Thalaiva Meaning

Thalaiva is nothing but the same as Thalaivar, which in Tamil means a leader, boss, and is spoken for Rajinikanth with respect, like 'sir'.

The word comes from 'Thala' which means head, and means the one who heads people, hence leader.

The word is shown in Chennai Express' Lungi Dance song which is supposedly a dedication to Rajnikanth Ji.

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sp said...


Anonymous said...

Good to know...... thanks...

Sam Eisenstein said...

Thank you from a 12 year old Jewish kid from Cleveland, OHIO, USA. Who loved the movie Chennai Express And I know all the words of the song lungi dance ..... But I don't know what they mean.

Anna Kai jassa chisma lagakey

Co co nut may lassi milakey

Lungi dance rocks.

Little by little I may be able to understand the meaning and the background of my favorite dance song.

Muchos gracias ... Many thanks.

Who in the heck is Rajnikant. ????

Harshit Gupta said...


I never thought someone would ask me who is Rajnikant. :)

Anyway, he's a hero of Tamil language films, who is known across India and quite outside too, though the language is understood mostly in just one state of India. That's partly because of his style which defies all laws of physics and biology, but impresses you nonetheless, and partly because of his extremely humble nature despite his superstar status.

Anonymous said...

@sam movie chennai express is available on Netflix with subtitles

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation...

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