ka..
Le maza.. Le le le maza..

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