Shakila Scent Lyrics And Translation [Toofan]

Movie: Toofan
Music: Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

Manasu seesa moothane matthuga therichesaane!
Madhura premala scentune maga mithrula pai jallesaane
Nee shirt ki naa scentu set ho gayi
Shakeela scentu Shakila scentu hit ho gayi hit hogayi.

I've opened cap of (Bottle of) heart
I've sprinkled perfume of love on these men
For your shirt. My fragrance is a perfect fit
Shakila's Scent(fragrance) has become a hit.

Naa scentu antunkundhante Decent purushudu Out(ey)
Naa scentu pattukundhante Recent kaapuram  Cut(ey)
Paapam Inko scentu, forget ho gayi

If a decent guy gets my fragrance on him, though he is decent he goes crazy
If a family man got attracted towards me, His matrial life could get into trouble
People forgot many girls because of me, poor girls!!

Shakila scentu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi
Shakila centu hit ho gayi ho gayi

Prema fail aina vaadu
Devadas dhaari patteyakunda
pelli lollaina vaadu
kaashayam post katteyakunda
Rendu try cheyyanodu Mood baagoka musugettakunda
Okka bottu raasthe cent percent fit ho gayi.

A guy who has got a love failure
For him, Not to take the way of devdas
A man who matrial life is not satisfactory
For him, Not to become a Saint
A man, Who did not try both(Love and marriage)
For him, Not to sleep just because his mood is not good

For these, If they apply one drop of my perfume, It would fit them 100% (and make them happy)

Shakila Scentu Shakila scentu Shakila Scentu
Hit ho gayi ho gayi

(Scent here was used for the female herself, as a fragrance, as a perfume)

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