***** mein Dum Hai to Band Karwa Lo

[Disclaimer: The article is a discussion on usage of some slang words in a song, and hence contains some bad words.]

Yep. That's like an open invitation now. We're singing like that. That's the quality of our lyrics now. If you have it in you, stop us.

My first thought on the line was, 'Have I heard it right?'

And then I heard it again, and a few more times, and I knew it WAS indeed what Honey Singh was singing. Some comments on my blog tried to convince me it was 'Kaan' and not 'Gaand'. I don't know where the assumption came from. Whether it was people who read the lyrics on music channels [which pick many of their lyrics from popular lyrics websites many times, at times with mistakes, though in this case many websites have written clearly Gaand and one, a really popular one, says it's Kaan, but marks it with a star] or people who still had so much belief in our censor boards that they think the word cannot be Gaand and didn't believe their Kaans.

I was recently discussing this with a journalist friend and he told me the word was beeped out on the radio. However, on TV I could hear it loud and clear.

On second thoughts, let me believe that the word is Kaan. Let me believe they're saying Kaan mein Dum hai to band karwa lo. The question is, what's the message?

Is it a) If we can't say bad words, we can say good words badly enough to make you look like an idiot?

or b) The world is changing, and you should change too.

If the message is the latter, well, there is some scope for discussion and debate. If the world is changing, well, it always has, but we have kept kids away from certain things till a certain age. True, the age is coming down with time, but you probably don't want a five year old kid to sing the same words that a twenty year old boy talks all day.

However, if the message is the former, it's loud and clear. The censor board which stands firm on its decision to keep Woody Allen out because he won't add their 'Smoking Kills' message, looks like an idiot here, allowing words in everyone's drawing rooms that look good only out there on streets and in hostels.

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