Murshid Khele Holi Lyrics Translation [D-Day]

Song: Murshid Khele Holi
Movie: D-Day
Composer: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Niranjan Iyenger
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Munawar Masoom, Javed Ali

The title of this Qawwali translates directly to 'My spiritual guide plays Holi'. The term ‘murshid’ is used to describe a spiritual guide. The celebration of ‘Holi’, the festival marking the arrival of Spring, is a lively and colorful one, with friends, family, and neighbors throwing colored powder and water on each other. This Qawwali is sung in the praise and amazement of the guide and his ‘colors’.

Choota theer jo uske kamaan se
Jahan laage ji te lagna
Chori likhi hai bhaagya mein tere
Toh kya sona, kya jagna?

If the arrow has left his bow
It’s bound to hit where it hits
Stealing is written in your fortune
So why sleep, why awaken?

Ho…Saanwa te sooha, rang sabke naseeb da
Khele dukh sukh aankh mein choli

O! Green/dark and red…the colors of everyone's destiny
Sadness and contentment play hide and seek

Jee mein tu, jaan mein tu
Mere saare jahaan mein tu

In my being is you, in my being is you
In my entire universe is you

Mera murshid khele holi
Yaara rang hai uska nyaara

My guide plays holi
Friend, his color is unique

Pyala chidke apne karam ka
Rang de sab sansaara

Sprinkling the goblet of his deeds
He colors the entire creation

Ishq da rang hai nyaara
Tere ishq da rang hai nyaara

The color of love is unique
The color of your love is unique

Ho uski rangat, meri aadat
Uski chaahat, ek ibaadat

O, his colorfulness, my habit
His affection, a worship

Uski rangat, meri aadat hai
Uski chaahat, ek ibaadat hai
Uske hone se, sab salaamat hai
Uski nazaron se, sab ki barkat hai

His my habit!
His a protection!
From his presence, everything is peaceful!
From his everyone's prosperity!

Sab ki barkat hai
Naache naseeba taar pe jiske
Haath mein uske dori

Everyone's prosperity!
The wire on which destiny dances
In his hand it's cord

Uske rehem se
Sab kuch rangiya
Uski naimat se jag sajiya

From his mercy
Everything is colorful
From his blessing
The universe is adorned

Kabhi kanton pe phool bikhraye
Kahin ashkon ke beech muskaye

Sometimes on thorns he spreads flowers
Some places between teardrops he smiles

Kahin palkon pe khwaab sajaye
Kahin raaton se need udaye
Kahin baadal, kahin barkha, kahin vakhra, kahin sarkha …

Some places on eyelashes he adorns dreams
Some places from nights he averts sleep
Some places [in] clouds! Some places [in] rain! Some places unique!

Roop, swaarop pe na ja uske
Sab anek hai, ek hai wohi

Don't go on his form, his true nature!
Everyone is plenty. He is only one.


PV said...

thanks for the wonderful translation...just one correction...the last line is 'shabd anew hair, ek hai boli'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lyrics meaning...but its naache naseeba taal pe jiske

Anonymous said...

THanks, for lyrics...
one correction
naache naseeba Taal(Rhytm) pe jiske

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