Tholi Merupa Lyrics and Translation | Varna(2013)

Music:Harris jayaraj
Singers:Karthik, Chinmayi.

Tholi merupa nanne choosi vellake
Choopulatho praanam theesi vellake.

Oh girl(spark), Don't just see and go
By seeing me, Don't take my life off.

Hridhayam pelchi nannu ooyaloopake
Nayanam Kaalchi nannu nidra pucchake
Oka kanne naaku preme panchena!!
Maru kanne mantalona munchena!!

Don't make me restless( sit in a swing) by breaking my heart
Don't make me sleep by burning my eyes
One of the eyes is showering love
The other, making me get stuck in fire.

Naludhikkula lona thiragana
Ninnu kalise dhaari vethakana
Sudi gaale nannu chuttina
Nenu pillangrovi oodhana!

I would roam each and every corner
For, finding a way which takes me to you
Even if Storm/Hurricane surrounds me
I would Blow flute.

cheyi cheyi kalupu
Kshaname naatho gadupu
chacche dhaaka brathuku

Let us go hand in hand
Spend this second with me
You live till your last breath
Then I would survive.

Nee buggalona sotta
Dhaantlo paathi pettu
Chaave leni manishai

Hide in Dimple of your cheeks
I would live for ever becoming Immortal.

Oka donga choopu choodey cheliya
Oka dhora saiga cheyye sakhiya
Nee kosam vethukuthunna naatho ra
Koddhiga raaleva?
Muddhule adaganu muddhuga navvava..

Just throw a naughty sight on me
Just give a romantic smile
Can't you come with me? who is searching for you

Tholi Merupa.. |Repeat|

Pakshulu yeguru vela
Aakasam kanta padadhu
Pakshula meedha choope nilabadune
Nee venake thirugu vela
Lokam kanta padadhu
Nee roopam meedha choope sthirapadune.

When birds fly in sky together
We can't see the sky behind
Our vision will be on those birds
When I'm behind you
I cannot see the rest of the world
I would be Awestruck with your eternal beauty.

Nannu kuttesaavu thene teegai
Madhi chuttesaave maali theegai
Vekuvalo ne kanna kala nuvva
Nijamuga raaleva?
Gundela theravana gummame theeyana.

You bit me like a honey bee
Like jasmine twig, your surrounded my heart
You're a dream which I've dreamt during day
Can't you become reality for me?
I would invite you into my heart girl.! <3

Tholi prema | Repeat |

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