Mere Ghunghroo ki Jhankaar Lyrics Translation [Rajjo]

Movie: Rajjo
Music: Uttam Singh
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Pictured on: Kangana Ranaut

zakhmon se hui hai ghaayal
par bajti rahegi paayal
ummeedon ka sur sajaa le
har mushkil ka hai yahi hal

it's injured of the wounds,
but the anklet will keep on playing
[like some music]
adorn the musical notes of hopes,
that alone is the solution to every problem..

saahil to mila hai usi ko
jisne toofaan paar kiya..

The one who crossed the storm
alone has got to the shore..

meri ghunghroo ki jhankaar
sa re ga ma ga re sa..

The sound of my ankle bells,
sa re ga ma ga re sa..
[musical notes]

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