Mor Bani Thangat Kare Ramleela Gujarati Song Lyrics Translation

Mor Bani Thangaat Kare [Gujarati:મોર બની થનગાટ કરે] is a traditional Gujarati song written by Gujarati poet and social reformer Jhaverchand Meghani, and sung by a number of people earlier, including Chetan Gadhvi and Ashit Desai.

The song, a version of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Navi Varsha' as per Mitixa, is a popular one in Gujarati literature. Thanks to Mitixa for providing the lyrics, although it's in Gujarati script.

The song is incorporated with almost the same traditional music in Ramleela, though the tempo of the song is increased to keep it interesting for the movie, while Osman Mir and Aditi Paul do a wonderful job at singing. Here is a translation of the song.

Mor bani thangaat kare, Mann Mor bani thangaat kare
My heart is dancing like a peacock

Ghanghor jhare Chahu ore mhaaro Mann
Mor bani thanghat kare

on seeing rain falling in all four directions, my heart is wondering
My heart dances like a peacock..

Ghar gharar gharar Megh ghata,
Gagane Gagane Garjaat kare
Gumri gumri garjaat bhare

Dense mass of clouds
makes thundering noises through the skies..
Full of water, they roam noisily

Navedhaan bhari saari seem jhoole
Nadiyu Navjoban bhaan bhule
Nav Din kapotani paankh khule
Maghara Maghara Malkaine Medak
Nehasun Nehasun baat karein
Gagane Gagane Ghumarai Ne Paagal
Megh ghata Garjaat bhare
Mann Mor bani thangat kare..

Fields full of new grains sway,
and rivers, having found their youth (again), have forgotten their ways,
[as they are brimming with water, flowing here and there, splashing]
The wings of birds have opened, feeling the fresh rainfall
the frogs croak in joy,
and talk with love..
mad clouds are roaming through the skies,
roaring everywhere..
My heart dances like a peacock..

mharo mann..

Nav megh tane neel aanjaniye
Maara Ghegur Nain jhagaat kare
Maara Lochan Ma Madghen bhare
Parchhayi tade Hariyaadi bani
Maaro Aatam Nain bichaat kare
Sachrachar Shyamal baath Dhare

Mahro Praan kari Pulkaat Gayo
Pathraai Saari Vanraai Pare
olo Megh Ashadhilo Aaj Mhara
Doi Nene Nilanjan Ghen bhare

The rain from new clouds falls on my eyes like blue anjan*
It cleanses them, makes them shine
It seems to fill an intoxication in my eyes
Even my shadow has become green [with the greenery all around]
My soul is jumps with joy
Lord Krishna seems to have embraced everything moving and motionless [that is, the entire universe]

[Here, Shyamal is used in dual meaning. Shayamal is dark. The clouds all around are dark too. At the same time, the joy makes the poet feel that God has blessed him and the world and so he says that Lord Krishna, who is also called Shyam/Shayamal for his dark complexion, has embraced the world.

This style of using one word for two meanings together is called 'Shlesh' in Hindi/Sanskrit and has been a common way of many Indian poets in earlier times. Recently, a similar thing, known as Yamak, was used in the song Banarasiya of Raanjhanaa by Irshad Kamil.

The rain has given joy my life,
Rainfall spreads over the whole forest
This rainfall of the Aashaadh* month
Has made both my eyes intoxicated

Mann Mor bani thanghat kare
My heart dances like a peacock..

* Notes:

1. Anjan, traditionally, may be a type of kohl or a liquid that cleanses eyes. Here it's used as an eye-cleanser.
2. Aashadh is the month in Hindu calendar when it begins to rain, after the peak of heat in Jyeshtha, the one before it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic really....

Shubhashree N S said...

Wonderful poem!

Anonymous said...

Song by great Zaverchand Meghani....
Truely touching and makes everyone dance...

Unknown said...

Fantastic , Wonderful, great Song by Osman Mir and Aditi Paul

mayur said...

Really grt !! Love it:)

Anonymous said...

truely beautiful really it touches our heart loved it

Anonymous said...

simply fantastic loved it.

Anonymous said...

Loving 1

Anonymous said...

I feel proud being gujarati and being bhavnagari

Anonymous said...

best 1 song by shri javerchand meghani...

Unknown said...

excellent lyrics in gujarati..really my heart dances like a peacock ..

Unknown said...

Mahesh Prajapati

No words for this great poem.
Hats off to Zaverchand Meghani
Also, Osman Mirr has sung so beautifully

A R P said...

listening again and again ...
such a soul stirring song...

Anonymous said...

Excellently penned!!! Hats off India.. Great song..

Unknown said...

Superb songs(poem)....
I don't know Gujarati but it sounds awosm... wanna learn it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem

vishvesh said...

Shyamal baath bhare, olo Megh Ashadhino Aaj Mara
Doi Nene Nilaanjan Ghen bhare, gagane gagane garjaat kare, Nadiyu Navjoban bhaan bhule.
My goodness, let me tell u many words have no exact synonyms in hindi or english its just Gujarati who will understand its depth closing their eyes. Nice effort to translate though. Saras. Maja ai gai. :) we are lacking this level of peots, songs, Garbas & thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Kharekhar aa lyrics na na meaning vachya pachhi jyare song sambhalu chhu to maru man more bani thanganat kare.... I never know that meghani was this good poet until ram+- leela.....

Anonymous said...

Heart touching poem.. really too gud

Unknown said...

હું એક bengali છું છતાં હું હૃદય અને લાગણીઓ દ્વારા એક gujarati હજુ છું. હું કોઈ અન્ય લાગણીઓ વધુ સારી મેઘાણી ભાઈ કર્યું છે તેના કરતાં વ્યક્ત કરી શકાય છે. આ અદ્ભુત ગીત મહાન ન્યાય આપવામાં આવ્યો છે.

Dr Neha Sharma said...

Thanks for the translation. Now I can enjoy the song even more!

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