Yem maaya jaruguthondho Lyrics Translation

Movie: Anna
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Singers: Chinmayi, Rakenda Moulie

Yem maaya jaruguthondho gunde lopala?
Nannu nee vaipu laaguthoondhila.
Yenaadu dhaachukundho kanti repalla
Manasu nee kalalu panchuthoondhila.

Don't know what kind of magic is going on inside my heart
Which is pulling me towards you.
Don't know when my heart hid all those feelings for you like eyebrows.
Eyebrows cover the eyelids, the same is used in context of feelings and heart here.

Karigena okka kshanamaina?
Nuvvu nan(n)u veedi saagithe
Kadhilena chinni pedhavaina?
Maata madhilone aagithe.
Ninnu moseyadha nedu veravvadha
Nannu nee choopule thaakithe

Can time just pass(for me), if you leave me for a while?
Can a word come out of mouth(lips) when the actual word is stuck inside heart?
If at all rays from your eyes reach me, wonders would happen.

Aasa theera allukunna oosule
Nedu vallevaindhi gunde vaakile
Nuvvu naaku sonthamanna oohale
Yentha cheekatunna panchuthaai panduvennale.

Talks which were of full desire
They told that they wouldn't cross heart.
That fullmoon light always gives a feeling that you are mine, even when it's too dark.

Yemainadho vayasuki Yemainadho?
Tholiprema ke thaanu varasainadho
Gunde goodainatho, neeku needainatho, adhi neekosame unnadho?

What happened to this youth?
Is it going in the way of first love??
I'm not sure what my heart is for you ? A shelter, a shadow?
Is it there only for you?(your sake)

Onti pedhavu cheyyaledhu yeppudu
Janta pedhavulega cheyyagalavu muddhu chappudu!
Aadapilla manasunerugu pilladu
Kaaneedhu entha cheruvaina guttu chappudu

Never my lips alone could make a kiss sound like a pair of lips.
Hey man!you better get to know about a women's heart
She wouldn't let everyone know what's happening if she gets too closer to a boy.
(Though male here in the above stanza says onti=one, janta=pair
He actually means that 'one' is his pair of lips.
The above put up can me made like this "I would like to kiss you".)

Kanu-saigake nenu karigaanu le
Naa champu lo ninnu kalipenu le.
Ninna nenevvaro?, nedu inkevvaro?, nannu nadipedhi nee oopiro??

I melted because of the way you look at me
I will make you a part of me.
Don't know who I'm yesterday, Today someone else.
Is that a fact that I move forward because of your breath?

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