Tattad Tattad Meaning

No, I was not going to write this post. But when I got a request from our Uzbek follower Said, and then I got one more comment asking for the meaning of the words, I decided to say it out loud.

Tattad Tattad doesn't mean anything.

On second thoughts, I wondered why someone would even name the song like that. I mean it was okay when Dhatad Tatad was a song, because the words were spoken properly and there wasn't any phrase more prominent in the song, but this could simply be titled as Raam ji ki chaal dekho. Maybe SLB has some good reason behind this, that average mortals like us aren't able to understand.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it refers to the flip flop sound of wooden sandals worn by Ram jee... Wild guess

Anonymous said...

Maybe it means head lice in the Gujju language.

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